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What is AdmitSee?
AdmitSee helps high school students get into college. Whether you are a student, a parent, or a counselor, AdmitSee lets you discover thousands of real profiles of students who have been where you are in the application process, and were accepted.

Gain insight into what makes for a successful college application, from compelling personal statements and course rigor to extracurricular resumes and awards. Get matched with similar student profiles with our recommendation algorithm. Unlock profiles to read full application essays, student advice about campus life and application strategies, and all the student’s stats and extracurricular details. Chat with the college student behind the data as well for a more personalized experience.

See how we compare to other popular college admissions sites.
How do you verify Admit Profiles?
AdmitSee verifies Admits using their school email addresses, college ID cards, or diplomas to make sure the names match their payment accounts. Our site is compatible with the Common Application. College students can directly upload their Common App PDF to ensure all fields are verified. Our team also conducts quality checks. If a profile seems questionable (e.g., the test scores are below the 25th percentile for a school or an essay sounds familiar), we require Admits submit additional documentation from CollegeBoard to verify their profile details. When creating profiles, Admits guarantee that the information they provide in their profiles was submitted in their official applications, though they can summarize or remove extremely personal information, including names of people and employers.
How do you prevent plagiarism?
AdmitSee grants university admissions offices complete, open access to our database of essays. Many universities utilize plagiarism software, including TurnItIn for Admissions, to flag for plagiarized essays, and they can use this software to check against all essays Admits have shared on our site. Some admissions offices go the extra step of contacting high school guidance offices as well. You can read more about our plagiarism policy here.
Can I get a tour of how the site works?
Yes! We provide a site demo video on Youtube. Learn how to use the site by watching this video.
How do I get a refund?
If you need help looking for a specific profile or you are experiencing technical issues on our site, we’re here to help! Otherwise, AdmitSee will issue refunds if your request meets our refund policy.

Read our full refund policy for purchases made on or after June 15, 2019: Updated Refund Policy for purchases made starting June 15, 2019. These include 5-profile individual unlock purchases as well as class year plans.

If you purchased a monthly or annual subscription plan offered prior to June 15, 2019, refer to our prior refund policy: Refund Policy for subscription purchases made before June 15, 2019.
Who are the people behind this awesome website?
We are a dedicated group of people who strive to make applying to college and grad school an easier, less stressful process. We’ve all been in your shoes... Read more about us here!
High School Students
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Can I get a tour of how the site works?
Yes! We provide a site demo video on Youtube. Learn how to use the site by watching this video.
Who can see my profile?
Just you! Your high school profile is not public. Any information that you input or fill out is for you to track your own progress and for us to match you with similar college students.
What do I get with a paid plan that I don't get as a free user?
Our Free Membership gives you a feel of what we have to offer. It comes with several of our favorite profiles already unlocked so you can get a sense what an unlocked profile looks like as well as the different types of students on our platform. Our Basic search features let you find students at your dream school within your score range. Consider it a free, low-commitment trial before paying for more access.

Premium Plans grant you access to full profiles, advanced search filters, all data insights, and chat messaging with our college users. Premium plan purchasers may also get extra or early access to new data insights or additional perks from our partners, such as free essay editing, consultation and peer mentoring. To learn more about our various plan offerings, head over to our Pricing page to see how our plans differ!
Do I have to pay to register for the site?
Nope! Registration is completely free. Once you register you will immediately get a selection of several full, unlocked profiles added to your Files folder for free! As a Free user, you can use our basic search function, preview profiles and packages, and access all of our blog posts for free. We recommend paying for a plan if you want to unlock more profiles and want to use advanced search filters, chat with our college users, and/or have full access to all of our interactive data insights.

We give away free 5 Profile access for students attending Title I schools or students who qualify for free and reduced lunch programs, as long as those programs are not automatically granted to all students in their school district. Please contact us to learn how.

