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    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, UC Irvine, IUPUI, UCSD, UC Davis

    I'm a freshman at Stanford (majoring in Mechanical engineering) with insider tips on the admissions process. Visit my profile to find out some key tips the admissions office uses as well as some tips on how to boost your application and essays!
    UConn ‘19

    Accepted to UConn, BC, New Haven, Southern CT

    A young, eager incoming college freshman with a strong academic record, with the passion to integrate research with his music and creative writing experience.
    JHU ‘18

    Accepted to Columbia

    I am a twenty year old English major studying at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. I am particularly interested in writing fiction.
    Florida ‘17

    Accepted to Florida, FSU, UCF

    University of Florida, Junior
    Emerson ‘16

    Accepted to Emerson, Richmond, William & Mary, Villanova, BC, UVA

    Junior; Writing, Literature, and Publishing Major; Emerson College
    Princeton ‘17

    Accepted to Amherst, Brandeis, Case, Emory, Notre Dame, UPenn, Princeton, GA Tech, UGA, UVA, Vassar, Williams

    GA Tech ‘21

    Accepted to GA Tech, Bates, Wisconsin, Dickinson

    The international underdog with super low SAT scores
    NYU ‘18

    Accepted to Indiana, UCSB, UC Riverside , UCSC, Washington, Purdue, Drexel, Penn State

    Freshman at NYU pursuing a degree in Economics
    SACC ‘20

    Accepted to SACC

    I am a great observer
    Cooper Union54012
    Cooper Union ‘19

    Accepted to Cooper Union

    Hi! I like pink!
    Olin ‘17

    Accepted to Olin, CMU, McGill, RPI, UMass, Brandeis, NYU

    I'm an electrical engineer at Olin College
    Northwestern ‘15

    Accepted to Northwestern, WashU, UC Berkeley, UMich, CMU, Johns Hopkins, Illinois

    I'm a design engineer at Northwestern University
    Bethany Lamas
    YVCC ‘16

    Accepted to YVCC

    Emerson ‘16

    Accepted to Fordham, UMass, Ohio, Northeastern

    Born in New York City, grew up in Pakistan. Emerson College Class of 2016 VMA Student. Previously attended UMass Amherst for a year and half before transferring
    LTU ‘18

    Accepted to LTU, LTU

    I am an ambitions person that wants the most out of life
    USA ‘19

    Accepted to USA

    My name is Jessica Murphy, I am 19 years old! I am a college Freshman at the University of South Alabama! I am currently studying Strategic Communications and I am looking forward to my future!
    Howard ‘18

    Accepted to Howard

    College Transfer, HBCU student studying Musical Theatre
    UMaine ‘17

    Accepted to UMaine, Iowa State, UT Arlington , SFA , Ursinus


    Accepted to

    Hey, my name is Tristan as you can probably tell. l previously lived in London, U.K and have just recently moved to the United States, into Midland, Texas. Basketball is my main sport, I play the piano and I also sing.
    USC ‘15

    Accepted to UCLA

    Texas A&M - CC ‘18

    Accepted to Texas A&M - CC, SanJac

    I love editing essays, help individuals in need, and making people happy.
    Colorado Tech ‘16

    Accepted to Colorado Tech

    Im awesome! I also strive to better and better everyday and begin every morning with a personalized statement of positivity to help me makes everyday the best it can be.
    BYU-Idaho ‘19

    Accepted to BYU-Idaho

    Avid reader and writer, I am about to publish my first book! I'm so excited! I'm into hiking and archery. I love to learn, to study and to grow. We become by learning and acting on what we learn. I love to do that in my reading, writing, and exploring.

    am happy im my university