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Deeply curious about everything
From: Cooper City , Florida
Gender: Female
First Gen College Student: Yes
Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Accepted At: Emory, Vanderbilt, Brown, Amherst, CMU, NYU, Miami, UNC, UVA
Denied At:
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High School Performance

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Top 5%
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Academic Performance in High School: Steady

Extracurriculars & Awards

Extracurricular Activities: Academic, Academic, Academic, Academic, Academic, Music: Instrumental, Academic, Academic
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College Application Essays

  “Manager to Checkout-7, we got a problem,” the cashier calls over the intercom. The bottle-blond cashier—Erica, her nametag reads—huffs impatiently and examines her scarlet nails. Behind us is a line of grumbling customers, shifting from one foot to the other, annoyance emanating from every pore. I observe all of this in shamed silence, arms crossed as if it would protect me from the accusing stares. The cause of the turmoil? The colorful pieces of paper lying innocuously on...

Supplemental Essay for Yale: Other
249 Words
Even in the darkest of moments, I have found the strength to continue to be happy because of what I love: running. I first began running as a hobby, as a way of relieving stress. Soon, I began to run even on days when I was content. Sometimes I run in the mornings, to witness the sound of chirping and the promise of a rising sun. Sometimes I run in the nights, illuminated by the artificial glow of the streetlamps...

Supplemental Essay for Yale: Diversity statement
248 Words
In my school, we all speak a common tongue—the language that comes from diversity. Although my school is a mix of people from every continent—French, Arabic, Hispanic, Chinese, Australian, Nigerian, and Native American—we are united by our love of beaches and our fear of hurricanes. Although we may differ in customs and habits, and in fashion and native language, we share the belief that from diversity springs harmony. It’s more than a school—it’s a...

College Admissions Advice

What set me apart from other applicants
74 Words
Passion. I had a genuine, deep, passionate love for my interests (English and running, among other things), and that was reflected in...

Misconceptions I had about college before attending
137 Words
College is a match to made, not a prize to be won. If you apply to all the top 30 schools, you won't get in to all of them. You will get into the ones that you are fit for, and...

How to deal with the stress of applying to college
94 Words
Be organized. Make to-do lists, and be diligent in getting all of the things done in a timely manner. Separate each college application in it's own tab or...