If you still have questions about how pricing works, contact us.
What do I get to see before I unlock a profile?
We give you a summary of what each profile contains. You can also see all of the essay topics and advice topics in the basic profiles along with a couple lines of preview and the word count for each section.
How current are the profiles?
You can see the graduation year of each Admit before you unlock each profile. Depending on what you’re looking for – application advice, campus life insights, or career guidance – you may want to connect with someone recently admitted or even a recent graduate.
What if I don’t find what I’m looking for?
Our database of 70,000+ application files allows our users to find Admits who share a similar interest or background. You can use our search filter to find profiles by school, test score range, essay topic, or sport played; you can even enter a keyword to find profiles that discuss that subject. Based on the information you entered upon registering, our matching algorithm recommends profiles of similar students to you on Your Dashboard. In the very rare chance you don’t find a profile that you can relate to, let us know what you’re looking for!
What are some other resources the site offers?
You can also always utilize the valuable free insights we have throughout our site, such as expert tips and student advice on our blog. We feature exclusive data insights in our infographics and in the Data section of our site. You can also browse our Essay Excerpts page for writing inspiration.
What if I unlock an Admit’s profile and it isn’t credible/helpful/readable?
Although we do screen Admit profiles, there’s still a chance something sneaks by or an Admit modifies his/her profile. Let us know on our contact page. If the Admit’s profile isn’t credible, we’ll take the profile down until the Admit verifies the content of the profile by sending official test scores, a PDF of the submitted common app, and/or acceptance letter (depending on the situation). If the Admit’s profile is credible, but their advice answers aren’t particularly helpful or the answers are poorly written, we’ll make sure you can unlock another profile for free.
How can I see what plan I'm currently on?
You can view and manage your account under Your Account Settings page. This is where you can find information about the type of plan you're currently on, when your paid access is set to expire, the next date of billing if you are on an automatically renewing subscription, and options to upgrade or cancel a paid plan.
How do I find an essay about a specific sport/activity?
Use the search filter: type your sport/activity into the search box and our search engine will return all the Admits who mentioned that keyword in an essay or in an advice response.
What do I get for referring friends?
We’ve made getting free access easier. Our "give $10, get $10" referral program rewards you and your friends. Anyone who signs up for a Premium Membership using your referral code will get $10 to put toward their first purchase AND gift you $10 to apply toward your next purchase or billing cycle (that's a 50% discount off our monthly best-seller!). Credits earned are applied as a discount on future purchases.
College & Grad Students
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Who can upload college application materials?
As long as you've been admitted, you can create a profile and share your admission insights. This means that high school seniors who have already been accepted to college, current college and grad students, or recent alums can all be featured as Admits.
Can people see my name?
Nope! We keep our Admits’ names, student IDs, and contact info completely hidden. Users won’t be able to view it even after purchasing the Admit profile; only your username is public. We recommend choosing a username that is descriptive but not identifying, such as "StanfordSwimmer." If you are concerned about anonymity, do not choose an existing social media handle as your user name; those are easily searchable on Google.
How do I change my user name?
You may change your user name here. Again, if you don’t want people to be able to link your AdmitSee account to you in a Google search, choose a unique username that you haven’t used before!
Should I add a profile picture?
While profile pictures are totally optional, uploading one helps make your profile more complete. Profiles that feature photos are also more likely to sell because they are more eye-catching to users and users are more likely to trust the profile and associate it with an actual student.
Do I have to share everything?
You do not need to share everything! You should only share information that you are comfortable with having on your profile. If there are any locations or names that are personally identifiable, you can redact them. Remember, though, that the more you share, the more likely your profile will be recommended by our matching algorithm to applicants like you. More complete profiles are also featured on our Search page and are more likely to be unlocked.
What if I don’t have all my information?
That’s completely okay! Just upload the application materials you do have on you. If anything, our users value the advice you have to offer the most, so, even if you no longer have any of your application materials, make sure to fill out the advice section!
