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    USC ‘20

    Accepted to USC, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCSD, UCSB, UC Irvine, Siena, Rutgers, Rutgers, UT Austin, Emory, Stony Brook

    QuestBridge Scholar, Class of 2020.
    Northeastern ‘20

    Accepted to Northeastern, Stony Brook, Binghamton, Cornell, BU, RPI

    Electrical engineering BS/MS student with Math/Sustainable Energy Systems minors. Founder of oSTEM@NEU
    Columbia ‘19

    Accepted to Columbia, Cornell, Macaulay Honors, Colgate, Bryn Mawr, Holyoke, Union, Fordham, Stony Brook, Adelphi, Hofstra, Baruch, Brooklyn College, CUNY City, Hunter, Queens

    I just recently graduated high school and will be a freshman at Columbia University. I am a proud Muslim and have a passion for science. If you have procrastinated for the college process, not to worry. I am happy to help and answer any questions!
    Stony Brook ‘19

    Accepted to Stony Brook, NYU, Binghamton, CUNY City, Brooklyn College, Hunter, LIU Brooklyn

    I am a recent college graduate.
    Cornell ‘19

    Accepted to Cornell, Macaulay Honors, Stony Brook, Wesleyan

    I'm aiming to become a pediatrician! Attending Cornell University (Human Ecology) starting in the Fall of 2015. Major: Human Biology, Health and Society (HBHS)
    Cooper Union ‘18

    Accepted to Cooper Union, Northeastern, CMU, Tufts, UConn, Stony Brook, SUNY Buffalo, RPI

    I'm a rising sophomore chemical engineer at Cooper Union interested in going into medicine!
    Yale ‘19

    Accepted to Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, UVA, Hunter, CUNY City, Brooklyn College, Queens, Baruch, Tufts, Dartmouth, Stony Brook, Binghamton, SUNY Albany

    Hey!Welcome to my Profile. I am a first generation minority student from Queens, NY. I am really interested in Biological Sciences and going to attend Yale University.
    Yale ‘24

    Accepted to Yale, Columbia, Georgetown, Hamilton, Northeastern, Stony Brook, Binghamton, SUNY Albany, LMU

    proud tree-hugging artistic scientist :)
    Cornell ‘20

    Accepted to Cornell, Macalester, UC Berkeley, Holyoke, Stony Brook, UC Merced, UCSB, UCSC

    I'm a future MD/PhD student who will start attending Cornell University as a Freshman in the fall. I love dancing, and hope to make Cornell's cheer squad next year. I also like helping my community, and I'm basically addicted to tea.
    Duke ‘19

    Accepted to Duke, Cornell, Brown, UC Berkeley, NYU, Stony Brook

    Passionate about the psychology, philosophy and policy of education in America.
    CMU ‘23

    Accepted to CMU, Cornell, GA Tech, UMich, Rice, UCSD, Vanderbilt, Stony Brook

    I'm a CS nerd who likes doing art as a hobby.
    JHU ‘21

    Accepted to JHU, Vanderbilt, NYU, Stony Brook, BU, Emory

    Undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University studying Computer Science with an interest in the biotech field. My hobbies include photography and playing the violin!
    USC ‘19

    Accepted to USC, Tulane, Case, Rochester, UMass, Drexel, Stony Brook, UMBC, UCSB

    Chemical Engineering Major, Dance Minor at USC
    Brian Park
    UPenn ‘18

    Accepted to UPenn, Rochester, Binghamton, Stony Brook

    University of Pennsylvania (C'2018), Tau Epsilon Phi Rho Chapter Philanthropy Chair, Off the Beat (a cappella) Business Manager, Singer-Songwriter, Athlete
    Columbia ‘18

    Accepted to Columbia, Stony Brook, Macaulay Honors

    Physics student at Columbia University
    Duke ‘22

    Accepted to Duke, UNC, NYU, Stony Brook, Emory

    I am a Chinese male. Don't give up, folks.
    Yale ‘22

    Accepted to Yale, BC, Stony Brook

    An 18 year old cognitive science major aspiring to enter the field of law.
    NYU ‘20

    Accepted to NYU, Wesleyan, Cornell, Binghamton, RPI, NYIT, Stony Brook, Dartmouth, UMich

    Enthusiastic student who strives to be a Tech Entrepreneur and innovator.
    Princeton ‘19

    Accepted to Princeton, Union, Wellesley, Barnard, Stony Brook, Binghamton, Smith, Bryn Mawr, SUNY Oneonta, SUNY Geneseo, Hunter, St. John's, Brooklyn College, Queens, CUNY City, Baruch

    Russell Sage ‘19

    Accepted to Russell Sage, Brown, Fordham, Yale-NUS, Northwestern, , , , CMU, , NYIT, Ohio State, Stony Brook, UNO, Rutgers, Hunter, Baruch, Ohio, SUNY Old Westbury, U of Minnesota, NYU, Cornell

    Work hard, write harder.
    UConn ‘17

    Accepted to Marist, UConn, College of NJ, Drew, Stonehill, Binghamton, Stony Brook

    I am a runner and an elementary education major at the University of Connecticut.
    Cornell ‘19

    Accepted to Cornell, UNC, Wake Forest, Emory, Stony Brook, Queens, Brooklyn College

    Cornell ‘22

    Accepted to Cornell, UMich, Brandeis, BU, Binghamton, Stony Brook, Syracuse

    New Yorker - interests in Business, Policy, and International Relations
    Rutgers ‘20

