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Save 15-20%
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Unlimited chat messaging 15-minute personal consultation Use of all advanced search filters Access to all data insights charts Ability to unlock curated packages
Really Nice Testimonials
Alice W.
Accepted to UMich, Class of 2021
“AdmitSee was my college app bible. Real advice and essays made the admissions process much more transparent and less daunting.”
Sophie P.
Harvard, Class of 2020
“It's an easy way to capitalize on what you've already done! I can offer insights from my experience.”
Kate N.
Parent, England
“The site is vivaciously empowering... AdmitSee gave a sense of connection, and reading the essays helped us find our hook!”
Frequently Asked Questions
How is AdmitSee useful to me?
AdmitSee offers access to real application files that worked, including essays and student advice. Browse profiles by your dream school or get matched with students who share your background and stats. Leverage data insights or chat with college students to discover what it takes to get into your dream school early on in your high school career. Read our plan descriptions for the type of access that is right for you. Also check out our 4-year college application planning guide downloadable as a PDF.

To get the most out of your AdmitSee experience, book a site demo with an AdmitSee team member to get insider tips on the best site features for you no matter what stage of the application process you're at.
How is AdmitSee different from other college application resources?
AdmitSee is the only source of crowdsourced, searchable application files that provides a complete look at what it takes to get accepted. In addition to grades and test scores, we also feature full personal statements, supplemental essays, and extracurricular resumes. Connect and chat with real college students for direct guidance into the application process or campus life. Our data insights draw from millions of admissions data points. (the first and largest!) of application materials. See how we compare to other popular college admissions sites.
I am applying soon, which plan should I subscribe to?
Take a look at our plan descriptions. You must be a subscriber in order to chat with our college users, but plans vary based on the number of application files you would like to read. We recommend all underclassmen subscribe to our Annual plans and Seniors stay on for as long as they wish to continue communicating with college users about post-acceptance plans.
How many profiles do I need?
That depends on whether you’ve narrowed down your college list! Most of our users find the Plus tier plan to be the best fit for their needs. We recommend it if you have a few schools in mind and just need a few profiles from each target school to frame your application strategy. But, if you find that you need more access, don’t worry — you can always upgrade to a higher tier plan when you’re ready.
What if I don’t need any more Unlocks but want to keep accessing my unlocked profiles?
Instead of canceling your subscription, choose the "Keep Access" plan under Account Settings. This will allow you to continue accessing unlocked profiles for a minimal monthly fee, which will go into effect at the end of your current billing cycle. Note that you will not receive new Unlocks and you will no longer be able to chat with college users with the "Keep Access" plan.
I see Credits in my Account Settings, what are they?
Credits can be applied towards purchasing Premium Plans. If you signed up through a partner, your invite code may have granted you credits to upgrade to Premium access. You can also participate in our Give $10, Get $10 referral program!
Do I qualify for free Premium access?
We offer full Premium access for free for students attending Title I schools or students who qualify for free and reduced lunch programs. College Bound Opportunity groups may also qualify. Please contact us to learn how.
Can I really cancel anytime?
Yep, you can manage your subscription in your Account Settings, or just drop us a note before your next billing cycle! To find out whether you qualify for a refund, read our Refund Policy.
I’m a school counselor / independent consultant. Can I get access for multiple students?
Yes! We offer educator and enterprise-level access. Cater to multiple students with the flexibility of school-wide or company-wide access managed under a single account. Ask about our rates.

If you’re simply looking to recommend AdmitSee to your students, sign up as an Affiliate Partner to give your students a $10 discount while earning a revenue-share commission for each referral.
I have more questions!
Pop over to our FAQs page, or simply contact us with your questions and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!
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