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Vassar College, ‘14
BA, Drama and Theatre Production

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Student Background

Vassar 2014 grad degree in Drama with correlate sequence in Literary Studies, currently in artistic residence at a regional theatre
From: Guilford
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: White Non-Hispanic
Legacy: No
Admission: Early Decision
Applied To: 5 schools
Accepted At: Vassar, Skidmore, Ithaca
Denied At:
Waitlisted At:
Withdrew From:
Is English First Language: Yes

Test Scores

Converted SAT Score: 1470
Highest SAT: 2100
Other SAT Scores:
SAT Prep:
Highest ACT:

High School Performance

Top 5%
High School Type: Public
AP / IB Classes and Scores:
Academic Performance in High School: Low one semester/year

Extracurriculars & Awards

Sports: Softball
Extracurricular Activities: National Honor Society, Choir, School Theater/Plays, Drama Production Crew
How Spent Summers:
Awards Received:
Application Additional Materials:

College Application Essays

Dear Ms. ----------, Thank you for the raspberry tootsie pop I snuck out of your drawer the other day and forgot to tell you about. The bag of candy I owe you is coming. I am writing to apologize. Sophomore year, you had me for honors chemistry. I was a serious brat, and I said some pretty awful things. First of all, you should know why I said them. I think you’ve figured this out by now (probably before...

Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
375 Words
Brown Supplements “By the time I was two, I was asking for tickets to the symphony for my birthday. At age four, I started kindergarten and reading. A year later, I was reading at the third-grade level. My family oohed and ahhed, and told me I would go to an Ivy. Words like genius and brainiac stuck to me like tape to glasses. I proudly accepted the label. Everyone wants to be smart. Everyone wants that power; it’s human...

Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
366 Words
We, as students, as children, as humans, are asked to define ourselves. We are asked to select a category and conform. It is simpler to make decisions when your path, personality, and purpose all fit nicely in a bundle. But I can’t define myself in the way I’ve been asked to, which is why I think Macalester would be a good fit for me. I have a variety of interests, and not all of them coincide. For example,...

Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
126 Words
There is a path we were told about, A narrow route to success: Ahead to college and beyond. Dreams are spun round a wonderland of lexis and thesis, A place of infinite conjecture Made of brick and thought. I follow the path, And suddenly it’s a labyrinth. Choose direction and I’m free. Concepts are shattered in the search for Neverland By places of infinite lecture. Everything is made of cinderblock efficiency: People pressed into buildings, Classrooms made of...

Supplemental Essay: Scholarship application
471 Words
To make music is to express part of your soul. To make music with others is to share yourself, your expression. I love the community that lives inside a harmony, the instinctual feeling that you have made something beautiful with others. I’ve been singing forever; there’s no time that I remember starting. When I came to Guilford High, it was my first year in the public school system and I had some trouble meeting new people. I was...

Supplemental Essay: Scholarship application
309 Words
I have an insatiable intellectual curiosity. I love to learn, and I think attending college will open doors for learning for the rest of my life. I have a passion for theatre, but I would also like to explore other fields of study, from history to biology. Whatever I choose to pursue, college will foster a greater appreciation for education and a better base of knowledge. I would like to continue to serve my community. So far, I have participated...

Supplemental Essay: Scholarship application
1213 Words
I led my school’s theatre arts program in fundraising $34,000 for a new sound system. We needed body microphones for our actors, and there wasn’t enough money in our budget to buy them. In previous years, our theatre department spent thousands of dollars on renting equipment, and did not get our money’s worth. The students banded together, and we raised enough money to buy 16 new high-quality body microphones. I was chosen by the head of the theatre department...

Supplemental Essay: Unique question posed by school
337 Words
I stood and read the page in front of me, trying not to fall asleep in front of the new inductees and the multitude of parents. “One important feature of the National Honor Society is citizenship,” I read. The sentences that followed were full of lame buzz words like betterment and leadership skills, but none of it meant anything. This paper, written years ago and read at every NHS induction, didn’t talk about citizenship. I wanted to tear it...

Supplemental Essay: Amusing anecdote
390 Words
“What are we having for dinner tonight?” This question is asked every night by at least one member of the family before 5:30. Usually it’s followed by a debate regarding nutritional value, schedules, acceptable vegetables, and my sister’s staunch aversion to meat. But not tonight. Tonight, regardless of rehearsal, volleyball practice, conference calls, green beans, and vegetarianism, we are having pelmeni. My mom boils the little frozen dumplings on the stove and my dad takes out the condiments. My...

Supplemental Essay: Amusing anecdote
697 Words
As soon as Eliza heard I was free, she made her suggestion without hesitation: “Let’s go ninja Julia.” “What?” “Be ready at seven, dressed like a ninja. I’ll pick you up.” I looked at the clock. 6:45. I dashed around the house, grabbing leggings and anything black. Somehow a plastic samurai sword was in my hand. I ran downstairs, trying to explain my way out of the house and into Eliza’s car. “I’m going to go ninja...

College Admissions Advice

Recommended summer activities during high school and college
57 Words
I spent every summer in high school improving myself in some kind of academic capacity, through a...