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    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to New Jersey IT, NYU, Rutgers

    I am a hard working student who is willing to sacrifice things in the present to better my future.
    Princeton ‘18

    Accepted to UNC, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Cornell, UPenn, UC Berkeley, CalTech, Duke

    Normal high school student (no accolades) who got in with good essays. Currently majoring in computer science.
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, UChicago, UVA, UMich, USC

    Going to the Wharton School of Business to get a degree in Management/Entrepreneurial Studies and Finance and hopefully open my own theme park and expand it into an entertainment company in the long-run.
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn

    Hi, everyone! I am thrilled to be attending the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and I'm happy to help all of you with the college admissions process.
    Princeton ‘18

    Accepted to Princeton, BC, Columbia, Duke, Fordham, Georgetown, Providence, Tufts, Yale

    Princeton University '18
    Colgate ‘17

    Accepted to Colgate

    NY suburbanite > Colgate '17 > Law Student in D.C.
    Cornell ‘18

    Accepted to Cornell

    The way I prepared for the college application process was a little bit different but it worked for me read my profile
    UChicago ‘18

    Accepted to UChicago, Ohio, BU

    I got into UChicago by presenting myself as an archetypal UChicago student. I graduated as an English major and with a joint master's in Humanities. I now work in tech.
    MIT ‘21

    Accepted to MIT, JHU, GA Tech, UVA, UMD, UPenn

    International student that beat the odds
    USC ‘20

    Accepted to UCLA, Cal Poly, SDSU, BC, Lehigh, UC Davis, UCSD, UCSB, USC

    Hello! I'm an incoming freshman at the University of Southern California (live 15 minutes from campus). I'm majoring in Political Science and plan to double-major in Public Relations.
    Vicky Flores
    Claremont (CMC) ‘20

    Accepted to Claremont (CMC), Santa Clara, Pepperdine, Fordham, USC, NYU

    Hi! My name is Vicky Flores and I'm an incoming freshman at Claremont McKenna University, where I'll be majoring in PPE (Politics Philosophy and Economics) with a possible double major/minor in CS and Film Studies. Available to mentor/for advice.
    Tufts ‘20

    Accepted to Tufts

    I was a part of the IB Program at Coral Reef Senior High School. I was matched to Tufts University through the Questbridge Scholars program, and I plan on majoring in Psychology. I am the first in my family to attend college.
    Stanford ‘20

    Accepted to Stanford, Brown, Georgetown, UT Austin, BC, Fordham, SMU

    I'm just a fairly normal person who made it into Stanford and is studying human biology and anthropology
    Holyoke ‘19

    Accepted to Holyoke, UIdaho, College of Idaho , Lewis & Clark, Colorado, Oregon State, Mines

    I'm a first year at Mount Holyoke looking to study and major in biology, computer science, and physics.
    WashU ‘17

    Accepted to WashU, George Mason, UMich, Illinois, Macalester, BU

    Hi! My name is Sachi and I will be finishing my last year at Washington University in St Louis next fall. I study art, but when I'm not making art I love to bake cakes and travel. I love my school and want to help you find the best school for you!
    Vanderbilt ‘20

    Accepted to Vanderbilt, SMU, Cal Poly, UCLA, UC Berkeley

    Lover of learning, life, and coffee.
    Kean ‘21

    Accepted to Kean, Pratt, BC, Quinnipiac, Montclair State

    Fusing my two loves, graphic design and music, through a major and minor (and maybe slightly dying).
    UCF ‘19

    Accepted to UCF, Florida, FSU, FGCU

    First generation freshman major in Business Administration/Management at UCF.
    UC Berkeley ‘16

    Accepted to UCSB, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCSD, UNC

    Senior at UC Berkeley; studying Genetics & Plant Biology; playing on the Cal Club Soccer team.
    Duke ‘21

    Accepted to Duke

    Duke '21
    Northwestern ‘20

    Accepted to Northwestern, Northeastern, UMich

    Hi! My name is Anna and I am in Northwestern University's 2020 class. I am planning on majoring in Manufacturing and Design Engineering. I plan to go Greek and travel abroad at least once during my four years. In high school I was part of the IB program.
    Stanford ‘20

