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    Georgetown ‘18

    Accepted to UGA, Emory, Georgetown, UVA, William & Mary, Macalester, Carleton

    I'm an aspiring linguist and budding francophile who's left Georgia for Georgetown.
    MIT ‘20

    Accepted to MIT, Princeton, Duke, Stanford, UGA, GA Tech, UNC

    I'm a current senior at MIT who is passionate about using mechanical engineering to better healthcare and biotech.
    Mercer ‘21

    Accepted to Mercer, Oglethorpe, Berry , Valdosta State , UGA, SC

    Writer, musician, vegetarian, feminist, liberal southerner studying journalism, political science, and global development.
    Barnard ‘20

    Accepted to Northeastern, U San Fran, UGA, FIU, Barnard, Fordham, Pitzer, Miami

    I currently attend Barnard College, Columbia University. I plan to major in Film Studies. I am very outgoing and love going on adventures and making memories in the city.
    Harvard ‘23

    Accepted to Harvard, UGA

    Harvard admittee interested in computer science, applied math, and music.
    Stanford ‘22

    Accepted to Stanford, Yale, Columbia, UGA

    Pre-Med, language enthusiast, professional sandwich artiste.
    Brown ‘21

    Accepted to Brown, GA Tech, UGA

    Hey! I'm an aspiring applied math-cs major at Brown!
    MIT ‘23

    Accepted to MIT, GA Tech, UC Berkeley, UGA

    MIT '23
    Brown ‘20

    Accepted to Brown, UGA, GA Tech, Illinois, UMich, CMU, WashU, UC Berkeley

    Student at Brown University, studying computational biology, chemistry, and pre-med
    USC ‘19

    Accepted to USC, WashU, UNC, UVA, Alabama, UGA, LSU, Fordham

    I am a Theatre major at the University of Southern California interested in Marketing & Public Relations.
    Brown ‘19

    Accepted to Brown, Cornell, UGA, GA Tech, Emory, Vanderbilt, Pitt, GWU

    Brown neuroscience major in the PLME program!
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, Alabama, Auburn, UGA

    Hard working, determined, and passionate 18 year old.
    UGA ‘19

    Accepted to UGA, UNG

    I love music and humanities, but animals are truly my passion.
    Princeton ‘19

    Accepted to Columbia, GA Tech, Northwestern, Princeton, UGA

    As a part of Princeton Class of 2019, I know how difficult the application process is...I got denied, accepted, and wait-listed to several places. Let me help you find your path to success!
    Duke ‘18

    Accepted to UGA

    I am a current junior at Duke studying biology, marine science, and markets and management studies
    UGA ‘16

    Accepted to Auburn, Clemson, Baylor, GCSU, Texas Christian

    University of Georgia Alumni
    UNC ‘18

    Accepted to UNC, GA Tech, William & Mary, NC State, UGA

    Hi. I'm a closeted romantic that loves books and math.
    USC ‘19

    Accepted to USC, Tulane, Emerson, FSU, UGA, American, UCLA, GA Tech

    I was accepted to and will be attending USC (the dream school)! Class of 2019. I love art, music, and social justice. It was kind of miraculous how I was accepted, so hopefully, you will find some inspiraiton from my essays. Good luck!
    Barnard ‘21

    Accepted to Barnard, Wesleyan, Emory, GA Tech, UGA

    Hi! Incoming freshman neuroscience major at Barnard College with a passion for music and languages.
    Cornell ‘18

    Accepted to Cornell, Emory, Georgia State, UGA, Wake Forest, Clemson

    Cornell University class of 2018
    Columbia ‘18

    Accepted to GA Tech, UGA, Columbia

    Hello! I'm a rising sophomore at Columbia studying computer science and creative writing.
    Samantha B
    UGA ‘19

    Accepted to UGA, Kennesaw State, Georgia State

    University of Georgia Class of 2019. Loves Netflix, Korean Drama, Food. Always stay positive.
    GA Tech ‘19

