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Arizona State University, ‘20
BS, Aerospace Engineering

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I am an Aerospace Engineering student at Arizona State University, I am passionate about school but also like to have fun when I am not studying.
From: Cupertino , California
Gender: Male
First Gen College Student: No
Race/Ethnicity: White Non-Hispanic
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Sports: Wrestling (Recruited)
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College Application Essays

Personal Statement for Arizona State: Overcoming personal struggle, Reaching a goal
678 Words
It was six AM and only the second day of camp. After being awoken by a pounding on my door, I forced my eyes open and realized that there wasn’t a single muscle in my body that wasn’t sore. I couldn’t imagine making it through the next thirteen days of this torture. I had come here, to the J Robinson wrestling camp, in an attempt to learn to achieve more in both academics and athletics. The main...

College Admissions Advice

What I’d change about my application process
296 Words
During my application process I was obsessed with rankings. I cross referenced D1 wrestling schools with top 50 engineering schools and used that list to choose where to apply. In hindsight I realize that this was not the smartest approach. Rankings can only give you a general picture of what students at a certain school excel at. They are based on test scores and starting salaries but say nothing about the atmosphere or environment of a school. When it came down to actually choosing where I wanted to go, I...

What I like about my school’s location and culture
232 Words
It is impossible to walk 50 ft across the ASU campus without seeing some kind of advertisement that proudly states that we are ranked #1 in innovation in the country. Although this ranking is the butt of many jokes around school ,it does have a grain of truth to it. What I realized after enrolling was that ASU sets itself apart by the fact that every student has an opportunity to truly...