What if I want to upload my materials, but I don’t have a student ID or diploma?
Don’t worry. You don’t need to have your credentials on hand. You can come back and verify your account at any point within 6 months of creating your profile. If you’ve only recently been admitted, you can upload or send us an acceptance letter or enrollment deposit receipt. This way, high school seniors who have been accepted to college but have not yet received their student IDs or .edu email addresses can create Admit profiles before they start school.
Who owns the rights to my essays?
When you upload your essays and other profile material to the site, you are licensing the rights to AdmitSee Inc. This allows us to sell the profiles to applicants. You can request that your profile be removed from our database at any time by emailing Once removed, it will no longer be searchable to the public or accessible to other users on the site.
How much money can I make?
The sky is the limit! Once you complete a verified, public Admit profile, you'll earn a commission for every 10 unlocks your profile receives. The more content you share in your profile, the more money you'll earn. We feature the most complete and helpful profiles at the top of our search results. Our top profiles make over $500 per semester!
What do I get for referring friends?
You earn a $2 commission for each verified college user who creates an account with your invite code. Your referred friends must verify their profiles with a valid college student ID and complete the profile entry process in order for you to earn the $2 commission. Your earnings may be withdrawn whenever you reach a threshold of $50. Your withdrawal methods include Paypal, or Amazon gift card. Referral commissions are capped at $100, but earnings from profile unlocks are unlimited.
How do I withdraw site earnings?
You can withdraw any and all earnings you’ve made through sales and authenticated referrals once your balance is over $50. You can check your earnings here. Cash out via 2 easy payment methods: Paypal or Amazon gift card!
How does Chat work? What are my responsibilities if someone messages me?
Admit Chat functions like any other chat messaging feature. High school users can reach out to you directly with any questions about your profile or about your school. Whether you choose to respond is completely up to you; there’s no penalty for not responding. However, the more responsive you are, the more you’ll be featured at the top of search results. Our most engaged mentors will receive a multiple on their unlock commissions.
School Staff
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How does the site work for non-students?
As a school staff member, aside from browsing the site on your own, you can recommend specific profiles to applicants to help shape their application strategy. The site helps counselors manage student and parent expectations. You can also point to profiles of similar students as examples of real applications to help reiterate the advice you’re giving. Teachers who are asked to review college essays often use our repository of essays as a way to inspire an applicant or get that applicant to think outside of the box. Our preference would be for every applicant to use the site accompanied by expert guidance.
What kind of account should I create?
Please create a "School Staff" account. As a School Staff user, you get to use the site the same way your students do, so you can test out how they would interact with the platform. Let us know how many students you work with in our Educator form, and we will work with you to create an AdmitSee use case best suited for you.
How do I get access?
School counselors and independent consultants interested in unlocking our AdmitSee profiles can purchase our "100-Unlock Counselor Plan" available on our Pricing page. Or, ask about our new enterprise product that leverages our millions of data points to help you make automated coursework and extracurricular recommendations for every one of your students, starting in 9th grade. Contact us to learn more!
How do you recommend using the site?
We recommend browsing our database of profiles by starting with our Search feature. There, you can preview and unlock profiles that you think are relevant to your students. Our staff has curated Packages of profiles by school, essay topic and Admit background that we recommend viewing together. We also have essay intros to help your students get those creative juices flowing, exclusive interactive data insights to narrow down that college list, and great expert and peer advice on our blog. Or, contact us to schedule a demo and we’ll walk you through all our great site features.
Do you work with admissions offices?
We are not affiliated with any admissions offices, but our database is open to all admissions offices to screen for plagiarism. If you are an admissions officer who would like to collaborate with us or learn more about how we can help you with applicant recruitment with insights gleaned from our 11 million data points, please contact us!
What additional resources do you offer?
In addition to all our great site features, we also have 4 year PDF guides counselors can download for free. They are simple guides to help students keep track of the application process. We also have a free e-book with essay excerpts and commentary.
Still have more questions? Contact Us