Our Story & Mission

Creating a better college application process

How We Started

AdmitSee started as a project between friends at the University of Pennsylvania. We experienced the typical frustrations when applying to both college and grad school: the confusion of where to apply, the burnout from having to write multiple application essays, the distrust of anonymous forums, the fear of rejection.

We felt it was time for a change. We've grown from a boot-strapped business founded at UPenn to a venture-backed startup based in San Francisco, but our culture and commitment to quality remains the same.

What We Do

What you see here is the resource we wish existed when we applied to schools. We're a peer-to-peer platform on which current college students share their application materials, essays, extracurriculars, test scores, and details about their application process. Access to this data empowers applicants to make better decisions about where to apply and how to communicate their own personal stories.

Through AdmitSee, we are also allowing college and graduate school students to earn money every time their profile is unlocked.

Why the Name AdmitSee

There's a double meaning for both the words in our name. "Admit" as a noun is what we hope all of our users will become - admits at the colleges of their dreams. "Admit" as a verb is how you're going to get there: by acknowledging that you need a helping hand.

"See" refers to the ability to see application files of students who got in. It also refers to next steps. We want you to see beyond the college admissions process. We plan on growing with our users, rolling out new features to choose and navigate various career paths. The underlying philosophy is honesty, simplicity, and community.

Our Mission: Bring transparency to the
college and grad school application process.
What People Are Saying About Us
"This social network could help you get into your dream college."
"Verified college students pay it forward by sharing application materials."
"Students find and get accepted to the right schools using big data."
Meet the Team
We're passionate about leveling
the higher education playing field.
Steph Shyu

Duke, UPenn

Named one of Forbes' 30 Under 30, Steph combined her experience at a news startup with her passion for access to education. Former SAT/AP tutor and founder of an educational charity.
Jerry Huyghe
Founding Engineer

University of Maryland

Grew up in Silicon Valley and began programming video games at the age of nine. Jerry is an expert full stack developer with over fifteen years of experience. He’s been with AdmitSee since its inception!
Frances Wong
Director of Marketing


A math major turned growth hacker, Frances has worked in PR and marketing in Hong Kong, New York and San Francisco. This is her third edtech startup, coming from Course Hero and Purpella.
Julia Marsh
Graphic Designer


With a passion for human-centered design, Julia aims to combine playful aesthetics with audience-pleasing functionality. Her work can be found on numerous websites and in magazine publications.
Jamil Al-Ghosein
Front End Developer

Far Eastern University

Jamil grew up in the Philippines, but was born here in San Francisco. He's also an experienced graphic designer who has worked for Stream Engine Studios, Summit Media, Manulife / John Hancock, and Minted.
Allan Buntoengsuk
UI/UX Designer


Not your typical designer, Allan began his career in data and project management before moving to SF to build digital products. Allan's design experience includes work for Yahoo, YC startup VetPronto, and Declara.
Cuteness Associate

Fluffy University

Committed to creating a fun and engaging environment, Shyla's focus at the office largely centers around doing tricks, playing tug of war, and getting pet by passersby. She also loves treats, long walks, and snuggles.
Various Positions


Come join our small but quickly growing team! We’re based in San Francisco. You can find an updated list of job postings on our Angel List page. We also have paid internships available for students!