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Santa Clara University, ‘21
BS, Marketing

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Student Background

I am a passionate filmmaker, environmentalist, plant-eater, people-lover, and a person who loves meditation.
From: Monroe , Washington
Gender: Male
First Gen College Student: Yes
Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic
Accepted At: CU, SU, Gonzaga, WWU, Pacific Lutheran, U of Portland, Pepperdine, Washington, Baylor
Denied At:
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Withdrew From:
Is English First Language: Yes

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High School Performance

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Academic Performance in High School: Steady

Extracurriculars & Awards

Sports: Tennis
Extracurricular Activities: DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America), Key Club, Student Council / Government
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College Application Essays

Personal Statement for Santa Clara, CU, SU, Gonzaga, USC, WWU, Pacific Lutheran, U of Portland, Pepperdine, Washington, Baylor: Creative personal story, Leadership experience, Love of outdoors, One moment that changed you, Overcoming personal struggle, Place you’re content, Reaching a goal, Story central to identity
641 Words
With forested hills, flourishing streams, and surrounding mountains that exclude it from the rest of the world, Cispus is a place I call home. Having spent a mere six days of my life in Cispus for leadership camp, it’s where I hold my spiritual ties. It’s where my confidence first flourished. As I took my first step onto Cispus, my eyes were filled by the striking image placed before me. Bright red buildings with the paint chipping off...

Since I was a kid, the world of film has intrigued me. I would find myself curious over how an abstract idea would eventually become a 2-hour feature film. It became my dream to tell stories. After being introduced to the industry of marketing and advertising, my passion for business was cultivated through my school’s DECA chapter. Since then, I've welded both fields into my future career path. The power of marketing and film have continually given me new...

Supplemental Essay for CU: “Why us” school essay
190 Words
Ever since I was a kid, I always felt the basic need to belong. Since the first time I visited Chapman’s website, it was my dream school. After continually researching it, taking a campus tour, and hearing stories from current students and alumni, I’ve realized Chapman is where I feel a sense of belonging. This is the reason I’m applying to Chapman. Chapman has shown their mission towards inclusion and belonging through their “I Am Chapman” campaign....

Supplemental Essay for CU: Diversity statement
201 Words
I am no different than anyone else who can identify as Chapman. My surroundings have shaped my opinions, beliefs, and experiences, and I’m proud to freely express them. I am an environmentalist. Residing in one of the most sustainable areas in the country, my passion for the protection of our environment has grown as I have continued to learn about the global impact of climate change. I am a Christian. Faith has played a significant role in my life,...

Supplemental Essay for U of Portland: “Why us” school essay
131 Words
Film, environmental protection, and marketing are the three subjects most important to me. They have caused me to think differently, have pushed me to fight for what I believe in, and are some of my greatest passions I possess. The University of Portland has a vast array of extracurricular activities, with at least one club that relates to each of these subjects I share a passion for. With these, I will be able to focus on what I’m passionate...

Supplemental Essay for SU: Unique question posed by school
249 Words
Music is my portal to the past. It gives me the ability to travel back and relive special memories important to my life. These five songs have a great significance to me because of their ability to bring the past back to me. Midnight by Coldplay takes me back to my sophomore year, a time when I reached a pivotal point in my life, realizing the importance of standing up for what I believe in. It was when I lept...

Supplemental Essay for Washington: Diversity statement
295 Words
I am an environmentalist. Living in the small city of Monroe, a place surrounded by trees and mountains, I have become accustomed to the presence of nature, and I couldn’t go a day without the beauty of it. I am not afraid to support environmental protection. I stand with the thousands of others who support this same ideal, and I will continue to fight for what I believe in. Environmentalism is a social movement I strongly stand with. I...

Supplemental Essay for Baylor: “Why us” school essay
287 Words
Watching Finding Nemo at three and a half sparked a lifelong love of cinema and storytelling. In elementary school, daydreaming about the world of Star Wars and writing my own stories was a daily occurrence. Today, my passion has only grown. It's impossible for me to go a day without thinking of Christopher Nolan’s non-linear storytelling, or focusing on the extravagant production design found in The Great Gatsby. My life and mind have adapted to the world of film. ...

Supplemental Essay for Pepperdine: Unique question posed by school
306 Words
To my future friend at Pepperdine, Hello. My name is Kyle de la Fuente, and I’m excited to be your roommate! Before I meet you on the first day, I believe there are several things that are essential to knowing me: I am someone who has a varying personality throughout the week. During the school week, my work ethic cannot be diminished. You'll constantly find me in our room, studying and working. Some days, I might be blasting Empire...

Supplemental Essay for Santa Clara: Strong beliefs/principles
303 Words
Growing up in a Christian family, faith has played a significant role in my life. Going to church every Sunday became an utmost priority in my family. While being in this environment, it's easy to say that I knew what faith was, but it wasn't until the beginning of my senior year that I discovered its impact on my life. Senior year became in no way what I pictured it to be. Instead of spending endless nights bonding with friends...

Supplemental Essay for Santa Clara: “Why us” school essay
147 Words
Intrigued by the world of film, I get very curious about how major producers and writers find their spot in today’s film industry. When Blye Pagon Faust won the Oscar for Best Motion Picture this past February, I was amazed to find out she’s an alumni of my own high school. Interested about how she went from the small town of Monroe to become a Hollywood producer, I continued to read the newspaper article that described her journey...

College Admissions Advice

Whether I took out loans or applied for scholarships, and my advice
120 Words
One of the main strategies I used throughout my senior year to finance my college education was applying to outside scholarships. How I look at it, applying to scholarships is a numbers game. The more you...

What I’d change about my application process
113 Words
Use time management wisely. Two weeks before my first round of college applications were due, I began rushing to start my personal statement and supplemental essays. I spent time in class and after school...

What set me apart from other applicants
134 Words
I think what set me apart was the interest I showed in each of the schools I applied to. I knew that I didn't have a 4.0 GPA, or that my SAT scores weren't top-notch, so I spent the summer before...

My advice about getting recommenders
122 Words
Think of all the teachers who know you best and whom you'd think would want to say great things about you to a college admissions counselor. Once you've thought of a good 2-3 people to write...

Why I declined other schools (CU, SU, Gonzaga, WWU, Pacific Lutheran, U of Portland, Pepperdine, Washington, Baylor)
96 Words
Starting in the summer before my senior year, I toured a total of 10 colleges. After receiving all my acceptance letters, I was able to have a better sense of...

Why I ultimately chose my school (Santa Clara)
109 Words
Although one of the main factors I chose Santa Clara was because they offered me the best financial aid package, I also chose them because of the school itself. Being an environmentalist, Santa...

How I chose schools to apply to (Santa Clara, CU, SU, Gonzaga, USC, WWU, Pacific Lutheran, U of Portland, Pepperdine, Washington, Baylor)
264 Words
Touring and spending the night at colleges gave me the best insight as to which colleges I should spend my time applying to. Although I wasn't able to tour every school I was interested in, I looked for the schools that I could really see myself going to. I spent a lot of time looking into student life, academics, and career connections to see if the schools were a good fit for me and had exactly what I wanted....