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    Stanford ‘20

    Accepted to Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA

    Born in small town, interested in math, science, and literature. Attending Stanford University starting fall of 2016, planning on studying engineering or computer science, with a minor in a foreign language.
    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, UC Irvine, IUPUI, UCSD, UC Davis

    I'm a freshman at Stanford (majoring in Mechanical engineering) with insider tips on the admissions process. Visit my profile to find out some key tips the admissions office uses as well as some tips on how to boost your application and essays!
    Stanford ‘17

    Accepted to Wesleyan, Vassar, Occidental, Stanford, Middlebury, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCSB, Skidmore, UCLA, BU

    Currently undeclared. However, I am on the premed track and thinking about a major in sociology.
    CU ‘20

    Accepted to SDSU, CU, Occidental, Santa Clara, Redlands, Whittier , UCSB, UCSC, U of Minnesota, Beloit

    I am a swimmer, beach goer, food lover, and reality show fanatic!
    Zack Weiss
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, Rutgers, UVA

    I am a rising freshman at my dream school, the University of Pennsylvania, and I am just trying to help anyone else get into theirs!
    Stanford ‘20

    Accepted to Stanford, Brown, Georgetown, UT Austin, BC, Fordham, SMU

    I'm just a fairly normal person who made it into Stanford and is studying human biology and anthropology
    UChicago ‘20

    Accepted to UChicago, UVA, Purdue, GA Tech

    If you're looking for that ray of hope that someone unspectactular might get lucky, you came to the right place.
    UChicago ‘19

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt, , UChicago, UCSB

    Hi! Originally from Berkeley, CA, I'm a second year at UChicago. I like traveling, have a black belt in karate, and work as an elementary school tutor.
    Miami ‘19

    Accepted to Miami, BU, Florida

    I will be attending the U this fall and am so excited to finally be on my own. I love sports but my academics are important as well. Hope this website and my profile are helpful (especially to any future 'Canes)!
    UC Davis ‘15

    Accepted to UC Davis

    I'm a 4th year Japanese major at UC Davis!
    SU ‘19

    Accepted to SU

    I am in cross country, Lion's Heart Community service and Best Buddies
    MIT ‘17

    Accepted to Pomona, Claremont (CMC), Rice, MIT, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, USC, Vanderbilt

    Engineering student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Harvard ‘17

    Accepted to Harvard, Brown, UPenn, Dartmouth, Duke, JHU, Vanderbilt, Rochester, Amherst, Tufts, BC, Georgetown, Notre Dame

    Harvard College '17
    Northwestern ‘20

    Accepted to Northwestern

    My high school career didn't go perfectly, and I still got into my dream school! Here to help! <3
    Rice ‘19

    Accepted to Rice, SC

    Sport Management Major and Varsity Baseball Player at Rice University
    Yale ‘19

    Accepted to Yale, Princeton, Cornell, NYU, UPenn, Rutgers, Drexel, College of NJ, BU, BC

    Full-time positive person & future perinatologist!
    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to Baruch, Brooklyn College, CUNY City, Hunter, Queens, SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Oneonta, Pace, RIT

    SDSU ‘19

    Accepted to CSUF, SDSU, Arizona State, La Verne, UCSB

    Primarily determined to reach success and nothing less. SDSU Freshman, Class of 2019. Biology Major in pursuits of a Medical Career.
    USC ‘19

    Accepted to Arizona State, CSUN, Emerson, NYU, USC

    Fun and life loving person majoring in Film and TV Production at USC.
    Florida ‘19

    Accepted to Florida, UCLA, Miami, UTDallas, Alabama

    Recent highschool graduate.. Current College Freshman... Attempting to help frightened seniors with the admission process
    WashU ‘17

    Accepted to WashU, Emory, Fordham, Florida

    Profoundly deaf with cochlear implants; Pre-Med; innovated a Special Major in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
    Georgetown ‘18

    Accepted to Georgetown, AU Paris, Maryville

    Didn't apply anywhere else after being accepted to Georgetown's McDonough School of Business. Now I'm a little southerner making it in DC :)
    WashU ‘18

    Accepted to Rhodes, Emory, Wesleyan, GWU, Vanderbilt, WashU, Northwestern, Loyola U Chicago, Brown

