Ohio State
B.S., Special Education
I'm a Special Education and Advocates for Communities and Education Scholars (ACES) at Ohio State.
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Hometown Berwick, Maine
EthnicityWhite Non-Hispanic
AdmissionEarly Action
Class of2020
English First Language Yes
Other Language(s) Spoken Spanish

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  • Ohio State University - Columbus (Columbus, Oh)
  • Boston University (Boston, MA)
  • Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)
  • University of Louisville (Louisville, KY)
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Ohio State University - Columbus (Columbus, Oh)

Applied for a B.S. in Special Education

Accepted and Enrolled Legacy: No

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Supplemental Essay “Why us” school essay
232 Words
Special Education is my future and mentoring is my life. I have mentored throughout high school with all sorts of students, and I plan to teach special education. BU offers specializations that will allow me to focus on students with severe disabilities, which is where I have the most experience. That is my passion. Boston, being a large city with many schools, there are options that allow me to work with students with a wide array of disabilities that I...
Supplemental Essay Scholarship application
494 Words
I picked my major for the satisfaction that is being hit. Physically it hurts but mentally I know that I am doing something right. Exceptional students lash out when they are being pushed for a challenging skill. They are comfortable with skills they know, lash out when they are challenged,and break down when it is too much. As a special needs teacher you have to push them to a point where they will grow and you know they can...
Supplemental Essay Diversity statement
635 Words
Your challenge, should you accept it: write about what your college application does not show about you. Your entire future depends on every word. It’s simple enough, but you can’t write about everything. The essay topic must avoid clichés, controversies, and the mundane. If you pick the wrong essay topic your future will fall to the ground shattering into tiny pieces that are too difficult to find. If you select the right topic you are set for...
Supplemental Essay Diversity statement
512 Words
A regular weekend, except it wasn’t. If I had known what was fated to happen, I would never have tried. If I knew making the team of my dreams would result in the near death of me, I would not have dared. My dream was strong and healthy, a hope. In an instant it wasn’t. It was a moment I saw impending. I foresaw something disastrous would occur, with a fierce pain in my gut. Yet I ignored...
Supplemental Essay Scholarship application
431 Words
I want to get the most possible out of my education at Ohio State. That not only means taking advantage of the variety of courses offered, but the opportunities outside of the classroom as well. Throughout high school I dedicated the majority of my time to volunteer work within my community, and I don’t want to stop that solely because I went off to college. I am going to continue to find ways to be involved with the large...
Supplemental Essay Unique question posed by school
552 Words
Education is a biased system. The educational system fails most students, but special needs students more than others. These students are guaranteed the right to a modified and appropriate education at their level with no additional cost to them, and in the end will be given a diploma. This right is guaranteed to them by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Both of which are legal documents. That sounds fair enough, but the...
Supplemental Essay Unique question posed by school
584 Words
Progress ultimately has a cost. Though the increasing gap between the rich and poor is a cost that Americans should not be willing to pay. When the top 1% of the nation has the same quantity of money as the bottom 90% there is an issue. The government constantly ignores this issue and sits back while it happens as it has for years. The US government is phenomenal at sitting and making promises, but nothing ever changes and those promises are never...
Supplemental Essay Scholarship application
246 Words
When it comes to cheerleading I have a mental block, which is when your brain overthinks something you know how to do. Many cheerleaders have mental blocks, and it either forces them to quit or they overcome it. For me, my mental block is tucks, which is how I broke my neck. They hurt like no tomorrow to do, and fill me with fear. The kind of fear that makes the world shake and your heart pound so loud that...
Supplemental Essay Scholarship application
1460 Words
1. How did you learn about the Ingram Scholarship Program? Please limit your response to 100 words. I learned about the Ingram Scholarship Program when I visited campus over the summer during the financial aid presentation. Also, Dr. Capizzi from the Special Education Department mentioned it when I met with her following the informational session that I attended. 2.) What makes a good leader? Please limit your response to 500 words Only truly great people make exceptional leaders. A good leader is different from...

General Admissions Advice

What set me apart from other applicants
131 Words
One piece of advice that was given to me sophomore year that proved to be invaluable was to keep track of everything you did within high school. You don't realize how much you can forget between freshman year and...
Post-college plans
129 Words
Currently, I am a special education major. Ideally I would like to either double-major or minor in Political Science. My thoughts are that I will work in the field of special education for a few years, maybe a decade,...

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