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University of California - Los Angeles ‘17
BA, Psychology

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Student Background

From: San Diego , California
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Legacy: Sibling
Admission: Regular Decision
Applied To: 8 schools
Accepted At: UC Berkeley, UCLA, SDSU, UCSD, UC Riverside, UCSC
Denied At:
Waitlisted At:
Withdrew From:
Is English First Language: Yes
Other Language(s) Spoken: Vietnamese, French

Test Scores

Highest SAT: 1890
Other SAT Scores:
SAT Prep:

High School Performance

Top 1%
High School Type: Public
AP / IB Classes and Scores:
Academic Performance in High School: Steady
Explanation of Any Low Grades:

Extracurriculars & Awards

Extracurricular Activities: American Red Cross, Rotary Club, Broadcast Journalism / Media / Television, National Honor Society, Community Cleanup / Service
How Spent Summers:
Awards Received:
Application Additional Materials:

College Application Essays

I’m a Kleenex. At least… that’s how I feel with my so-called friends. Like a Kleenex, I was always there in times of need. I was that friend - the one that helped him forget his narcissistic ex-girlfriend, the one that let others borrow her notes for class. The one that stayed awake until the wee hours of the morning so you could rant about your negligent parents. I’m always there when your heart aches. But like...

College Admissions Advice

5 adjectives that describe a typical student at my school (Feel free to elaborate!)
166 Words
UCLA students are: 1. KIND. UCLA students are generally very friendly, very approachable people. It is very easy to have a conversation with people on campus, even if it's someone you run into by chance! 2. OPTIMISTIC. Many of the people that I have encountered have the go-getter personality and it is so encouraging to be surrounded by so much positivity! 3. PASSIONATE....

What set me apart from other applicants
80 Words
How do you stand out in a crowd? Personal statements of course! Think about it this way - all applicants have grades, test scores, and tons of other data that reflect your performance in school. How do you show who you REALLY are? In writing! You want to make sure that any essay you write about yourself is OOZING with...

Why I ultimately chose my school
87 Words
I chose UCLA because: 1. The environment is peaceful on campus. People generally look happy, the architecture is beautiful, and the weather is usually always nice! 2. Strong academics. UCLA is highly ranked in almost every single field of study, which means that no matter what I study, I know that I am getting a quality education! 3. Los Angeles is a fantastic...

What I’d change about my application process
80 Words
I was overall satisfied with my application process, however if I were to change one thing, I might have taken the SATs more seriously. At the time, I thought that my grades were reflective enough of my abilities as a student, so I really did not try as hard as I could have for the SATs. In retrospect, I might...

My advice about getting recommenders
86 Words
Put yourself in your recommender's shoes - do you know the person well? Could you write a convincing letter about why this person deserves so and so? Will it be hard for you to come up with nice things to say? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider getting to know your recommender...

Post-college plans
86 Words
To be completely honest, I have no idea what I want to do with my life after college. I feel like many of my college friends feel the same way -- very rarely will you encounter someone who knows exactly what they want to do and exactly how they are going to do it. My main concern at the moment...