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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ‘21
BS, Biology

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Student Background

Aspiring biologist accepted to MIT!! (really excited but trying not to overuse exclamation points)
From: Chisinau , Moldova
Gender: Female
First Gen College Student: No
Race/Ethnicity: White Non-Hispanic
Accepted At: Columbia
Denied At:
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Withdrew From:

Test Scores

Converted SAT Score: 1450
Other SAT Scores:
SAT Prep:

High School Performance

GPA, Weighted
Top 5%
Academic Performance in High School: Steady

Extracurriculars & Awards

Sports: Volleyball
Extracurricular Activities: Science Club/Team, Nonprofit, NGO or Charitable Organization, Tutoring/Mentoring
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College Application Essays

"Burn after reading"  The conservative society which I live in has always made me feel inferior and wanted me to constantly prove legitimacy of being who I am. Others took it for granted, but I felt the need to catch it unaware with the most unpredictable armor I could find. Thus, I met Mademoiselle Math- charming, young as well as me and promising to help in my path. However, she was invaded by sexists, whom I have repeatedly witnessed claiming...

Supplemental Essay for Columbia: “Why us” school essay
316 Words
I believe there is a place where I belong, a land of unrestrained creativity where my ideas would collide with thousands others’ to build a better future. In other words, Columbia! It is the heaven for people just like me, who don't want to hide in the shell of their narrow program and desire to live the broad range of experiences provided by the Core. After a long seminar in modern biology, what can be better than the sweet taste...

Supplemental Essay for MIT: Unique question posed by school
131 Words
1. We know you lead a busy life, full of activities, many of which are required of you. Tell us about something you do simply for the pleasure of it. The heavy metallic door loudly closed behind me; only the red flash light and the wooden table filled with mysterious utensils and chemicals disturbed the absolute darkness of this crazy scientist's abandoned laboratory. My mind was obscured by the waves of emotions that hit me with overwhelming power, but one single...

Supplemental Essay for Columbia: Unique question posed by school
386 Words
2. For applicants to Columbia College, please tell us what from your current and past experiences (either academic or personal) attracts you specifically to the field or fields of study that you noted in the Member Questions section. If you are currently undecided, please write about any field or fields in which you may have an interest at this time. To all of my programming friends who tried to draw me in but failed: Please excuse my incapacity to embrace the...

Supplemental Essay for MIT: Unique question posed by school
298 Words
3.Describe the world you come from; for example, your family, clubs, school, community, city, or town. How has that world shaped your dreams and aspirations? There is a copybook with yellowish pages that modestly rests on my bookshelf among new thousand- page textbooks and novels. Whenever I open it, I feel the pale scent of dusty pine needles- a reminiscence of the time when I created my first herbarium. Spending the summers at my grandparents' farm, far from any sign...

Supplemental Essay for Yale: Unique question posed by school
210 Words
The moment of truth- it's just me, a small darkroom and a piece of film. No, I'm not a photographer; I just had to develop the film for a Western Blot experiment and finally answer the question that drilled into my curiosity for weeks. “Fail!” I thought as soon as the blurry large spots appeared. When I decided to join this research group, I had naively assumed that I was a skilled experimenter, but after a few failures in a...

Supplemental Essay for NYU: “Why us” school essay
394 Words
The high rank of NYU guarantees the intense courses, the faculty approach and the plenty of opportunities that would fulfill the desires of the most demanding students. Although the common goals of NYU are close to my perception of education, I must confess that I got irremediably charmed by NYU Abu Dhabi for the broad range of experiences it can offer. Once I have learned about this campus and its community organization I knew that it defines the way I...

College Admissions Advice

What I’d change about my application process
34 Words
I would definitely take more time to write my essays...

My advice about getting recommenders
49 Words
As trivial as it sounds, it is important to pick recommenders who know you really...

Recommended summer activities during high school and college
20 Words
I strongly believe that the only...