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    Northwestern ‘17

    Accepted to Binghamton, BC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, McGill, UMich, Northwestern, Pitt, SUNY Geneseo, William & Mary

    NYC born and raised.
    Pitt ‘17

    Accepted to Pitt

    I am a nerd who is an athlete, a girl who loves computer science, an old soul in a young body, and basically a conundrum wrapped in an enigma! If you have many interests, good for you!
    Notre Dame ‘17

    Accepted to Case, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Ohio, Alabama, U San Fran, Kenyon, Loyola U Chicago, Fordham, Pitt

    Hi there! I am a sophomore at The University of Notre Dame studying Pre-Med and Gender Studies
    a ji
    UPenn ‘17

    Accepted to UPenn, Pitt

    Former pre-med student interested in the intersection of psychology and marketing.
    UPenn ‘17

    Accepted to U Iowa, UMich, Pitt, UPenn

    Pitt ‘19

    Accepted to Pitt

    Adult student balancing full time work and class schedules
    UMich ‘18

    Accepted to Pitt, UMD, Penn State, Indiana, UMich

    Incoming sophomore at the University of Michigan, involved in greek life, intramural sports, and various clubs and volunteer opportunities.
    Bates ‘19

    Accepted to Bates, Bowdoin, Davidson, Carleton, Pitt, Denison, Ursinus

    I'm an outdoorsy and athletic kid with many wide ranging passions
    UMich ‘19

    Accepted to Tufts, UMich, Case, BU, MSU, Ohio State, Fordham, Loyola U Chicago, Penn State, UMich - Dearborn , OU, Pitt, Purdue

    Alumni of a Top 10 High School in the US and First Generation College Student attending the University of Michigan!
    CMU ‘19

    Accepted to CMU, URI, UC Davis, Pitt

    a fun-loving engineer admitted to CMU, URI, UC Davis, and Pitt
    McGill ‘19

    Accepted to UMass, Pitt, St. Rose, UMBC, BU, McGill, UConn

    Nerd alert! I love playing video games and watching anime, but I still stay on top of my grades :)
    Cornell ‘18

    Accepted to Penn State, RPI, Pitt, Cornell, Lehigh

    Chemical Engineering undergrad at Cornell University
    Harvard ‘18

    Accepted to Harvard, Columbia, Indiana, Pitt

    I am a sophomore at Harvard concentrating in neurobiology. I really enjoy playing music as an extracurricular activity. I hope to attend medical school after college.
    Columbia ‘15

    Accepted to Columbia, Drexel, Lehigh, Penn State, Pitt

    IT Strategy Consultant at Accenture; Columbia University, SEAS Class of 2015, B.S. Operations Research
    Susquehanna ‘18

    Accepted to Susquehanna, Pitt, Penn State,

    I'm a first year student at Susquehanna University with a double major in Psychology and Creative Writing. Hopefully I will go on to receive my Ph.D. in Psychiatry.
    MIT ‘17

    Accepted to Arizona State, CalTech, Harvard, Harvey Mudd, JHU, MIT, Rice, Arizona, UMBC, UPenn, Pitt, USC, Wellesley, Williams

    I am just a girl who is passionate about the sciences and who wants to make a difference.
    Texas A&M ‘20

    Accepted to Texas A&M, Pitt, Drexel

    Hi! I'm Tamilini and I'm a freshman biology major at the Texas A&M University. I'm very passionate about science and enjoy spending my free time working at labs conducing research!
    William & Mary ‘20

    Accepted to William & Mary, Pitt, Penn State

    1 part afro, 1 part junk food, 2 parts Netflix binge
    MSU ‘20

    Accepted to MSU, Utah, Oregon State, U of Portland , UMich, Pitt, NYU

    Michigan State student from California!
    Duke ‘20

    Accepted to Arizona State, Clemson, Duke, GA Tech, Rice, Pitt

    Dickinson ‘16

    Accepted to Lehigh, Lafayette, Dickinson, Clemson, Duquesne, Pitt, Gettysburg

    Senior offering words of wisdom/ regrets/ encouragement to anyone in need of some guidance
    Smith ‘19