    Accepted to UCLA, GA Tech, UGA

    1st year undergrad student
    GA Tech ‘19

    Accepted to GA Tech, JHU, UCSD, XULA, UGA,

    I can be really blunt but I only do it out of respect and kindness
    Vanderbilt ‘18

    Accepted to UGA, GA Tech, UNC, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest

    Pre-med majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Spanish and Art History
    Northwestern ‘18

    Accepted to Northwestern, GA Tech, UGA, Rice, Vanderbilt

    I go to Northwestern go Cats
    MIT ‘17

    Accepted to Stanford, MIT, Rice, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UGA, GA Tech

    Above average but never first
    UGA ‘18

    Accepted to UGA, Fordham, Auburn

    Active, inquisitive, and here to help.
    WashU ‘20

    Accepted to WashU, CMU, GA Tech, UGA

    Aspiring Communication Design and Computer Science student, food lover extraordinaire
    UGA ‘19

    Accepted to UGA, Duke

    Excited Incoming Freshman!
    Brown ‘17

    Accepted to Brown, UGA

    Wendy Wu
    UGA ‘19

    Accepted to UGA

    Born in Montreal, Canada. Live in Atlanta, GA. Attend UGA.
    Middlebury ‘20

    Accepted to UGA, U of Minnesota, Middlebury, Alabama

    Incoming Freshman at Middlebury College. I've experienced this process firsthand and would love to help anyone out to make it a little easier.
    UGA ‘19

    Accepted to UGA

    I love netflix.
    UT Austin ‘18

    Accepted to UT Austin, UGA, BU

    I'm a current second-year at the University of Texas at Austin. Hook 'em!
    UGA ‘19

    Accepted to UGA

    UGA ‘19

    Accepted to UGA

    Athletic, yet naturally compelled to the wonders of science; particularly Biology.
    UGA ‘19

    Accepted to UGA, Alabama, Mercer

    Social Studies Education major who's really bad at sports but pretty good at school. Strengths are essay writing, editing, and making it sound like you are a student colleges want to fight each other for. First Gen with no money.
    UGA ‘

    Accepted to Mines, UGA

    UNC ‘17

    Accepted to UGA, Northwestern, UNC

    UNC-Chapel Hill c/o 2017 Multimedia Journalism and Chinese double major!
    Princeton ‘17

    Accepted to Amherst, Brandeis, Case, Emory, Notre Dame, UPenn, Princeton, GA Tech, UGA, UVA, Vassar, Williams

    UGA ‘18

    Accepted to UGA, Purdue, Indiana, U of Minnesota

    Northwestern ‘20

    Accepted to Miami, Ohio State, UGA, Northwestern, Texas Christian

    GA Tech ‘21

    Accepted to GA Tech, UGA, Emory, Florida, NYU, GWU

    I'm a hardworking, dedicated, and passionate student/dancer/human being.
    UGA ‘18

    Accepted to UGA, Northwestern, Missouri, Florida, Northeastern, Alabama, BU

    Big Boston sports fan living in Georgia. I have many interests, including writing, history, politics, legal studies, accounting, and banking. If you want concise, detailed advice on how to get into the college of your dreams, then I'm your man!
    UGA ‘19

    Accepted to UGA

    My name's Jordan and I'm from Dacula, Ga. I'm a freshman at the University of Georgia and am currently majoring in Political Science on the pre-law track.
    UGA ‘19

    Accepted to UGA, UCLA, Miami, UC Irvine, UCSB

    I am a senior Finance major at UGA with a Political Science minor and Legal Studies certificate!
    Ohio State ‘19

    Accepted to Duke, UGA, LSU, Florida, UVA, Syracuse, UPenn, Bowling Green, UMich, Ohio State

    Linking my love of sports with my love of management.
    Vanderbilt ‘18

    Accepted to Vanderbilt, UGA, GA Tech, UNC