    Accepted to Rutgers, Stony Brook

    I'm Like You, We're Both Different
    Muhlenberg ‘18

    Accepted to Brandeis, Lehigh, Northeastern, BU, Lafayette, Binghamton, Stony Brook, SUNY Albany, Muhlenberg, UMass

    I'm a sophomore undergaduate student. I am double majoring in Psychology and Political Science and I plan on going to Law school after I graduate.
    Cornell ‘15

    Accepted to SUNY Geneseo, Binghamton, Stony Brook, JHU, Cornell, BU, RIT

    Hi! My name is Jonathan, I am studying Chemical Engineering and Computer Science at Cornell.
    Stony Brook ‘19

    Accepted to BU, Stony Brook, Drexel, NYIT, Binghamton, SUNY Geneseo, Hunter, Brooklyn College, CUNY City

    I'm starting me freshman year at Stony Brook University this fall (2015)
    Anna C
    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to Cornell, NYU, Brandeis, BU, Northeastern, Macaulay Honors, Brooklyn College, Stony Brook

    I was one of the top ten students at Brooklyn Technical High school. I am a leader, a ballet dancer, and aspire to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Accepted to Cornell, Brooklyn College BA/MD Program, Brandeis, BU, and NYU
    Harvard ‘19

    Accepted to Harvard, Duke, Rice, CMU, Rochester, Stony Brook

    Harvard student, economics concentrator, feminist, and panda lover. If you have any questions for me, or would like help with your application/essays, feel free shoot me a message.
    Harvard ‘18

    Accepted to Harvard, Columbia, UMich, JHU, Stony Brook

    Brandeis ‘16

    Accepted to Brandeis, Stony Brook, Drexel

    I am always here to help with anything, although I specialize in theatre, psychology, and extracurriculars.
    Stony Brook ‘21

    Accepted to Stony Brook, Cornell, Hofstra, NYU, RPI, Rutgers

    Evolution + Medicine = Me I'm a pre-med student attending Stony Brook University, and am part of the WISE program.
    CMU ‘19

    Accepted to CMU, Cornell, UPenn, Stony Brook, Binghamton

    Hi! I'm a freshman at Carnegie Mellon in the College of Engineering.
    Harvard ‘19

    Accepted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cooper Union, Harvey Mudd, CalTech, BU, Stevens, Hunter, CUNY City, Adelphi, Stony Brook, Baruch, Binghamton

    I'm a Brooklyn Tech graduate at Cambridge, studying at Harvard!
    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to Binghamton, Fordham, Hofstra, NYU, BU, Stony Brook, Hunter, CUNY City, Brooklyn College, Queens

    Currently NYU student possibly studying biochemistry or economics (concentration in theory)
    BU ‘18

    Accepted to BU, Northwestern, NYU, Stony Brook

    Current second year student in Boston University's Seven-Year Accelerated Medical Program.
    Vassar ‘19

    Accepted to Binghamton, Stony Brook, Vassar, Williams

    Cornell ‘16

    Accepted to BC, Northeastern, Stony Brook

    Senior in Cornell Majoring in Econ/Chem and Minoring in Business
    WPI ‘18

    Accepted to WPI, RIT, Stony Brook, SUNY Buffalo, Penn State, Northeastern, Syracuse, Drexel, UMass

    Rising sophomore chemical engineer major at WPI
    Columbia ‘17

    Accepted to Columbia, Cornell, Northwestern, UNC, Wake Forest, BU, Macaulay Honors, Stony Brook, SUNY Geneseo

    I'm a pre-med Brooklynite going for a Biochemistry major.
    MIT ‘16

    Accepted to MIT, Cornell, CMU, Harvey Mudd, Georgetown, RPI, SUNY Albany, Binghamton, Villanova, Stony Brook

    Current undergraduate studying Operations Research & Political Science, directing a non-profit, & interning with the US Dept. of Education
    MIT ‘17

    Accepted to MIT, Princeton, Northeastern, BU, Stony Brook, UMass, Stevens

    Quirky software engineer who likes learning about brains.
    MIT ‘17

    Accepted to CMU, Columbia, Cornell, JHU, MIT, Stony Brook, UDel, UPenn

    Applying to engineering programs without knowing much about engineering
    NYU ‘21

    Accepted to NYU, Emerson, Whittier , Redlands, Stony Brook

    The Underdog
    Princeton ‘20

    Accepted to Princeton, Dartmouth, Rochester, Smith, Wellesley, Holyoke, SUNY Geneseo, Stony Brook, Binghamton, SUNY Oneonta, Macaulay Honors, Skidmore

    Cat-loving guitarist
    UCSD ‘19

    Accepted to Arizona, UChicago, Brandeis, Stony Brook, UCSB, UCSD

    Stony Brook ‘18

    Accepted to Stony Brook, WIT , UMass, WPI, Drexel, Clarkson, RIT

    I am currently a college student at Stony Brook University on Long Island. I'm majoring in mechanical engineering.
    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to Hunter, CUNY City, York, NYU, Penn State, Drexel, Binghamton, Stony Brook

    I am a freshman in college attending NYU in bio major.
    Macaulay Honors ‘19

    Accepted to American, SUNY Buffalo, Stony Brook, Binghamton, Drexel, Manhattan College, USciences, Brooklyn College, Hunter, Macaulay Honors