Our Story & Mission

Making higher education accessible for all.

How We Started

Like many startups, AdmitSee was born out of personal frustration. We know how much is riding on whether you go to college and the school you attend. It's a big, life-shaping decision that most students are making blind or with limited information. We created AdmitSee to be the solution we wish existed in the market… because no one has the secret formula to get you into college. While we may not have the silver bullet to guarantee success to your dream school, we can help you feel more confident applying to college with the right information.

By crowdsourcing data and insights from students of all backgrounds, we're tackling information asymmetry and democratizing access to higher education. From the University of Pennsylvania to Y Combinator’s edtech accelerator, AdmitSee has grown to serve over a quarter million students.

What We Do

Access to information is the first step to bridging the opportunity gap. A trusted counselor who knows you well is probably best equipped to guide you through the application process. However, if you don’t have access to that, AdmitSee has created the largest, searchable, crowdsourced database of real application materials and insights from students like you so you can navigate the process yourself — at an affordable price.

We empower students with comprehensive, holistic data to make better, more informed decisions about college. Our marketplace model has also created a new opportunity for college and graduate students to earn money for sharing their achievements and insights. College is expensive, and paying our users for paying it forward furthers our mission of universal access.

What Makes Us Different

Unlike other existing resources, AdmitSee provides access to peer-supplied application materials and advice. Our student insights are backed by hard data and analytics. But, more importantly, AdmitSee users gain access to real student stories and experiences. AdmitSee offers a comprehensive view of real examples of success on how to craft a winning application without compromising your authenticity.

All of our application files feature verified data — real essays, resumes and student advice – that showcase how students don’t have to write what they think admissions officers want to read. Our college profiles prove that being true to your story is more important and more effective than any application shortcut.

Our Mission & Commitment

AdmitSee empowers all students, no matter their background, to make the most informed decision about pursuing higher education. The current admissions process is opaque and seemingly unfair, so the industry has focused on the wrong things: college rankings, resume padding, paying exorbitant fees to guarantee success.

How do we level the playing field and make it a process that’s less prestige- and results-driven and more driven by self discovery and personal insights? We’re solving the problem by crowdsourcing real student data and peer insights. We’re bridging the information gap by connecting applicants with students just like them who can offer unique, data-backed insight into what it means to achieve higher education success. We pledge free access for students who qualify for financial aid.

What People Are Saying About Us
"This social network could help you get into your dream college."
"Verified college students pay it forward by sharing application materials."
"Students find and get accepted to the right schools using big data."
Meet the Team
We're passionate about leveling the playing field.
Why? Because we all experienced disappointment when we applied. We're changing that for you.
Steph Shyu

Duke, UPenn, HKU

Named one of Forbes' 30 Under 30, Steph combined her experience at a news startup with her passion for access to education. Former SAT/AP tutor and founder of an educational charity.
Jerry Huyghe
Founding Engineer

University of Maryland

Grew up in Silicon Valley and began programming video games at the age of nine. Jerry is a full stack developer with over 17 years of experience. He built the site you're on from the ground up!