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Yale University, ‘18
BS, Alternative Medicine

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Yale undergrad. Going for my PhD in medicine. Life is but a song! Florida - Connecticut.
From: Miami , Florida
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: White Non-Hispanic
Legacy: No
Admission: Regular Decision
Applied To: 1 school
Accepted At: Yale
Denied At:
Waitlisted At:
Withdrew From:
Is English First Language: Yes
Other Language(s) Spoken: Spanish

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Top 5%
High School Type: Public
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Sports: Cheer/Spirit Squad
Extracurricular Activities: Debate Club/Team, Community or summer theater/plays, Clean Ocean Beach Sweeps / River Cleanup
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College Application Essays

Personal Statement: Career aspirations
327 Words
My father is not the healthiest person is the world - no one really is. But he is one of the exceptions to being "healthy." What you see on the outside it not necessarily what you see on the inside. My father has type-2 diabetes. It's one of the worst forms of diabetes. Even though he is missing both of his legs because of it, remember - what you see on the outside is not necessarily what you see on...

College Admissions Advice

What I now know about my school that I never would have known prior to enrolling
159 Words
Yale. It's just like Harvard, but more colder. Yale is in Connecticut, a state more or less heard about for its weather. Coming from the humid state of Florida, I would have never guessed that I would have fit into this cold state with the knowledge already...

What set me apart from other applicants
195 Words
My willingness to try new things has definitely set me apart from other applicants. I am a true Leo in that I forge ahead of the rest to do new things, try to things - to be that new thing that no one would of thought would make it. My Dad is a Leo, too, and because he...

5 adjectives that describe a typical student at my school (Feel free to elaborate!)
26 Words
The students and faculty at Yale are: accomplished,...

My advice about getting recommenders
169 Words
You always want to make a great first-impression where ever you go. But, it never stops there. You want to keep that impression going all throughout your life. You want to be the one that is known in their school, community, or county as one of the best, the one...

Why I ultimately chose my school
74 Words
It's Yale! Enough said! But, in all seriousness, I had dreamed of going to Yale since I was just a little girl...