Our Story & Mission

Making higher education accessible for all.

How We Started

Like many startups, AdmitSee was born out of personal frustration. Having applied to college and graduate school, we know how much is riding on whether you go to college and the school you attend. It's a big, life-shaping decision that most students are making blind or with limited information.

We created AdmitSee to be the solution we wish existed in the market. By crowdsourcing data and insights from students of all backgrounds, we're tackling information asymmetry and democratizing access to higher education. From the University of Pennsylvania to Y Combinator’s edtech accelerator, AdmitSee has grown to serve over a quarter million students.

What We Do

Access to information is the first step to bridging the opportunity gap. We’ve created the largest, searchable database of real application materials — including essays, grades, test scores, extracurriculars, and advice. We empower students with these data points to make better, more informed decisions about college.

Our marketplace model has also created a new opportunity for college and graduate students to earn money for sharing their achievements and insights. College is expensive, and paying our users for paying it forward furthers our mission of universal access.

What Makes Us Different

Unlike other existing resources, AdmitSee’s focus is on peer-driven and verified data. Our student insights are backed by hard data and analytics. Get personally relevant info by tapping into a nationwide, cross-institutional database of similar students just like you, no matter your background. And it’s affordable. We pledge free access for students who qualify for financial aid.

AdmitSee offers a comprehensive view of the application. Our full application files feature both quantitative and qualitative data. Real essays, resumes and student advice allow you to see behind the admissions numbers to the students behind the stats and what makes them truly unique.

What People Are Saying About Us
"This social network could help you get into your dream college."
"Verified college students pay it forward by sharing application materials."
"Students find and get accepted to the right schools using big data."
Meet the Team
We're passionate about leveling the playing field.
Why? Because we all experienced disappointment when we applied. We're changing that for you.
Steph Shyu

Duke, UPenn, HKU

Named one of Forbes' 30 Under 30, Steph combined her experience at a news startup with her passion for access to education. Former SAT/AP tutor and founder of an educational charity.
Jerry Huyghe
Founding Engineer

University of Maryland

Grew up in Silicon Valley and began programming video games at the age of nine. Jerry is a full stack developer with over 17 years of experience. He built the site you're on from the ground up!
Frances Wong
Marketing Director


A math major turned growth hacker, Frances has worked in PR and marketing in Hong Kong, New York and San Francisco. This is her third edtech startup, coming from Course Hero and Purpella.
Allan Buntoengsuk
Product & UX Lead


Not your typical designer, Allan began his career in data and project management before moving to SF to build digital products. Allan's design experience includes work for Yahoo, YC startup VetPronto, and Declara.
Mike Yung
Data Scientist

University of Pennsylvania

With a background in quantitative economics, Mike has helped companies optimize marketing efforts and automate analytics. At AdmitSee, he's leveraged NLP techniques and machine learning algorithms for data storytelling.
Happiness Associate

Fluffy University

Committed to creating a fun and engaging environment, Shyla's focus at the office largely centers around doing tricks, playing tug of war, and getting pet by passersby. She also loves treats, long walks, and snuggles.