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University of California - Los Angeles, ‘21
BS, Aerospace Engineering

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Student Background

I like airplanes. Creative kid
From: San Jose , California
Gender: Male
First Gen College Student: No
Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Accepted At: CSULB, San Jose State, Cal Poly, Cal Poly Pomona, UCSD, UC Davis
Denied At:
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Withdrew From:
Is English First Language: No
Other Language(s) Spoken: English, Min Nan, Khmer, Spanish

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High School Performance

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Top 1%
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Academic Performance in High School: Steady

Extracurriculars & Awards

Sports: Hockey
Extracurricular Activities: Multicultural / International Club, Science Club/Team, Student Council / Government, Community Cleanup / Service, Debate Club/Team
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College Application Essays

Personal Statement for Stanford, Harvey Mudd, CalTech, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, UPenn, Yale, USC, WashU, GA Tech: Challenged a belief, Creative personal story, Ethical dilemma, Study/travel abroad, Summer experience
678 Words
Winter break, funnel cake. Ferris wheel… no deal? But I had planned on riding it for a year! “It’s too cold, you kids will freeze,” dad said. The California night was cool. “It’s probably closed anyways,” mom said. The Ferris wheel was spinning and mocking us. “You might get electrocuted, haven’t you heard stories about Ferris wheel accidents?” dad added. I became unhinged. “This is why you won’t let me go on Global Glimpse; you guys...

361 Words
I can breed koalas with turtles and I can eat ice cream with friends in North Korea. This is all possible due to the power of Photoshop. Photoshop is like a straw that allows people’s eyes to drink from my imagination. I can make anything and put it anywhere; from sea monsters in the ocean to winged toasters at my birth. For nearly four years, I have used Photoshop to express myself in an adventurous way, one that offers...

353 Words
As a freshman, I joined my high-school’s roller hockey team during its inaugural year. Even though I have never before touched a stick or even skated, I had tons of fun learning and playing with the team. I was on good terms with all of my teammates, but the tension between other players was noticeable. We frequently had meetings to discuss the internal conflict within our team, especially among the upperclassmen. During all of this in-fighting, I was a...

Personal Statement for UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UC Davis: Death of a loved one, Family background, Leaving home, One moment that changed you, Transition to adulthood
354 Words
Eight-thousand miles away, on April 1st, 2016, my grandpa passed away. My mom immediately flew to Cambodia, so now she couldn’t drive me to school or cook for me. In an instant, she left my life, and she remained gone for six weeks. I was dependent on my mom’s facilitation of my activities, and her absence complicated many parts of my life, from hockey to school to studying at home. My dad had to work and couldn’t take...

I can crack my knuckles a lot, but what truly separates me from other UC applicants is the combination of my unique backgrounds and interests. I am a first-generation Chinese-Cambodian American, a descendent of survivors of the worst genocide since the Holocaust. I am humbled by this, and it plays into my personality and values. Knowing that I have such tragedy in my ancestry makes me grateful to exist and it makes me less wary of discussing or even joking...

College Admissions Advice

My advice about getting recommenders
41 Words
Ask early and get recommendations from the adults that know you best,...

Recommended summer activities during high school and college
175 Words
Make sure to have a productive summer, as it may lead to good ideas for essays or useful filler for applications. Junior year I did a study abroad/volunteering excursion with Global Glimpse in the Dominican Republic. It took a lot of convincing and I ended up writing my common app on...

What set me apart from other applicants
254 Words
I think that I had the advantage of starting the application and essay processes early. I started working on the college apps at July, and it gave me time to revise my essays multiple times. I was also a Questbridge finalist, which allowed me to apply to a bunch of private colleges for free, and would also grant me a generous financial aid package it I got into a partner school. One downside to this...