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University of Southern California, ‘21
BFA, Film, Video, and Photography

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Student Background

USC School of Cinematic Arts student. I'm a filmmaker and love TV!
From: Oak Park , California
Gender: Female
First Gen College Student: No
Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Accepted At: Columbia, NYU, CU, UC Berkeley
Denied At:
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Withdrew From:

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Top 10%
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Academic Performance in High School: Low one semester/year
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Extracurriculars & Awards

Extracurricular Activities: South Asian Student Alliance, Dance, Community Cleanup / Service, Film, Model Congress / Model UN, Local Orchestra / Symphony / Band
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College Application Essays

When I was little, I thought I was white. I was certain of it. Based on the fact that I was surrounded by white people at school, saw white people on TV, and only saw white people in my city, why would I think otherwise? The fact that I saw a brown girl looking back at me in the mirror and had an entirely Indian family did not change that. I was white. No doubt about it. That mindset lasted...

Supplemental Essay for USC, Columbia, NYU, CU, UMich, Tufts, Emory: Diversity statement
958 Words
I was one of the only 5 brown people in my school. I was the only girl in my film class with nearly 20 guys. I was the only one in my family to ever pursue film. I have always been an only. And therefore, I was always told no. No to fitting in with the white girls. No to being the director of a film. No to being allowed to follow my passion. What do you do when you continually get...

Supplemental Essay for Columbia: “Why us” school essay
261 Words
People look at me like I’m crazy when I say I want to possibly double major in Film Studies and Neuroscience and Behavior. I mean, it’s understandable considering I couldn’t have chosen two fields more separate from one another. But to me, the separation between the two fields is what allows them to work well together. Studying the science of the brain, helps me to be a better writer. However, studying characters and the way they think,...

College Admissions Advice

What set me apart from other applicants
35 Words
Aim to be as weird as possible. Don't try to sound...

My advice about getting recommenders
25 Words
Don't just get recommenders who you liked having...

Recommended summer activities during high school and college
53 Words
If you can, do summer programs. They're expensive but they are worth it. Not only will...

How to increase chances at my school (USC)
49 Words
Don't be scared or turned off by School of Cinematic Arts low acceptance rate. Just...

How to increase chances at my school (Columbia)
125 Words
I did not think I'd get into Columbia. It was only after I got in and analyzed it did I understand why. Try to be as non conforming to stereotypes as possible. In my Columbia application, I really...

How to increase chances at my school (NYU)
30 Words
Doing the summer program at NYU Tisch significantly helped...