    Vanderbilt student transferring to Wash U in St. Louis, set to start this fall. Interested in political science and art history.
    Harvard ‘18

    Accepted to Harvard, Columbia, UMich, JHU, Stony Brook

    GWU ‘18

    Accepted to GWU, American

    I am currently a freshman in the GWU Honors College looking to pursue a degree in pure mathematics.
    UT Austin ‘19

    Accepted to UC Davis, UCSD, UT Austin, UT San Antonio, Texas A&M

    I got a full scholarship to my school that includes books, housing, and food.
    Northwestern ‘15

    Accepted to UChicago, Illinois, UMich, Northwestern

    Chicago kid
    FIU ‘20

    Accepted to FIU, St. Thomas

    I am extremely hard working and I constantly set new goals for myself in every category of my life.
    UCLA ‘20

    Accepted to Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Stanford, UPenn, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Merced, UC Riverside , UCSD, UCSB, UCSC, BU, UToronto, La Verne

    High school graduate
    Harvard ‘19

    Accepted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cooper Union, Harvey Mudd, CalTech, BU, Stevens, Hunter, CUNY City, Adelphi, Stony Brook, Baruch, Binghamton

    I'm a Brooklyn Tech graduate at Cambridge, studying at Harvard!
    Wellesley ‘15

    Accepted to Wellesley, Holyoke, Smith, UMass, Tulane

    Wellesley '15. Math major, dog enthusiast. Happy to answer questions about Wellesley and the college admissions process in general.
    East Carolina ‘18

    Accepted to East Carolina,

    I am a lots of things wrapped up into one, and love how I go from start to finish consistently!
    Stanford ‘

    Accepted to Alabama, Stanford, Harvey Mudd, UVA, Cal Poly, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Berkeley, UCSB

    Emory ‘19

    Accepted to Emory

    I'm a math nerd and sports fanatic studying sports management at Emory.
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, Northeastern

    I am a freshman majoring in Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania. I like corgis, watermelon, and scaring people.
    U of Minnesota ‘19

    Accepted to U of Minnesota, Duquesne, VA Tech, George Mason, Ole Miss

    I live in Springfield, Virginia, with my twin brother, Sean, and my younger brother, Eric. I am a Senior at West Springfield high highschool and will be attending the University of Minnesota in the fall.
    Pitt ‘17

    Accepted to Pitt

    I am a nerd who is an athlete, a girl who loves computer science, an old soul in a young body, and basically a conundrum wrapped in an enigma! If you have many interests, good for you!
    Dartmouth ‘17

    Accepted to Barnard, Dartmouth, Wesleyan, UMich, Tufts, NYU, Brandeis, Fordham

    Harvard ‘17

    Accepted to GA Tech, Harvard, Penn State, Lehigh, BU

    I am a kid who loves chasing his dreams.
    UChicago ‘19

    Accepted to UChicago, Northwestern, Illinois, U Illinois

    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn

    I am a student in the University of Pennsylvania's Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business Class of 2019.
    UCSD ‘17

    Accepted to UCSD, Cal Poly, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCSB

    Northeastern ‘19

    Accepted to Northeastern, Northwestern, Notre Dame, CMU, Cornell, Syracuse, Fordham, Babson

    Communications student in Boston
    NYU ‘17

    Accepted to NYU, UMich, UConn, Northeastern, Syracuse, UChicago, Cornell

    I am a freshmen double major in Economics and Computer Science at New York University
    UMich ‘20

    Accepted to Wheaton, Illinois, Denver U, Colorado, Colorado State, Cornell, UMich

    USC ‘18

    Accepted to NYU, USC, UCSD, UCLA

    A romantic with a passion for medicine and business. Let me know how I can help you.
    BU ‘

    Accepted to BU, Northeastern, UMass, Quinnipiac, Syracuse, American, GWU

    UCSD ‘18

    Accepted to Dartmouth, Cornell, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, Duke, Miami, UCSB, UC Irvine, USC

    19/ UCSD/ AEPi/ Regent Scholar
    UMass ‘19

    Accepted to UMass, ,

    Music Ed major at Umass Lowell struggling to pay for college. I recognize that music teachers don't make a lot of money but I'd rather live paycheck to paycheck than be miserable for the rest of my life.