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University of Texas - Austin, ‘20
BS, Computer Science

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Student Background

UT'20 CS & Dance double major. Barely any leadership experience, and in lower half of top 10%
From: Austin , Texas
Gender: Female
First Gen College Student: Yes
Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic
Accepted At: UC Berkeley, Texas A&M, UC Irvine, Florida
Denied At:
Waitlisted At:
Withdrew From:

Test Scores

Converted SAT Score: 1410
Other SAT Scores:
SAT Prep:
PSAT Scores:

High School Performance

GPA, Weighted
Top 10%
AP / IB Classes and Scores:
Academic Performance in High School: Steady

Extracurriculars & Awards

Extracurricular Activities: Church, Dance, Key Club, National Honor Society, Student Council / Government
Elaborate on Extracurriculars or Work:
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College Application Essays

Personal Statement for UT Austin, Texas A&M: Challenged a belief
663 Words
There are so many different types of dancers and types dancing in this world. There are those who tell a story by dancing, perform since it’s their passion, or dance simply to feel a release from the outside world. And then there are those who dance in competitions in order to demonstrate their talent and ability in comparison with others. They are the dancers that are unnaturally flexible, being able to bend their backs in half and having hips...

We’ve all had those times where everything is going completely and utterly wrong. Usually in these situations there is no hope. I however, always try to stay positive. However, not only has this just been a characteristic, but it has actually led me to important accomplishments which were probably the most defining moments ones for me, making me extremely proud. The major switch to an emphasis of optimistic character and leadership role began during my third year of being...

Supplemental Essay for Florida: Unique question posed by school
806 Words
Batman vs The Joker. Superman vs Lex Luther. The classic hero vs Villain. By the end of the movie we always aspire to be the hero that beats out the horrific villain. Of course everyone wants to be the hero, as that is the character that comes out winning. However if ever presented with the challenges that a hero truly faces many would change their mind to going back to being the civilian that has a simple life. Even though...

Supplemental Essay for Florida: “Why us” school essay
404 Words
Dance has been a pretty big part of my life. I’ve been dancing since I was around 6 years old, and nowadays it occupies most of my free time as I dance around 20 hours a week. Throughout all these years of training I’ve put in all my effort to make sure that I am the best that I can be. With all of the hard work that I’ve put in and the passion for dance that I have...

Supplemental Essay for UC Berkeley, UC Irvine: Other
254 Words
Although I have completed the needed courses to be considered for admission into The University of California, I realize a few elements on my transcript may raise questions. One could be that although I am applying to be a computer science major, I’ve never actually taken a computer science class. Another could be as to why I chose to take an off period this year. Although my high school does offer computer science class, I was unable to sign...

College Admissions Advice

How I chose schools to apply to
101 Words
When I began to look into colleges, I pretty much had already known the major/fields that I wanted to study. I then sat down and began to research colleges...

My advice about getting recommenders
127 Words
If the school that you are applying to accepts at least 2 recommenders here is my advice: get 1 recommendation from a teacher (that you were a student for in ideally Junior year) in a related field to what you...

Why I ultimately chose my school
166 Words
A lot of people think that since I grew up in Austin, I was always meant to be a longhorn, and that is why I chose UT. However, that is not correct. I visited the schools I applied to, and there were definitely others I was accepted to which were...

How to increase chances at my school
163 Words
Many people at my high school applied to UT, so I really got to see amongst my friends what qualities the university really look for If you live in Texas, and in around the top 7% (depends on your application year), you will be automatically admitted into the university. Be...

My extracurricular activities in college, and why I chose them
115 Words
My first semester here at the university I choose to take a balanced schedule so that I could explore the different opportunities the school had to offer. I highly recommend joining an academic student organization...