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Georgetown University, ‘20
BBA, Marketing

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Student Background

While I wanted to go into business, all of my extracurricular activities had nothing to do with my intended major!. Learn how I used my diverse extracurricular involvement to my advantage, and how it set me apart from other applicants!
From: New Hope , Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: White Non-Hispanic
Legacy: Parent, Both Parents, Grandparent, Other Family Member
Admission: Early Action
Applied To: 6 schools
Accepted At: Northeastern, Villanova, BC, Fordham
Denied At:
Waitlisted At:
Withdrew From:
Is English First Language: Yes
Other Language(s) Spoken: English, French

Test Scores

Converted SAT Score: 1500
Highest SAT: 2170
Other SAT Scores:
SAT Prep:
Highest ACT:
Other ACT Scores:
ACT Prep:
PSAT Scores:
Other Standardized Tests:

High School Performance

GPA, Weighted
Top 5%
High School Type: Public
AP / IB Classes and Scores:
Academic Performance in High School: Steady
Explanation of Any Low Grades:

Extracurriculars & Awards

Sports: Soccer
Extracurricular Activities: School Theater/Plays, School Choir, Church, Community or summer theater/plays, National Honor Society
Elaborate on Extracurriculars or Work:
How Spent Summers:
Volunteer Experiences:
Awards Received:
Application Additional Materials:

College Application Essays

Personal Statement : Work experience
904 Words
This is the essay that I used for my Common App Personal Statement, as well as my Georgetown Personal Statement. Scroll to the bottom to learn more about my choice of topic, some strategies I used, and advice specifically about writing your personal statement "HEY!" I tensed immediately. Was there a robbery? Was the building burning down? Suddenly, a wizened pair of eyes were peering up at me from behind a pair of glasses. "My name is Josie, I will...

Supplemental Essay: Unique question posed by school
476 Words
Tell us about your most involved activity After joining the school theatre program as a freshman, a new "Student Musical Director" position opened up in the fall of my junior year. The description was vague, but I knew that I loved music, music theory, and working with others, and my choir director selected me for the position. I was terrified; I felt too young and too inexperienced to direct any upperclassmen, let alone my best friends. My job came without...

Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
1177 Words
If I'm being honest, I really struggled with the "Why Us" essay. I found it very difficult to articulate all of the reasons why I loved the school I was applying to, and I didn't know how much school specific info to include without sounding like a wikipedia page. After many months of agonizing, here's what I came up with! Scroll down to see my full essay, as well as tips and advice for writing this type of essay at...

Supplemental Essay: Unique question posed by school
218 Words
Essay One: How are you Incomplete? (200 words or less) **Not used for Georgetown, used for other school*** I feel like panicking. Our director has just been called away to a meeting, leaving me with a scorebook thicker than my arm and 27 staring pairs of eyes. My mind time-warps to middle school, when I was the leader of our Jazz Band, when I thought leadership meant a lot of yelling and a lot of high expectations. But when I look up,...

Supplemental Essay: Amusing anecdote
291 Words
In the Georgetown Application, there is a tiny section where you are asked to "List or Describe Any Special Talents". I was terrified seeing that; its so open ended, and I had no idea what was expected of me! Instead of a boring list or even a funny list (I know admittees who had included "juggling" and "doing the worm", I was neither that cool nor that funny), I wrote this short essay about.... Prime Numbers. “A Prime Number is...

Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
394 Words
Used for Boston College: “Why does this matter?” It’s a stereotypical question asked by the troublemaker in the back of class, but it’s one that I’ve asked myself more than once. It seems like every school kid wants to know: will I really ever have to use derivatives in my daily life? Does the work that I do in school really matter, or are the countless tests and arduous assignments just meaningless busy work? Through my many...

Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
641 Words
Used for Villanova University Last row, fourth from the left. It’s where I sat, timid and unsure, on my first day of high school choir. Though my placement in the upperclassman choir class was a matter of a scheduling conflict, it felt like a death sentence. For at least a month I sat there silently. I was always alert, intent, desperately trying to improve, but I couldn’t open my mouth without sounding wrong. Nonetheless, I was determined to...

Supplemental Essay: Diversity statement
246 Words
Used for Villanova University Presidential Scholarship Handling systemic challenges: Give an example of a time when you faced or witnessed discrimination. How did you respond? What did you learn from this experience? I instantly knew I was in the wrong room. I was trying to find the Future Business Leaders of America meeting, but when I stumbled into room C126, all I saw were teenage guys, and all of them were staring at me. I left. “Shy” has never been...

Supplemental Essay: Issue of personal significance
270 Words
Used for Villanova University Presidential Scholarship 1. Intellectual: Describe a time when you changed your mind. It need not be a life-changing event; you may have changed your mind about a book, piece of music, a political opinion or a person you know. What made you change your mind? Was it an argument or an encounter or an epiphany or something else? What happened as a result? After constant practice of the Regional Choir pieces, I grew to love all of...

Supplemental Essay: Strong beliefs/principles
260 Words
Written for a Leadership Conference When I was little, I loved playing soccer. I loved playing midfield, being wherever the action was. I loved defense: predicting what the offense would do, always coming through under pressure. The only position that I never played was offense. Scoring a goal, all eyes on me... it was something I never imagined for myself. Though my limited athletic ability was quickly outpaced with age, I continued that soccer mindset throughout high school. Like a...

Supplemental Essay: Other
660 Words
These were the exact essays (and a few others) that I submitted to Georgetown. I loved getting unlimited space to talk about what I wanted to without having to worry about silly word limits. This application gave me complete freedom to express who I truly was, and I think thats why this application was so successful. Below, I have included again all the insights from each individual essay - from writing the dreaded "Why Us" essay, to writing the all-important...

College Admissions Advice

What set me apart from other applicants
118 Words
While I was very focused on my resume as a high school student, thinking that my resume was the key to success, the activities that I was involved in were ones that I genuinely loved....

What might make for a good “Why Us” essay topic at my school
56 Words
I talked to a lot of alumni and did a lot of research on my #1 school's website....

Recommended summer activities during high school and college
173 Words
If you do multiple things, like sports and babysitting for example, try to find a way to connect them, try to use your diverse skill set to its fullest potential by combining things you love. You could make tons of money by starting a kids soccer camp! Or, try to pay...

Why I ultimately chose my school
119 Words
If I'm honest, at first I hated Georgetown! I visited as a sophomore, and was so intimidated by their admissions presentation that I knew I had no shot getting in! Ultimately, I identify with Georgetown....

My advice about getting recommenders
85 Words
Look in advance at the schools you are thinking about, and notice what kinds of recommendations they require. I noticed that at MOST, schools wanted...

My advice about getting recommenders
50 Words
Despite my intense involvement in music, I knew that my choir teacher was not... errr......

5 adjectives that describe a typical student at my school (Feel free to elaborate!)
6 Words
Passionate, Involved,...

Why I declined other schools
62 Words
Location, opportunities, and feel were all very important. I didn't want to be too far away, and I wanted...

Most popular extracurricular activities at my college
51 Words
All of the most popular activities at georgetown are by application. These include the Georgetown...

Additional material sent in after waitlisted or deferred
39 Words
I was only waitlisted at one university, and I made sure to...

What set me apart from other applicants
80 Words
I really took a step back to look at my application as a whole. I thought about each individual essay as part of a...