B.S., Animal Sciences
I am an undergrad student at the University of Florida
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Hometown Fort Lauderdale, Florida
EthnicityWhite Non-Hispanic
AdmissionRegular Decision
Class of2019
English First Language Yes
Other Language(s) Spoken English

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  • University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)
  • University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL)
  • Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)
  • Florida Gulf Coast University (Fort Myers, FL)
  • Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL)
  • Texas A&M University (College Station, TX)
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University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)

Applied for a B.S. in Animal Sciences

Accepted and Enrolled Legacy: No

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Wealth. Power. Fame. Acquiring more treasures beyond your imagination. This is what most people think of what a “Good Life” would be. One with self-gain and an extravagant life-style. But in time, riches will run out, power starts to expire, and luxury will deteriorate. A life of abundance is like a flower: appeling to the eyes one day, but will soon abate the next. If one is to truly live the “Good Life” it must be a life not filled...
Supplemental Essay Issue of personal significance
474 Words
(Essay Used for Acceptance into FGCU) Who ever knew that one choice could lead to many years of life changing experiences? And who ever knew that a quest to do the minimum, turned out as a passion to strive for more? Well, four years ago, I was a middle school student who just wanted to make a softball team. Little did I know then, that I would gain a lot more than just a position as an out-fielder. In eighth...
Supplemental Essay Scholarship application
516 Words
(Essay Used for Acceptance into several schools and for UCF leadership Program) In life, we all have had a dream. A dream that fills our hearts with passion, and causes us to be consumed in the thought of accomplishing it. But sometimes, these dreams come to a grinding halt, like stones that are crushed into dust and blown away in the wind. The hardest part when dealing with these failures is the aftershock. Should I be resentful of this injustice,...
Supplemental Essay Scholarship application
700 Words
(Essay Used to Apply for Vanderbilt Scholarship) Questions 1. How did you learn about the Ingram Scholarship Program? I learned about the Ingram Scholarship Program from the Scholarship page on the Vanderbilt website 2. Describe your two most important community service activities and the ways they illustrate your leadership qualities. Please limit your response to 500 words. Two of the most important community service activities that I have done and that also illustrate my leadership qualities are volunteering at Equine Assisted Therapies of...
Supplemental Essay Scholarship application
870 Words
(Essay used for Application for FSU leadership program) My most meaningful service-based experience is when I started my own organization, "A Brighter Tomorrow", to help students in need at a local elementary school. The idea first came about when I visited the school for myself and meet with two second grade teachers. They said that 85 percent of the student body is under the poverty line; most of these students couldn't afford school supplies such as a box of crayons, or...
Supplemental Essay Scholarship application
520 Words
(Essay used for Application for FGCU's Honors Program) As a current high school and perspective college student, there are several academic interests and passions that will be part of my academic journey at Florida Gulf Coast University. Personally, the FGCU Honors Program will enable me to expand my community service impact through leadership and service, and even further my academic interests. The FGCU Honors Program is an excellent opportunity for me to broaden my knowledge and create a larger impact...
Supplemental Essay Issue of personal significance
601 Words
(Admission Essay used for acceptance into several colleges) In life’s journey, we are all travelers. Taking a trek throughout our lifetime where we will encounter new places and people, which expose ourselves to new ideas. But every so often, we may confront an obstacle, one large enough to cause us to be in disagreement, and lose our focus on what is ahead. Then comes the question, should I fight it, or compromise? In my life, I experienced an obstacle,...
Additional Essay Details
208 Words
THE ESSAY WILL CHANGE EVERY YEAR! (Last years asked for a personal statement about an extra-curricular activity) The overarching theme for the University of Florida's class of 2019 is finding what the "Good Life" really is. This theme is so apparent in the school, that undergrad students are required to take a course called "What is the Good Life", and incoming Freshman have to write about what they think it is. My advice for writing any kind of college or scholarship...

