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Georgia Institute of Technology, ‘21
BS, Chemistry

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Student Background

I'm a Texas gal who applied all across the country. It was a hard choice, but now I can say: "Go Jackets!"
From: Dallas , Texas
Gender: Female
First Gen College Student: No
Race/Ethnicity: White Non-Hispanic
Accepted At: CMU, Rice, UT Austin, Case, USC, Northeastern, U of Minnesota, UTDallas
Denied At:
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Test Scores

Converted SAT Score: 1560
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High School Performance

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Academic Performance in High School: Steady

Extracurriculars & Awards

Extracurricular Activities: World/Global Affairs Club, Tutoring/Mentoring, Tutoring/Mentoring, School Theater/Plays, Green Club, Nursing Home Volunteer, Choir, Model Congress / Model UN
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College Application Essays

Personal Statement for GA Tech, CMU, Rice, UT Austin, Case, USC, Northeastern, UTDallas: Failure experience, Interest in other academic subject, Leadership experience, Story central to identity, Study/travel abroad, Summer experience
638 Words
In broken Arabic, I asked the counselor at my table to “pass me an apartment”. My cheeks glared with embarrassment as the entire table burst into laughter. The counselor, quick to help me recover, drew an apartment on a napkin and said “shaqq,” then held up a fork and said “shawka.” Mortified by my mistake, I took the fork from her hand and focused on the steaming, celery-laced couscous on my plate. This was my first night at Al-Waha, a...

Personal Statement for UT Austin, UTDallas: Family background
547 Words
When I was growing up, my dad always found a new “passion of the day”. After I came home from school, he would tell me about some article he had read or podcast he had listened to. Sometimes, I was annoyed by his constant stream of seemingly random information, but as I grew older, I realized that I was becoming more interested in the things he was talking about. Whether waxing on political issues, the newest Apple presentation, or the...

Supplemental Essay for CMU: “Why us” school essay
677 Words
The purpose of higher education is to build a broad knowledge base and to discover connections between seemingly disparate fields. Nestled in the heart of the City of Bridges, Carnegie Mellon is the prime location to build these bridges. Academics at CMU require studying the world through interdisciplinary lenses, as evidenced by the many majors at the intersection of two or more departments. During my career, I want to apply my knowledge of Middle Eastern culture, Economics, and Mathematics to...

Supplemental Essay for GA Tech: “Why us” school essay
141 Words
Although I am not an engineering major, I want to attend Georgia Tech to participate in a program with a strong technical emphasis. As a chemist, I want to develop new medicines, a field which requires the kind of focus on practical application that defines academics at Georgia Tech. The students at Georgia Tech have a reputation for innovation and hard work, and I believe I would benefit from learning surrounded by peers who would challenge me to further develop...

Supplemental Essay for GA Tech: Unique question posed by school
140 Words
Math in the Humanities- Students would have the opportunity to learn about the mathematical principles and logical structures that explain the other subjects that we study in school. Patterns are all around us, and almost every academic subject can be analyzed through a mathematical lens. For example, logarithmic and trigonometric functions can help explain why certain patterns of music sound better and how humans hear different frequencies. Logic functions can be used to translate ancient languages and analyze similarities across...

Supplemental Essay for Rice: “Why us” school essay
239 Words
A life-long Texas resident, I have always seen Rice as the light at the end of the tunnel, my stepping stone from high school to the workforce. My visits to campus only cemented the impression I already had of Rice: that it was the place for me. The students at Rice arrive with a diverse range of backgrounds and are all extremely motivated. After attending TAMS, I know that I want to continue to be surrounded by academically-focused peers, who...

Supplemental Essay for Rice: Unique question posed by school
470 Words
Living in McConnell Hall during my last two years of high school gave me a fresh perspective on the meaning of community membership. Even when I first moved in and knew no one, I made friends quickly, friends who left sweet notes on my door before a test, baked cake on birthdays, and gave me advice in the absence of my normal family. The caring culture of TAMS guided my actions as well, as I too began to make time...

Supplemental Essay for USC: Other
230 Words
During my time at TAMS, I was a member of Model United Nations. Every conference we attended allowed me to explore a different topic. In the first, I focused on historical Mongolian invasions; in the most recent one, I researched literacy and women’s rights. Helping the juniors prepare for their widely varying topics as the educations coordinator for Model UN helped me realize that public policy, especially that of the United Nations, incorporates ideas from almost every field of...

Supplemental Essay for USC: “Why us” school essay
246 Words
The interdisciplinary nature of the academic environment at USC is what first encouraged me to apply. The purpose of higher education is to build a broad knowledge base and to discover connections between seemingly disparate fields. It was difficult for me to settle on Chemistry as my major, out of all my interests, but I eventually realized that I could direct all of my knowledge into a single field. I want to apply my knowledge of Middle Eastern culture, economics,...

College Admissions Advice

What set me apart from other applicants
127 Words
I primarily aimed to apply to schools that award merit scholarships. My best advice for this process is to take every opportunity that you can to interview with a school. I believe that interviews are the reason for...

What I’d change about my application process
70 Words
I would do more research about the majors at each school, rather than just selecting chemistry on (almost) every application. I...

My advice about getting recommenders
68 Words
Make bonds early! Both teachers that I ask had spoken with me dozens of times outside class and understood how...

List of schools I interviewed with and my interview experience (CMU, Rice, Case, USC)
257 Words
CMU- I interviewed with an admissions officer at my high school. The experience included mainly questions about my academics. My tip would be to show passion for what you study and try to demonstrate your thought process. CMU loves students who embrace their nerdy side. Rice- I interviewed on campus the summer before my senior year. The interview was the least relaxed of my interviews, but I think it depends on which person interviews you. Make...

How I chose schools to apply to (GA Tech, CMU, Rice, UT Austin, Case, USC, Northeastern, U of Minnesota, UTDallas)
67 Words
My main criteria for choosing schools to apply to were the following: Must be in a LARGE city...

Why I ultimately chose my school (GA Tech, CMU, Rice, UT Austin, Case, USC, Northeastern, U of Minnesota, UTDallas)
225 Words
My decision process went as follows: I knew I would not be going to UTD, since it was my safety choice and way too close to home. I ruled out Northeastern and Case Western, because they were out of my price range, even with the large scholarships they both offered. Rice and CMU eventually came off the table for the poor financial aid packages, even though I...