B.B.A., Finance
Attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Plan on perusing Finance, Social Impact, and Operations Information & Decisions. If I can do it, you sure can too :)
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Hometown Mahwah, New Jersey
EthnicityPrefer Not to Share
Class of2022
First Gen College StudentNo

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  • University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)
  • Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)
  • Washington University in St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)
  • New York University (New York, NY)
  • Northeastern University (Boston, MA)
  • Rutgers, State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick (Piscataway, NJ)
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University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

Applied for a B.B.A. in Finance

Accepted and Enrolled Legacy: No

School Specific Essays

Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others.
“Braces!” a voice cries out. I smile warmly as I confusedly try to discover the speaker. Only one person I know would welcome me in such a way. When I returned to Fresh and Green Academy last summer in Ethiopia, my face was still recognizable by one of the students I had taught prior to then—even without my awkward braces. The summer before entering high school, however, did not bring as gracious a welcome. Initially, I was ecstatic to...
Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
667 Words
How will you explore your intellectual and academic interests at the University of Pennsylvania? Please answer this question given the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying. (400-650 words)
In karate, a kata is a choreographed composition of moves and positions. Although each technique performed is different from the last, I always explain to my students to treat katas as a performance of their own. All of us must become artists, not with a paintbrush, but with the streaks and motions of limbs as tools of craft and defense. This performance is neither mere choreography nor combat, but rather the interconnection between seemingly conflicting ideas that provoke intellectual stimulation....
Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
660 Words
How have your interests and experiences influenced your decision to study Applied Economics and Management? Describe how you would take advantage of the Dyson School’s unique opportunities, for example, its affiliation with both the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
“Yes, but it is not just that the South needed human labor to sustain their agrarian economy.” Professor Baptist responded“ but they could not afford repercussions of rebellion by letting them free.” And so the class’s discussions on Alexis de Tocqueville's views on the “slave paradox” in American economics continued. During my time at Telluride Association Sophomore Seminar (TASS), student and teacher bounced ideas back and forth with one another. The class was intellectually rigorous, but at the same...
Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
303 Words
Other parts of your application give us a sense for how you might contribute to Northwestern. But we also want to consider how Northwestern will contribute to your interests and goals. In 300 words or less, help us understand what aspects of Northwestern appeal most to you, and how you'll make use of specific resources and opportunities here.
Summarizing any institution is a daunting task; Northwestern, however, sets the bar. Its dedication to intertwining real world exposure and curricular flexibility would enable me to explore the various communities which I surround. The Learning and Organizational Change concentration, in particular would prepare me to tackle the socio-economic challenges facing these communities through an analytical and operational lens. Weinberg College’s flexible liberal arts education would allow me to further engage in the critical thinking skills and gain a intellectually...
Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
403 Words
We would like to know more about your interest in NYU. We are particularly interested in knowing what motivated you to apply to NYU and more specifically, why you have applied or expressed interest in a particular campus, school, college, program, and/or area of study? If you have applied to more than one, please tell us why you are interested in each of the campuses, schools, colleges, or program
From myriad musicians to outspoken student activists, Washington Square Park represents the dynamic NYU experience infused with both the school and the culturally vibrant city of which it is part. Through NYU's dedication to intertwining real world exposure and applications with a liberal arts core, I would be able to explore the various surrounding communities. Stern, likewise, would prepare me to tackle the socio-economic challenges that these communities face through quantitative and operational lense. I look forward to supplementing classes...

School Specific Advice

5 adjectives that describe a typical student at my school (Feel free to elaborate!)
65 Words
Involved(many people have joined clubs and strive for leadership positions), Outgoing(people here love to socialize and get to...
How I would rate the alumni network at my school
106 Words
Penn has one of the best networking and job offering opportunities in the entire country, and Wharton in particular arguably is the best network for business alumni. If you are into business,...
What might make for a good “Why Us” essay topic at my school
94 Words
Penn has a heavy focus on interdisciplinary studies; that being said they want to see the interdisciplinary interests/parts of your own life! Many students at Penn are...
What might make for a good “Why Us” essay topic at my school
123 Words
In contrast to Penn, I formatted my NU essay a bit differently. I have used AdmitSee in the past and one of the things I have noticed from successful NU essays is that they particularly tended to...
How to increase chances at my school
114 Words
Though I mentioned how attended a school just for a paid summer program will not automatically get you admitted, taking the chance to go on a campus tour or look around may help more...

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General Admissions Advice

How I narrowed down my essay topics
187 Words
All of us do not just have one personality or one area of interest. We are only human, so it's natural to simply be more than "one thing". Nonetheless, when it comes to the Common App, it would best to focus on one of the many things that makes you you. I'm you've heard this a...
Recommended summer activities during high school and college
183 Words
5 words: Find those free summer programs Many people follow the misconception that if they attend a summer program at any highly ranked institution (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc.) they will have a leg up in the admission process. This simply is not true. These programs are PURLEY for summer enrichment and a way for...
What set me apart from other applicants
163 Words
I'd say I definitely had some sort of "community service theme" going on within my applicant profile but it was not overwhelming. Many people get torn between choosing being "well-rounded" or to have "a spike"(to focus in one area/interset). I say its good to have a...
My advice about getting recommenders
116 Words
You don't just need teachers to give you good grades! Make sure the people you're asking a letter of rec from don't just know you as a student with a number (your grade) but a...

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