General Admissions Advice

My advice about getting recommenders
176 Words
My advice to getting recomenders for undergraduate college applications would be to start with your coaches, teachers, or administration that knows you best at your high school. For the most part, my teacher recommenders where very quick at giving my letters back or sending them into the school. But there was an instance...
What I now know about my school that I never would have known prior to enrolling
565 Words
Ok, so for anyone enrolling at UF, on the application there will be a section asking you if you are interested in joining the Innovation Academy... if they have your major, I would highly suggest that you apply for this program if you are innovation minded (and most importantly if they offer your major). At first I had no idea what it was, so I just marked that I was interested. When the time came to check if I was accepted into UF, it came up as starting in the Spring of 2016 in the Innovation Academy. At first, I had...
How I chose schools to apply to
210 Words
Other than University of Florida, I applied to University of Central Florida, Florida State University, Florida Gulf Coast University, Texas A&M University, Asbury University, and Vanderbilt University. (Disclaimer- One piece of advice I would give to someone choosing what schools to apply to is make sure you really want to go there. My family wanted me to apply to TAMU and VU,...
Why I declined other schools
173 Words
Out of the schools I applied for, I was accepted into UCF, FSU, FGCU, TAMU (only their community college program), and UF. I first started declining schools with Texas A&M. I simply didn't want to travel all the way to Texas to go to a community college and pay out of...
How to increase chances at my school
99 Words
Make yourself stand out someway! What made me stand out in my application is my volunteer service. I have over 1,000 hours of service in organizations out of my school. Volunteering...
Why I ultimately chose my school
37 Words
I ultimately choose my school because: 1.) IA program (look on "what...
What set me apart from other applicants
97 Words
This is basically a repeat of my "increase chance.." section, but something about me that stands out from other people is that I have volunteered for an organization that...
Recommended summer activities during high school and college
68 Words
For people in high school... the best thing to do in the summer is to volunteer! Yes, working is good...
Post-college plans
86 Words
One of the reasons I chose to attend the University of Florida, versus all other schools, was for their graduate schools. In the future, I am...
5 adjectives that describe a typical student at my school (Feel free to elaborate!)
202 Words
1.) Intelligent: To be accepted into the University of Florida, you have to have really good grades and be studious minded. Your grades and scores are what makes you considered as a potential UF student to the admissions staff. 2.) Well-rounded: At UF, getting in is more than grades, its having the "whole package"- Grades, Service, School Activities, Internships, Work Experience, Ect... 3.)...
List of schools I interviewed with and my interview experience
278 Words
The only school I had to do an interview with as part of the application process was Vanderbilt University. Vanderbilt's interview process was to meet with an alumni (that you selected from a list) around your area. Once they were contacted, you would meet with them in whatever location they had chosen. For me, I was interviewed by a women, and we met in a local library. She asked me about school related questions like "what classes do you take", "what extra-circulars are...
Reaching out to professors and coaches at schools I applied to
711 Words
This advice column is more of what I have experienced with coaches, intercollegiate sports, and earning scholarships. I originally decided to apply for Asbury University in order to play lacrosse at a Divison 3 level (If you don't know D1 is the most competitive, while D3 is the least.) I wanted to play lacrosse since I really needed money for college, and Asbury was opening up a team for Division 3 lacrosse so I had a really good shot at getting in. I started off by contacting the women's lacrosse coach. For Asbury (and maybe some other schools as well) in order...
How to approach transferring schools
398 Words
I have never transferred schools (so far..), but I do have some knowledge on transferring from a community college to a major university for your third year. Before first touring UF, I decided to tour UF's sister community college, Santa Fe College. I originally had in mind to go to Santa Fe and then transfer over to the University of Florida after my sophomore year in college. I knew I had a good shot at getting in to UF after SFC since almost 90% of students who went to Santa Fe College got accepted to UF right after their sophomore year....
What might make for a good “Why Us” essay topic at my school
64 Words
A good topic for a "Why Us" essay would be anything to tie in what something the college is...
Most popular extracurricular activities at my college
186 Words
The top of the list for the most popular activities at the University of Florida is obviously gonna have to be FOOTBALL! Even if your not into sports and all that... I would HIGHLY suggest you just go to at least one game. The best part of the games is being with your whole student body,...
Whether I used a private admissions counselor, and advice I received
15 Words
I did not use an...

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SportsLacrosse, Swimming/Diving


ActivitiesAfter School Sports Coach, Animal Foster Care Provider / Animal Rescue Volunteer, Student Activities Committee, Charity Drive Organizing, Student Council / Government, Church, Equestrian, Special Olympics
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