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    Emory ‘19

    Accepted to RIT, RPI, Emory, Siena, Penn State, Bryn Mawr, MSMC , Drexel, WPI, Florida Tech

    Born and raised in San Juan, Atlanta bound.
    Jason Olah
    Harvard ‘20

    Accepted to CSUN, Cal Poly, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Davis, UCSD, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Northwestern, Cornell, UChicago

    I was admitted to Harvard's class of 2019, but am taking a gap year to explore other opportunities.
    UCSB ‘19

    Accepted to UC Irvine, UCSC, UC Riverside , UCSB, SDSU, San Jose State, Cal Poly Pomona, Iowa State, U of Minnesota

    I didn't come to high school with a plan. I cruised for the first half of school. And then it hit me, I needed to get into a good school. So I reinvented myself in two short years.
    Harvard ‘18

    Accepted to Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Brown, Stanford, Georgetown, Emory, UVA, Lafayette, Howard, GWU, Rochester, MIT

    I am a rising sophomore at Harvard University.
    Yale ‘18

    Accepted to Yale, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Wellesley, Smith, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly, UC Davis, UCSB, Middlebury, CSULB, CSUF, American

    Class of 2018
    Dartmouth ‘19

    Accepted to Penn State, UNC, UVA, Dartmouth, Colorado, VA Tech, San Diego, BC, Drexel

    Sophomore at Dartmouth College: charismatic, logical, and sometimes funny
    MIT ‘18

    Accepted to MIT, NC State

    Studying Mechanical Engineering at MIT
    MIT ‘18

    Accepted to MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCLA

    I studied math, computer science, and music. I run on boba.
    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to NYU, GWU, American, SUNY Albany, SUNY Buffalo, Hunter, CUNY City

    Aspiring to bring pride to my family and share with the world my capacity for knowledge.
    UC Davis ‘18

    Accepted to UC Davis, SDSU, UCSB, UCSC, U of Minnesota, Washington, Pacific

    I'm a first year student at UC Davis, majoring in Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior B.S. and Psychology B.A. I'm originally from sunny San Diego, CA, and I attended a small magnet high school which emphasized Science & Technology and Arts. As a high sch
    Vanderbilt ‘18

    Accepted to BC, Vanderbilt, Emory, Richmond, USC, Elon , Furman

    Vanderbilt Class of 2018
    USC ‘18

    Accepted to Georgetown, USC, Wesleyan

    First an actress, then a filmmaker, always an opportunist. I'll take an chance I get!
    Harvard ‘18

    Accepted to UChicago, Harvard, Swarthmore

    I'm from Brooklyn, New York!
    Duke ‘16

    Accepted to Rutgers, Vanderbilt, WashU, Cornell, Duke, NYU

    Chronic procrastinator and overambitious idealist
    Emory ‘15

    Accepted to Emory, UCF, Florida, Miami, American

    Born and raised in Florida attending college in Georgia.
    Pauline H.
    USC ‘15

    Accepted to UCLA, UCSD, UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, USC, Cornell, U of Houston

    I am an undergraduate pre-medical student at the University of Southern California majoring in Health & Humanity with an emphasis in Health and the Mind.
    Yale ‘17

    Accepted to Yale, UConn, Drexel

    Yale University '17 - Prospective Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Major, Pre-Medical Studies
    Harvard ‘17

    Accepted to Harvard, Yale, UPenn

    Italian & Jamaican. Studying Economics and Social Sciences at Harvard University
    Yale ‘16

    Accepted to Yale, UPenn, Rice, Notre Dame, LSU, Trinity, Williams, Amherst

    Low-income Roman Catholic from the South.
    UChicago ‘17

    Accepted to UChicago, UPenn

    Just a very Average Kid
    Indiana ‘20

    Accepted to UMD, Emory, Indiana, Purdue, LUM, UMich

    Hello! My name is Kunal Pathade, and I will be starting my undergraduate career at Indiana University Kelley School of Business (with Honors). I'm very easy to talk to, and I can definitely help you in the admissions process!
    RPI ‘16

    Accepted to RPI

    I love to paint, play video games, and take care of my garden :)
    Harvard ‘20

    Accepted to Harvard, Colby, UPenn

    Born and raised in Italy, currently studying Economics @ Harvard
    Yale ‘16

    Accepted to Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Binghamton

    A senior at Yale about to head to medical school!
    Eleanor W.
    WU ‘19

    Accepted to Liberty, WU

    A student at Winthrop University with a passion for literature, teaching, and macaroni and cheese.
    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to NYU, New School, HC, Hamilton, Syracuse, Queens, Brooklyn College, Fordham