    Accepted to Smith, , Pitt, UMD, UH , LUM, Pace,

    Hi my name is Bri and I am a first year at Smith College
    Penn State ‘

    Accepted to Binghamton, Pitt, Penn State

    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, UMich, Pitt

    Pace ‘17

    Accepted to Penn State, Ohio State, Pace, Elon , Syracuse, Pitt, Colorado

    In the past three years, I have had quite an adventure in my educational experience. I've gone from living in Manhattan as a theater student to community college. Currenlty, I go to Chatham University. I am an actress, writer, yogi and traveler.
    NYU ‘18

    Accepted to Rutgers, NYU, Pitt, Penn State

    Great listener and a go-getter
    Northwestern ‘15

    Accepted to Notre Dame, Northwestern, Pitt, Richmond, Catholic UA, BC

    Senior at Northwestern University
    NYU ‘17

    Accepted to American, BU, GWU, NYU, Pace, Northeastern, Denver U, UHawaii, Pitt, U of Portland , Fordham, Drexel

    Tulane ‘15

    Accepted to Tulane, Richmond, UMD, American, , Syracuse, , Case, UDel, Pitt, BU,

    Undergraduate junior at Tulane University- studying Art History, Political Science, and French
    Brown ‘21

    Accepted to Brown, Pitt, Kent State

    Fun loving Brown student
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, UVA, VA Tech, VCU, William & Mary, Cornell, Vanderbilt, WashU, Pitt

    Rutgers ‘18

    Accepted to Rutgers, Pitt, Villanova, BU, Rochester, Ithaca

    Faith attends Rutgers University in New Brunswick, where she plans to major in Psychology and minor in Philosophy and Criminology. In th
    Drexel ‘20

    Accepted to Drexel, Spelman, Howard, Hampton , Pitt

    Undergrad freshman at Drexel University studying Mathematics. Aspiring to be a mathematician and/or a math professor.
    Rutgers ‘18

    Accepted to Pitt, Rutgers, UMD, Ohio State, VCU, St. Mary's MD, UMBC, St. John's, Duquesne

    Pharmacy Student at Rutgers University Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
    Duke ‘19

    Accepted to CMU, Pitt, UVA, UMich, Penn State, Duke, UVM


    Accepted to UMich, Penn State, Pitt, GA Tech, Drexel, Northeastern

    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UCSD, UC Riverside , UC Berkeley, UCLA, Fordham, NYU, Hofstra, U of Portland , Pitt, Baylor, George Mason, W&L U, UPenn, BU, St. John's

    Pitt ‘15

    Accepted to Pitt, Wisconsin, Drake , NDSU

    I am a college student and college athlete. Pursuing my undergrad and planning to pursue grad school in 2016.
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to Harvard, Princeton, UPenn, Duke, USC, WashU, Richmond, W&L U, SC, Pitt, Penn State

    A University of Pennsylvania - Huntsman Program Class of 2019 student, with a passion for international philanthropy and youth leadership.
    Notre Dame ‘13

    Accepted to Notre Dame, Pitt, BC, Wake Forest, Villanova, Miami OH

    UPenn ‘17

    Accepted to UPenn, UDel, Pitt, Binghamton, RPI

    I love science and playing sports!
    Harvard ‘

    Accepted to CMU, Cornell, Harvard, Pitt

    Pitt ‘18

    Accepted to UPenn, Pitt, Tufts, Cornell, Northwestern, Georgetown

    Penn State ‘19

    Accepted to Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Illinois, Pitt, MSU

    CMU ‘19

    Accepted to CMU, , Denison, Pitt, Penn State, Richmond

    I am a kind person who loves to help others and likes to hand out with friends.
    MIT ‘18

    Accepted to Rutgers, Pitt, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, Duke, Northeastern, Stevens, Drexel

    work hard, play hard
    Northeastern ‘19

    Accepted to Pitt, Villanova, Howard, Northeastern, American

    McGill ‘19

    Accepted to McGill, Colby, Reed, UToronto, Queen's U, Pitt

    Rice ‘20

    Accepted to Rice, Washington, UNC, Pitt, GWU, JHU

    Passionate about the future of medicine and reducing global health disparities.