B.S., Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
Yale First Year from the Midwest, Deferred EA Accepted RD
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Hometown Kansas City, Missouri
EthnicityWhite Non-Hispanic
Class of2022
First Gen College StudentNo

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  • Yale University (New Haven, CT)
  • University of Rochester (Rochester, NY)
  • Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)
  • Duke University (Durham, NC)
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY)
  • University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
  • University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS)
  • Wichita State University (Wichita, KS)
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Yale University (New Haven, CT)

Applied for a B.S. in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering

Accepted and Enrolled Legacy: No

School Specific Essays

Share an essay on any topic of your choice. It can be one you’ve already written, one that responds to a different prompt, or one of your own design.
The waves engulf the sharp shards of broken glass and sweep them into the depths of the ocean where time and sand will slowly weather the edges of the glass. After decades, the glass that was once ugly and untouchable now has a soft, smooth patina that encourages one to bend over and pick it up. The lapping of the waves will bring these pieces of sea glass back from the depths of the ocean and scatter them all over...
Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
104 Words
Why Yale?
Coming from a high school of fewer than 250 students, I highly value the relationships I have developed with my teachers and peers. The smaller class sizes I have experienced in high school have facilitated my learning and success. At Yale, I will take advantage of the unique learning environment that comes with having fewer students in each class. At Yale, I would also take advantage of the numerous research opportunities available. Yale’s outlook on learning broadly and deeply, as...
Supplemental Essay: Intellectual interest
99 Words
Why do your areas of academic interest appeal to you?
My desire major in Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience stems from my experiences with science and engineering and my family’s successful experience with brain cancer. As my dad battled and beat brain cancer, his neurosurgeon, Dr. Foltz inspired a passion in me that revolved around finding a cure for brain cancer, a dream that has simmered in the back of my mind since. The technology developed by neuroscientists and engineers, including cochlear implants, captivates me because of its infinite applications....
Supplemental Essay: Extracurricular activity
235 Words
Reflect on your engagement with a community to which you belong. How do you feel you have contributed to this community?
I am six feet tall and because of my height, strangers have always stopped me on the street to ask if I play volleyball or basketball. They assumed that because of my physical appearance I was some sort of sports super-star, but honestly, I never have excelled at any sport. When I came into high school, I wanted to continue my involvement in volleyball because I enjoyed the fast-paced nature of it and the reliance on others. As a slightly...
Supplemental Essay: Unique question posed by school
158 Words
What do you most enjoy learning?
I enjoy learning something that challenges me, but that can also be understood through hard work and dedication. My love for French came about through this process. As a sixth grader, when I first started the language, speaking, reading, and writing seemed practically impossible. Every homework assignment caused me to exercise a new kind of thinking that did not come easily to me. However, I took the time to understand each question and term. I wanted to learn because of...
Supplemental Essay: Intellectual interest
408 Words
If you selected one of the computer science or engineering majors, please tell us more about what has led you to an interest in this field of study, what experiences (if any) you have had in computer science or engineering, and what it is about Yale’s program in this area that appeals to you.
At Yale, I plan to major in Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience. From a young age, I had the dream of curing brain cancer. This desire stemmed from watching my father battle brain cancer and win. Many others who suffered in similar ways were not as fortunate. I understood how lucky my family was and wanted to help ensure no other family would have to deal with brain cancer. As I progressed through school, this desire faded to the back of...
Supplemental Essay: Unique question posed by school
245 Words
You’re showing us your “ability to do” in this application. Please describe also how you apply your “powers to things needed to be done.” Explain why you want to join our Rochester community of independent thinkers who create positive change and make the world “ever better.”
At my high school of fewer than 250 students, I have had the opportunity to get to know a small group of diverse students rather well. The cacophony of voices and opinions that I get to be a part of every day reminds me of how fortunate I am. From this experience, I have learned how much the manner in which you offer your voice and opinion matters. The growth of any community comes through informed and intelligent discourse that challenges...
Supplemental Essay: Extracurricular activity
293 Words
Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences.
One of most significant contributions throughout high school has been my continued involvement on the Yearbook staff. Among all the science and math classes that I chose to take, Yearbook offered me an outlet for expressing my creativity though graphic design and photography. Over my four years on the staff, I have grown to appreciate the procedural nature of making pages. When approaching a spread, one has to decide which photos work best together and how to make a page...
Supplemental Essay: Unique question posed by school
409 Words
Is learning for learning's sake valuable? If so, why? If not, what is more valuable?
Learning for learning’s sake benefits the learner and their greater community because interdisciplinary study encourages the development of various methods of problem solving and thinking. If one solely sought to learn what she believed was the most “important” or “useful,” then her knowledge base would lack what might become vital later on, and would be insufficient when faced with new and unexpected circumstances. This idea lays the foundation for a liberal arts education. By learning broadly and deeply, a...
Supplemental Essay: Unique question posed by school
352 Words
Write a brief essay in which you respond to the following question.
Successful students at Johns Hopkins make the biggest impact by collaborating with others, including peers, mentors, and professors. Talk about a time, in or outside the classroom, when you worked with others and what you learned from the experience.
“Hey, Isabelle. Can you come look at this?” I hear Kate say over the somewhat obnoxious Disney music playing in the background. I look over at the computer monitor to my left, and on the screen is the latest version of our yearbook cover. Kate has spent the last week perfecting the placement of the photos and text before we have to submit it to our publisher. “I really like that, Kate. I think we can submit it.” Over the...
Supplemental Essay: Unique question posed by school
273 Words
If you could pull together any two living people and listen to their conversation, who would they be and why?
I would want to hear the conversation between Jenny Lawson and Gordon Ramsey. Jenny Lawson is a writer and blogger who is hilarious. She blends deeply personal mental health struggles with quick wit and sharp humor creates an appealing, relatable, and captivating story. Her memoir called Let’s Pretend this Never Happened is full of stories so funny you may shed a few tears. It’s also all over the place, the one chapter talks about her family vacation to...
Supplemental Essay: Other
227 Words
Our families and communities often define us and our individual worlds.  Community might refer to your cultural group, extended family, religious group, neighborhood or school, sports team or club, co-workers, etc.  Describe the world you come from and how you, as a product of it, might add to the diversity of this University.
At my high school of fewer than 250 students, I have had the opportunity to get to know a small group of diverse students rather well. The cacophony of voices and opinions that I get to be a part of every day reminds me of how fortunate I am. From this experience, I have learned how important the manner in which you offer your voice and opinion matters. If one is too timid to state their beliefs and what they believe...

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What set me apart from other applicants
175 Words
When I began my college application process, I decided that I only wanted to apply to a very small number of schools (max 5). I believe that by limiting myself to a fewer number of schools/applications, I was able to pour more of myself and devote more time to each individual application. This...
How I narrowed down my essay topics
69 Words
My English teachers encouraged us to choose a topic that would facilitate us telling our reader a personal story that depicted...
My advice about getting recommenders
89 Words
The most important things about getting recommenders is asking them as early as possible, especially if you are planning on asking your teachers. Personally, I choose to...

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