B.A., Anthropology and Archaeology
Cultural Anthropology major at the University of Florida, love learning about all things unique, and giving you advice to ace your dream school!
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Hometown Orlando, Florida
EthnicityWhite Non-Hispanic
AdmissionRegular Decision
Class of2019
English First Language Yes
Other Language(s) Spoken Portuguese, German

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Waitlisted or Withdrew
  • University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)
  • University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL)
  • Stetson University (DeLand, FL)
  • Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY)
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University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)

Applied for a B.A. in Anthropology and Archaeology

Accepted and Enrolled Legacy: No

School Specific Essays

Personal Statement
576 Words
Creative personal story, Family background
Growing up, I have always tried to reach for the stars in every aspect of my life. I thought I had it all, between my well-rounded group of friends, decent grades, spelling bee champion, and acceptance into the top philharmonic orchestra of my school. It wasn’t until the start of my eighth grade year that my entire world took a turn for the worst. As I was walking through the door after a typical school day just at the...

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Supplemental Essay Unique question posed by school
506 Words
The good life is an amorphous phrase, susceptible to many interpretations. Likewise, the good life is subjective, unique, and personal to each individual. To fully understand the good life, one must shed all desire in material and worldly possessions to decide the intrinsic goodness of what it means to live happily. Naturally, one often hears the argument that wealth and power lead to a good life. However, I contend that although wealth and power may contribute to the quality of...
Supplemental Essay Strong beliefs/principles
657 Words
A leisurely stroll down Newbury Street in the hub of downtown Boston has opened my eyes and given me a new perspective on the world I am living in. Hundreds of unique individuals fill the densely packed sidewalks, all with a purpose and a place to be. Languages from countries that are unheard of to most penetrate the air, creating a melting pot consisting of the most exotic ingredients that are anomalous and abnormal to most ordinary people. As I...
Supplemental Essay Strong beliefs/principles
404 Words
In undergraduate colleges, professors in the aggregate tend to teach morals and principles that will guide their students to lead a meaningful life, while also preparing them for a career in the field of their choosing. To live a meaningful life is to fulfill every dream one person can desire, but one must go through trials and obstacles in order to achieve such a high goal. Choosing a career is fundamental to one’s success in life. I contend that...
Supplemental Essay Scholarship application
505 Words
John Maxwell once said “leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” I contend that although wealth and power may contribute to the quality of life, I hope to ascertain my proper occupational path in psychology and neuroscience, and apply my knowledge to teach other individuals the social and biological perspectives of the brain in order to better understand ourselves and the world around us by the time I reach the age...
Supplemental Essay Scholarship application
503 Words
Growing up brings about an abundance of new experiences. As a teenager, I realized that growing up would help me fully blossom into the unique individual that I was born to be, but I failed to realize that growing older brought upon several unexpected changes that would seem like the end of the world. The day I realized I had completely lost my best friend to drugs was the day I realized exactly who I was, and who I was...
Supplemental Essay Other
18 Words
All of these essays are based on personal experience or beliefs and are extremely unique to the individual.

General Admissions Advice

My favorite course thus far, and why
56 Words
My favorite course at the University of Florida was IUF1000 What Is The Good Life?. This course...
5 adjectives that describe a typical student at my school (Feel free to elaborate!)
17 Words
At the University of...
List of schools I interviewed with and my interview experience
116 Words
I interviewed with Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts and it was honestly a great experience! My admissions counselor asked me the usual questions, such as what are my extra-curriculars, work/volunteer experience, GPA, (etc.) but...
Most popular extracurricular activities at my college
96 Words
The most popular extracurricular activity at the University of Florida is definitely Greek Life. I did not join a sorority my freshman year of college, but I am planning...
What I now know about my school that I never would have known prior to enrolling
64 Words
I always knew that the University of Florida was a prestigious university, but I did not realize that all...
What I’d change about my school if I were student body president
52 Words
If I were the student body President of UF, I would come up with a more...
What I’d change about my application process
71 Words
One thing I would definitely change about my application process is that I would describe in depth how each of my...
What I like about my school’s location and culture
182 Words
The University of Florida is exceptionally unique in its culture and location. Gainesville is a small town that is so full of life and local culture. My absolute favorite thing to do on a day off is take a 10 minute walk to downtown Gainesville, purchase fresh food and flowers at their weekly Farmer's Market at...
How to approach transferring schools
156 Words
I would approach transferring schools simply with an open mind. Transferring schools can be like crossing a whole new world, with new activities, students, and a completely different vibe. My advice to you would be to come in and try new things, even things you never thought...
Whether I used a private admissions counselor, and advice I received
129 Words
I personally used a private tutor who coached me through the essay application process and gave me a few pointers to remember on my application. For my essay, I was told to be original and write from the heart,...
Recommended summer activities during high school and college
155 Words
During the summers of high school and college, I would definitely work a part time job just to save up for yourself and some of the expenses that come with living on your own, and I would definitely apply for scholarships like it is your other part...
What set me apart from other applicants
76 Words
I truly believe what set me apart from other applicants were my unique extracurricular and educational activities I participated in during high school....
Why I declined other schools
45 Words
I denied other schools ultimately because I felt average there, and not in an...
Why I ultimately chose my school
78 Words
The main reason I chose to attend my school was because of my campus tour at UF. Yes, this school was the best...
Post-college plans
84 Words
My post college plans are very tentative... I really don't think any young undergrad can ultimately decide the fate of their future! With a major...
How I chose schools to apply to
74 Words
I chose the University of Florida because it was the #1 university in the state of Florida, the University of Central Florida because...
Reaching out to professors and coaches at schools I applied to
154 Words
I would definitely recommend reaching out to professors and coaches at your university with questions, this is actually super helpful! With four years of German behind me, I reached out to the German language professor at UF asking about the course structure and realized that it...
Whether I took out loans or applied for scholarships, and my advice
97 Words
I did apply for a few scholarships, but really didn't put my heart into it like I should've, so I ended up taking out a small loan to pay...
Additional material sent in after waitlisted or deferred
135 Words
I was actually deferred from the University of Central Florida to the summer term (even though I was accepted for the Fall term at UF with no problem... weird I know!) I took the SAT again and sent them my scores...
How to increase chances at my school
77 Words
To increase your chances at getting into UF, definitely make sure that your essay is STRONG! Your essay is your opportunity to present...
What might make for a good “Why Us” essay topic at my school
82 Words
A great "Why Us" essay topic for UF would be to talk about your personal interests, and describe every way that UF can fulfill all...
My advice about getting recommenders
73 Words
UF did not accept letters of recommendations when I applied, but for other schools, I reached out to previous teachers that I...
My extracurricular activities in college, and why I chose them
127 Words
I joined the "Bate Papo" Portuguese club at UF to help me practice my language speaking skills and meet other Brazilians that I can connect with. I also joined Anthropology club to learn more about my major and...

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High School TypePublic
College Classes In High School
Academic Performance in High School Steady

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Converted SAT Score1220
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ActivitiesGerman Club, National Honor Society, Beta Club, School Jazz / Orchestra, Math Team, American Red Cross
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