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Cambridge University, ‘20
BS, Physics

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A Physics and Maths student who is interested in the fascinating world around him!
From: Bangalore , California , India
Gender: Male
First Gen College Student: No
Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Accepted At: CMU, BU, UC Davis, UCL, Warwick, GA Tech, UMich, Purdue
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Top 1%
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Academic Performance in High School: Steady

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Sports: Track & Field, Football
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College Application Essays

With Philosophy as its foundation, and Mathematics as its language, Physics testifies to the innate human curiosity to understand the world. Physics is a subject that has existed since the dawn of humanity itself. From cavemen recognizing that they could catch their prey easier by sharpening their spears, to researchers at NASA figuring the optimum fly by path of the New Horizons satellite to Pluto, acts of hypothesis and experimentation are all integral aspects of Science, especially Physics. What fascinates...

Personal Statement for CMU, BU, UC Davis, Columbia, GA Tech, UChicago, UMich, Purdue: Career aspirations, Challenged a belief, Childhood memory, Creative personal story, Interest in med/sci/math, Interest in tech/engineering, Reaching a goal
603 Words
Why three? My responsibility, along with unpacking the family groceries, was to break the spaghetti to fit the size of our jars. However, when I snapped them, the spaghetti would resist breaking in two equal pieces, no matter how hard I tried. Uncooked spaghetti has the unusual property of breaking into three pieces or more. Hold a spaghetti strand by both ends. Slowly and smoothly bend it till it snaps. Count the pieces. There will always be three, or two...

Supplemental Essay for CMU, BU, UC Davis, Columbia, GA Tech, UChicago, UMich, Purdue: Amusing anecdote
260 Words
As I trudged with the bludgeoning backpack over my shoulder and my chemistry textbook in my left hand, the old man gently placed his hand on my shoulder. He dug into the pocket of his jaded khaki trousers and gave me a candy. I strained a smile and muttered a hollow “thank you”. His eyes lit up and his chest swelled with pride. He patted me on my back and continued with his afternoon walk. Upon reaching home, I stashed...

College Admissions Advice

5 adjectives that describe a typical student at my school (Feel free to elaborate!)
59 Words
Enthusiastic, Creative, Cooperative, Hard Working, Intelligent - What differentiates Cambridge students is their willingness to support each other,...