B.A., Environmental Studies
Hello! I'm an aspiring environmental educator and entrepreneur, who applied test-optional to colleges and universities during the Covid-19 pandemic
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Hometown Portland, Oregon
EthnicityNative American, White Non-Hispanic
Class of2025
First Gen College StudentNo

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  • Brown University (Providence, RI)
  • Washington University in St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)
  • Tufts University (Medford, MA)
  • Boston College (Chestnut Hill, MA)
  • Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)
  • Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA)
  • Colby College (Waterville, ME)
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Brown University (Providence, RI)

Applied for a B.A. in Environmental Studies

Accepted and Enrolled Legacy: No

School Specific Essays

Describe a topic, idea, or concept you find so engaging that it makes you lose all track of time. Why does it captivate you? What or who do you turn to when you want to learn more?
Exuberant anticipation peeled my face into a grin as I dashed through the woods, my backpack bumping along behind me. Scanning the forest floor, I glimpsed what I was seeking. "Witches' butter!" I exclaimed. Plopping myself in the soggy leaves at the base of a decaying log, I admired my treasure. Upon hearing my gleeful shout, my first-grade peers crowded around to examine the fungus, tremella mesenterica. As a curious learner, I wondered about the brilliant golden hue and gelatinous...
Supplemental Essay: Intellectual interest
272 Words
Brown’s Open Curriculum allows students to explore broadly while also diving deeply into their academic pursuits. Tell us about any academic interests that excite you, and how you might use the Open Curriculum to pursue them while also embracing topics with which you are unfamiliar.
Upon entering mural-clad Expresiónes, Lorenzo beamed, “I got in, Madeline!” We fistbumped as peers joined with cheers. He’d be first in his family to attend high school, his dream. Together, we’d worked on his application for a technology magnet program in which he shared how his love of learning propelled him past barriers he encountered as a Guatemalan immigrant. Vital to empowering students like Lorenzo is a socio-historical understanding of BIPOC communities, a deep interest of mine....
Supplemental Essay: Unique question posed by school
270 Words
At Brown, you will learn as much from your peers outside the classroom as in academic spaces. How will you contribute to the Brown community?
With fellow students at Brown, I desire to guide young people to be impactful leaders; share a delight for learning new things; and together serve our campus community, the city of Providence, and the world beyond. While staying home this summer, I created a middle school environmental science curriculum, incorporating activities like using medicinal plants and observing an elodea plant’s photosynthesis. With Brown’s Outdoor Leadership & Environmental Education Program, I’d collaborate with my peers to design workshops and...
Supplemental Essay: Amusing anecdote
272 Words
Tell us about a place or community you call home. How has it shaped your perspective?
Cool air whips into my lungs and pries open my drowsy eyes. Leaving my burdens behind, I enter a world where I experience an ever-expanding freedom. On ice, I can move five times faster than on dry land, spin endlessly, and jump with elegance. But to gain this freedom, I first have to sacrifice it. I have spent countless hours in training and endured bruises to my body and pride. Yet the process of challenging myself physically and conditioning my...
Supplemental Essay: Extracurricular activity
164 Words
Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences
Tracing my bright white star, I noticed new splotches encircling it, a solar system expanding on my skin. In fifth grade my first patches of vitiligo emerged, followed by insecurity. Amid failed treatments and cakey coverups in middle school, a stranger offered, “Hey, vitiligo’s gorgeous. Look up Winnie Harlow, a Black model with the condition.” This catalyzed true self-acceptance leading me to likewise encourage others to embrace their unique value. As a sophomore, I co-launched Lead Like a Girl,...
Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
291 Words
In about 250 words, tell us about something that really sparks your intellectual interest and curiosity,

and compels you to explore more in the program/area of study that you indicated. It could be an idea,

book, project, cultural activity, work of art, start-up, music, movie, research, innovation, question, or

other pursuit.
Upon entering bright, mural-clad Expresiónes, Lorenzo beamed, “I got in, Madeline!” We fist-bumped as peers joined with cheers. He would be first in his family to attend high school. Together, we had worked on his admissions essay for a technology magnet program, in which he shared how his love of learning propelled him past barriers he faced as a Guatemalan immigrant. By simply equipping Lorenzo with tutoring and encouragement, I participated in making his dreams a reality. Vital to...
Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
163 Words
Why Tufts?
Sometimes it’s hard to find warmth in a Zoom call, but I found just that and more in a Tufts information session. I felt genuinely welcomed and left feeling inspired. I came to love Tufts’ kind, collaborative culture and its synergistic environment of leading and learning. At Tufts, I can pursue my dream of becoming a globally-minded educator and environmental advocate through dual-majoring in Education and Environmental Studies and minoring in Native American & Indigenous Studies. By integrating courses like...
Supplemental Essay: Unique question posed by school
274 Words
Where are you on your journey of engaging with or fighting for social justice?
A harmony of aromas wafts from the large stew as I peer up at Nana. Our stew symbolizes Nana’s graciousness, as she retrieves the unchopped potato I plunked in; her relational intentionality, as she asks me questions while we cook; and her service to her community, as she donated the meal to the houseless. That was many years ago, but her selflessness still awes me. Her recipe? “When I realized that life isn’t about myself but loving others,...
Supplemental Essay: “Why us” school essay
438 Words
Jesuit education considers the liberal arts a pathway to intellectual growth and

character formation. What beliefs and values inform your decisions and actions today, and

how will Boston College assist you in becoming a person who thinks and acts for the

common good?
A harmony of aromas wafts from the large stew, filling the room with comfort. I peer up at Nana, beaming. “We did it!” I celebrated. My first cooking endeavor. Our stew simultaneously symbolizes Nana’s patience, as she retrieves the whole potato I plunked in before chopping; her relational intentionality, as she asks me questions while we cook; and her service to her community, as the meal was donated to the houseless. I’ve always been awed by my nana...

School Specific Advice

How to increase chances at my school
80 Words
Brown is looking for unique students--students who have stories. Students who are independent, self-assured, and passionate about how social justice intersects with their areas...
What are opportunities unique to my school
52 Words
- The open curriculum: you can take ANY class that interests you! There are some...

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General Admissions Advice

How to deal with the stress of applying to college
76 Words
- Only apply to schools you are genuinely excited about and limit your list to ten schools or fewer. - Lean on...
How I narrowed down my essay topics
57 Words
Outline specific parts of your life you want colleges to know more about--personal identity, volunteer experience, leadership...
Recommended summer activities during high school and college
65 Words
- Internship in an area of interest - Work experience (conveys good work ethic, which can be applied...

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