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Macalester College, ‘22
BA, Environmental Studies

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Student Background

A Midwestern gal who cares too much about the current state of country music.
From: Springfield , Missouri
Gender: Female
First Gen College Student: No
Race/Ethnicity: White Non-Hispanic
Accepted At: Smith, Truman State, DU
Denied At:
Waitlisted At:
Withdrew From:

Test Scores

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High School Performance

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Top 1%
High School Type: Public
AP / IB Classes and Scores:
Academic Performance in High School: Steady

Extracurriculars & Awards

Sports: Tennis
Extracurricular Activities: Choir, French Club, Music: Instrumental, Community Cleanup / Service, Theater/Drama
Elaborate on Extracurriculars or Work:
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College Application Essays

Personal Statement for Macalester, Smith, Wellesley, Kenyon, Grinnell, WashU, Truman State, DU: Art/acting/singing, Creative personal story, Development of personal values, Extracurricular passion, Interest in other academic subject, Study/travel abroad
674 Words
When I wanted to audition for American Idol, I had to write a song to ask my parents if I could do it because I saw no other way to go about it. There’s something about an arrangement of chords and melodies that shelter you enough to where you don’t feel so bare (or make what seems ridiculous sound sensible.) I’ve written songs about doubt, goodbyes, failed drivers tests, breast reductions, and yes, even being rejected from...

Supplemental Essay for Macalester: Other
526 Words
Recently, I've come to consider myself more of a journalist than a politician. I seek balance to a default (something I have always been aware of but at times never fully understood.) Whenever I'm in a room with a high concentration of one side of a spectrum (whether it be politics, religion, socioeconomic class, or even musical taste), my body tenses up with a desperation and hope for equilibrium. There could be multiple reasons for this. I grew up in...

Supplemental Essay for Wellesley: “Why us” school essay
676 Words
All my life, I have gone to two churches: Lutheran (which my dad belongs to) one week and Church of Christ (which my mom belongs to) the other. Most people wonder how my parents make it work since the two denominations appear to be so different, but I have always tried to focus on their commonalities rather than what divides them (they are both Christian denominations after all.) While I’m grateful that this arrangement helped shape me into a...

Supplemental Essay for Smith: Unique question posed by school
220 Words
What movie would you star in? If I could be in any movie, I would have to travel back in time over sixty years to 1953 Rome. I was nine when I first watched Roman Holiday on a borrowed VHS tape from my grandma (this was before my sister decided to stuff varieties of food and Play-Doh into our VHS player- leaving my family’s pile of treasured VHS tapes to collect dust.) It was the first movie I saw starring...

College Admissions Advice

How I narrowed down my essay topics
43 Words
Look over your entire application and determine what part of your personality and...

How to deal with the stress of applying to college
48 Words
Space things out and keep track of deadlines so it does not get too...

My advice about getting recommenders
73 Words
Try to find teachers in areas of study you are interested in and/or teachers that know you best (regardless of the...