    Future Game Designer
    UC Berkeley ‘19

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UCSD, Washington, Penn State, Case

    UC Berkeley student, Pacific Northwest native, future astrophysicist. Go Bears!
    Ashley Hidalgo
    SUNY Albany ‘18

    Accepted to Sacred Heart, , SUNY Albany, Baruch, CUNY City, Brooklyn College, Hunter, Queens, , SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Oswego

    I'm a Dominican-American 1st generation Sophomore
    UC Davis ‘18

    Accepted to Cal Poly, U of Minnesota, VA Tech, UC Davis

    Aspiring Veterinarian with a love for Animals, music, and the creative arts
    SC ‘19

    Accepted to SC, UMD, GWU

    Student Leader at the University of South Carolina
    UNC ‘18

    Accepted to UNC, GA Tech, William & Mary, NC State, UGA

    Hi. I'm a closeted romantic that loves books and math.
    Smith ‘19

    Accepted to Smith, Clark, UMass

    Smith College Class of 2019. English Language and Literature Major.
    Cornell ‘15

    Accepted to SUNY Geneseo, Binghamton, Stony Brook, JHU, Cornell, BU, RIT

    Hi! My name is Jonathan, I am studying Chemical Engineering and Computer Science at Cornell.
    Willamette ‘18

    Accepted to Willamette, UC Merced, UC Riverside , Pacific, St. Mary's CA, SFSU, GCU, U Oregon, Oregon State

    I am a Biology major/Chem minor at Willamette University. I love photography, art, and food.
    Columbia ‘19

    Accepted to Amherst, UC Berkeley, UChicago, Columbia, UCLA, UPenn, Reed, USC, Northwestern, UCSD, UCSB, Carleton, Trinity, Pomona, Rice, Wesleyan, Grinnell

    Neuroscience. Ambitious. Eccentric. Compassionate. Intellectual. Volleyball. Avid Reader. Roar Lion Roar!
    Julia D.
    Harvard ‘19

    Accepted to Harvard, BU, Northeastern, Colgate, GWU, UMass, UConn, Barnard

    Freshman at Harvard
    Williams ‘18

    Accepted to Arizona State, BU, CSUSM, UC Riverside , UCSD, Colorado State, Iowa State, Marquette, U of Minnesota, New Mexico, NAU, PLNU, SDSU, St. John's, Vassar, UVA, Williams, Xavier

    I'm from SoCal. I'm a first generation college student. I applied to most of my school through the QuestBridge program and that's how I ended up at Williams.
    UCLA ‘19

    Accepted to UCLA, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside , UCSD, UCSC, Cal Poly, San Jose State

    I love basketball (GO LAKERS), math, and science.
    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, Princeton, Yale

    Dedicated person that values unconventional learning and maximizing every opportunity.
    USC ‘19

    Accepted to Arizona State, CSUN, Emerson, NYU, USC

    Fun and life loving person majoring in Film and TV Production at USC.
    Wesleyan ‘19

    Accepted to Emory, Wesleyan

    wesleyan university 2019 and Questbridge Scholar
    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, Duke, UPenn, WashU, UChicago, Emory, Northwestern, Miami

    Hi, I'm Andrea from Ocala, Florida. I am currently attending Stanford University, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Human Biology.
    NYU ‘16

    Accepted to NYU, UChicago, Harvard, UVA, Drexel, UPenn, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Brown, Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth

    I am 21 year old college transfer student at New York University. I used to attend UVA and major in History and Philosophy.
    UC Davis ‘18

    Accepted to UC Davis, UCSD, Cal Poly, UC Riverside , SDSU, UCSC

    I am a Mexican American attending UC Davis pursuing a BS in Electrical Engineering!
    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, UCSD, UC Irvine, Pomona

    Interested in creating new technologies to make health care safer and cheaper. | Absolutely willing to mentor!
    UC Davis ‘18

    Accepted to UC Davis, UCSC, SFSU, UVM, Fordham

    I'm a sophomore in the UC Davis Honors Program who loves to learn and is passionate about social justice.
    Stetson ‘18

    Accepted to USF, Stetson

    I am a Haitian American college student. I have a love for all things media and culture hence why I am currently a Communication and Media Studies Major.
    Northwestern ‘15

    Accepted to Northwestern, Vanderbilt, WashU, Indiana

    Student at Northwestern University
    VA Tech ‘17

    Accepted to VA Tech, VCU, VCU

    I am a motivated Business Information Technology major at Virginia Tech with a passion for all things digital.