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    UNC ‘18

    Accepted to UNC, WVU, NC State, UVA

    Hi, I'm Marlee. I'm from North Carolina and I am attending the wonderful University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Alabama ‘17

    Accepted to Alabama, UVA, GA Tech, Clemson, VA Tech, BU, Northeastern, UMD, Penn State, Drexel, Auburn, NC State, Pitt, Illinois

    I am a junior at the University of Alabama on a "full ride". Studying Chemical Engineering with the hopes and dreams of one day working in a food factory. Want to go to an AWESOME college without loans? Let me know!
    MIT ‘18

    Accepted to MIT, NC State

    Studying Mechanical Engineering at MIT
    Princeton ‘18

    Accepted to Princeton, Columbia, Duke, CMU, NC State, UNC, GA Tech

    Current musician, tutor, and Princetonian of the Great Class of '18!
    UNC ‘18

    Accepted to UNC, GA Tech, William & Mary, NC State, UGA

    Hi. I'm a closeted romantic that loves books and math.
    UNC ‘18

    Accepted to UNC, UNC-Charlotte, NC State

    Student at the real Carolina with roots in Asheville, NC. Go Tar Heels!
    Duke ‘18

    Accepted to NC State, UArk

    Duke Class of 2018! Accepted to Pratt School of Engineering but transferred to Trinity to major in Computer Science and Economics.
    NC State ‘16

    Accepted to NC State, UNC-Greensboro

    I'm a student journalist, doing a journalism internship this summer, and I'm studying philosophy of law!
    NC State ‘17

    Accepted to NC State, Wake Forest, Duke, Clemson, South Carolina, UMD, UNC-Wilmington, UNC-Charlotte, Elon

    I am a junior at NC State from Glenelg, Maryland. My college application experience was pretty intense, and I would love help in any way that I can!!
    NC State ‘17

    Accepted to NC State, UNC, GA Tech

    I'm an aspiring Aerospace Engineer who loves games and watching school sports with friends!
    UChicago ‘18

    Accepted to Duke, Brown, NYU, UChicago, UNC, East Carolina, NC State

    I'm a class of 2018'er at UChicago studying Economics and Psychology! Super interested in start-ups and economics.
    UNC ‘18

    Accepted to UNC, Purdue, Illinois, NYU, Wake Forest, NC State, William & Mary

    First Year student at UNC Chapel Hill hoping to major in Computer Science and complete a PrePharmacy/Medicine program if possible! My interests include piano, tae kwon do, reading, food, table tennis, and sight-seeing. I look forward to working with you!
    Brown ‘21

    Accepted to Brown, Cornell, Harvey Mudd, CMU, UNC, NC State

    I am a math enthusiast who enjoys conducting interviews and writing inspirational articles.
    UNC ‘21

    Accepted to UNC, George Mason, Hollins, NC State, UNC-Charlotte, Elon

    A hardworking, theatrical, and fun-loving business major.
    NC State ‘16

    Accepted to NC State, UT Austin, GA Tech

    I am a student at NC State studying Electrical Engineering.
    UCSB ‘18

    Accepted to Auburn, , UCSB, NC State

    I'm an outgoing and adventurous girl from Colorado who loves hiking, photography, animals, soccer, football, singing and sunsets. I love skiing in the winter, and water skiing in the summer!
    UNC ‘17

    Accepted to UNC, NC State, UNC-Wilmington,

    Sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in Biology
    NC State ‘16

    Accepted to NC State, UNC-Greensboro, App State

    I graduated from North Carolina State University in 2016 with my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and am now pursuing my Master of Science in Nutrition degree at Meredith College
    Stanford ‘20

    Accepted to Stanford, NC State, GA Tech, Illinois

    Intend to major in Materials Science and Engineering. Passionate about scientific research and innovation through disruptive thinking.
    UNC ‘17

    Accepted to UNC, Elon , Wake Forest, NC State, UNC-Wilmington

    I am currently studying abroad at the University of Bristol in England! I'd love to chat with you about getting into college!
    UMich ‘18

    Accepted to UMich, UMass, Wisconsin, NC State, Penn State

    UVA ‘17

    Accepted to UVA, NC State, , UCSB, VCU

    Chemical Engineering Second Year at the University of Virginia
    Clemson ‘18

    Accepted to Clemson, NC State

    I'm a female engineering student! I love to workout and go on long drives late at night!
    New School53681
    New School ‘17

    Accepted to New School, Lewis & Clark, Butler, American, Illinois Tech, U Illinois, NC State, , , , SLU, Chatham

    After spending some time in community college I applied as a transfer student to 15 schools and was accepted by all but three.
    Presby ‘19

    Accepted to Tampa, UGA, Clemson, UNC-Wilmington, UNC Asheville, NC State, Berry , Mercer

    Hey everyone! I am from Atlanta, GA and will be attending Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC this fall!!
    NC State ‘17

    Accepted to NC State, Wake Forest, BYU-Idaho, UMD, American

    Sophomore at NC State
    Duke ‘

    Accepted to Duke, UNC, NC State, UNC-Charlotte, Wake Forest, WSSU, NCCU, UMBC

    UNC ‘15

    Accepted to UNC, BU, NC State, BU

    Duke ‘21

    Accepted to Duke, UNC, NC State

    Reader, writer, dancer, science nerd
    Westfield ‘20

    Accepted to Westfield, BU, Bridgewater, NC State, UMass

    I am a dedicated student athlete who works to the best of her ability!

    Accepted to Duke, NC State, UNC

    NC State ‘17

    Accepted to , Flagler, NC State

    19 yr old Junior at NC State University
    UNC ‘18

    Accepted to UNC, NC State, UCLA, WashU

    I am a rising sophmore studying Biology, maybe psychology following the premed track at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! I love animals and science!
    UNC ‘16

    Accepted to NC State, UNC, Clemson, CMU

    Northwestern ‘16

    Accepted to Northwestern, UNC, Vanderbilt, Miami, NC State

    Originally from Russia, grew up in North Carolina.
    NC State35654
    NC State ‘17

    Accepted to NC State

    NC State ‘18

    Accepted to NC State

    I am a current undergraduate student at North Carolina State University majoring in Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology with two perspective minors in German and Biotechnology (separately).
    UNC ‘18

    Accepted to UNC, NC State, Elon , UNC-Wilmington

    UNC ‘16

    Accepted to Cornell, Syracuse, Clemson, South Carolina, UNC, NC State

    I'm an anthropology major attending UNC Chapel Hill! Go Heels!
    Clemson ‘17

    Accepted to , NC State, Clemson, UNC-Charlotte

    Studying biochemistry at Clemson University
    Cornell ‘18

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, UCLA, UNC, NC State, Cornell

    Sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Business. Pre-medicine.
    UNC ‘18

    Accepted to UNC, NC State, George Mason, Drexel

    I am a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill.
    MIT ‘15

    Accepted to NC State, UC Berkeley, GA Tech, MIT

    Material scientist major interested in the science and policy of energy
    UNC ‘18

    Accepted to UNC, NC State

    UNC ‘19

    Accepted to UNC, NC State, SCAD,

    College Freshman at UNC Chapel Hill
    NC State ‘18

    Accepted to UNC-Wilmington, East Carolina

    I am passionate in everything I do.
    NC State ‘16

    Accepted to UNC-Wilmington, NC State, Drexel

    Junior at North Carolina State University Majoring in Biological Sciences
    NC State ‘16

    Accepted to NC State

    UPenn ‘17

    Accepted to Barnard, Cornell, BU, Dartmouth, GWU, NYU, UCSD, USC, UPenn, NC State, Northwestern, Northeastern, UGA