Collegewise has helped thousands of students gain admission for 20 years. Counselors are former admissions officers, high school counselors, and graduate degree holders who ask the right questions to empower student ownership of the application process.

Services Provided:

1-on-1 sessions with an expert Collegewise counselor
Comprehensive review of your overall application, and/or in-depth analysis of your application essay
At least two rounds of review and feedback
* Expect a kickoff email or phone call within 2 business days after purchase.
Special Offers for AdmitSee Members
Application Review
  • Have your entire application reviewed and evaluated twice by a seasoned college counselor.
  • Receive written feedback on each section of your draft application.
  • After implementing the first round of revisions, re-submit your application for a final review.
Essay Package
  • Initial brainstorming session to identify your best story and strongest personal statement topic.
  • Two rounds of content-based feedback resulting in 2nd and 3rd drafts.
  • Additional final round of spelling, grammatical and structural edits prior to submission.
Essay Package Lite
  • For students who have already written their essays but can benefit from expert review.
  • One round of content-based feedback to strengthen and clarify essay themes.
  • Additional final round of spelling, grammatical and structural edits prior to submission.
Ben H.
Enrolled at Stanford
“My Collegewise counselor was extremely helpful throughout the entire endeavor and was there every step of the way. They were quick to respond to my questions, and thoroughly reviewed my work. ”
Sophie K.
Enrolled at UC Davis
“I was completely lost on where to even begin my college essays. Having someone I could talk to and trust made the whole process worry-free and fun. I doubt I would’ve gotten into my top choice school without the help of Collegewise!”
Kyle C.
Enrolled at Notre Dame
“Collegewise was an amazing way to organize my thoughts and execute creative essays. They were especially effective at bringing out my best ideas and making sure that the essay displayed my voice.”