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Sample Conversations
Featured Mentors
Stanford ‘19

Accepted to Stanford, Washington, Cal Poly

I am a freshman at Stanford University and am interested in Biology and Computer Science.
UPenn ‘19

Accepted to UPenn, Cornell, UChicago, Duke, Northwestern, Georgetown, GWU, NYU, Fordham, CMU

Hi! I'm a student in the Huntsman Program for International Studies and Business at UPenn! Go Quakers!
Brown ‘21

Accepted to Brown

Singaporean student headed to Brown University. I'm intending to major in Philosophy and English.
UChicago ‘19

Accepted to UChicago, Vanderbilt, Illinois

I'm proud to be a Maroon, and am really appreciative of the opportunities I have here at the University of Chicago
Princeton ‘19

Accepted to Princeton, UVA, MIT, Stanford, CMU, Yale, Columbia

A math-loving girl from an average public high school, Princeton ORFE '19. I'm here to give you the advice that helped me get into all the schools I applied to!
Stanford ‘20

Accepted to Stanford, Cornell, Harvey Mudd, Cambridge, CMU, UMich, UCLA

I love robots and languages! Feel free to ask me for any advice.
Tulane ‘21

Accepted to Tulane, UT Austin, LSU, LUNO, Baylor, UMHB

I am an aspiring physician who loves dogs and fighting for social justice.
SC ‘19

Accepted to SC, UMD, GWU

Student Leader at the University of South Carolina
UC Berkeley ‘19

Accepted to UC Berkeley, UCLA, Northwestern, UMich

I'm a Jewish, volunteering, music writing and playing, MMA fighting, Berkeley bound student who puts my all into everything I do.