    Accepted to Stanford

    Stanford freshman! I love to read essays and answer questions :)
    Raj Chaudhry
    BU ‘19

    Accepted to Binghamton, American, BU, Brandeis, Indiana, SUNY Albany, Union

    Asian-American student from a small town in NY. Attended a private high school.
    Brown ‘19

    Accepted to Brown, Cornell, UGA, GA Tech, Emory, Vanderbilt, Pitt, GWU

    Brown neuroscience major in the PLME program!
    RPI ‘19

    Accepted to RPI, Drexel, RIT, Pitt, VA Tech

    Just a weirdo training to be a rocket surgeon.
    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, Cambridge, Princeton, Yale, Brown, UPenn, Columbia, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Swarthmore, Barnard, Wellesley, Duke, NYU, BU

    overly ambitious, passionately curious, helplessly perfectionistic
    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to NYU, Washington, Washington State

    I am an almost-18 year old who was accepted to her dream school (NYU!!) this Spring, and I'm moving coast to coast to attend in two weeks!
    UPenn ‘15

    Accepted to UMich, UPenn, Duke, U Illinois, Cornell, GA Tech, Lehigh, Purdue

    UPenn '19 - Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology
    Columbia ‘19

    Accepted to Columbia, Tulane, Northeastern

    I'm a current freshman at Columbia University on the pre-med track.
    UChicago ‘19

    Accepted to UChicago, Vanderbilt, Illinois

    I'm proud to be a Maroon, and am really appreciative of the opportunities I have here at the University of Chicago
    UChicago ‘19

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt, , UChicago, UCSB

    Hi! Originally from Berkeley, CA, I'm a second year at UChicago. I like traveling, have a black belt in karate, and work as an elementary school tutor.
    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, UCLA, Tulane, Richmond, Santa Clara

    I cannot wait one more second to join the farm, so I'm more than happy to share what I know about the process in the meantime!
    Harvard ‘20

    Accepted to Harvard, Princeton

    Recent high school graduate from Boston; taking gap year to study in Moldova before attending Harvard.
    Dev Blair
    BU ‘19

    Accepted to BU

    Boston University Class of 2019! CFA/CAS Dual Degree student, School of Theatre Performance core and intended Spanish and Linguistics Major
    Columbia ‘19

    Accepted to Columbia, BC, Fordham, JHU, Swarthmore, Williams, Georgetown

    Columbia University
    USC ‘19

    Accepted to USC, Lewis & Clark, Wash Coll, U Oregon, Willamette, W&L U, Colorado, UC Irvine, UC Riverside , UCSB

    I am an incoming Spring Admit at USC. I am planning on majoring in Psychology and doing a double minor in Business and Education and Society. My future goals include going to a graduate school to obtain my Masters in Teaching and credentials in special ed.
    Angel Lee
    Washington ‘18

    Accepted to U of Portland , UC Merced, IPFW, Washington

    I'm nothing fantastic, but I have the potential to be.
    NYU ‘18

    Accepted to NYU

    Regrets only applying to NYU but does not regret being at NYU
    Harvard ‘18

    Accepted to Harvard, Yale

    I'm a tech nerd, who loves interacting with people. My interests lie in entrepreneurship and the startup culture.
    Cornell ‘19

    Accepted to Cornell, UNC, Wake Forest, Emory, Stony Brook, Queens, Brooklyn College

    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn

    I am one of the most unique people you will ever meet.
    Princeton ‘15

    Accepted to Princeton, Yale, MIT, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Rutgers, Dartmouth

    Princeton class of 2015.
    MIT ‘19

    Accepted to MSState, Ohio State, GA Tech, UKentucky, UChicago, MIT

    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, Northwestern, Pomona, Amherst, Vanderbilt, Tufts, Carleton, Babson, Colgate

    I am a current Penn/Wharton undergraduate
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, UKentucky, Texas A&M, UNH

    I'm just your regular rising college freshman interested in helping people find the school of their dreams... and I found mine.
    Smith ‘19

    Accepted to UMass, Smith, Holy Cross, Wellesley

    I am a first-year at Smith College and a potential Mathematics and Classical Studies double major.
    Stanford ‘18

    Accepted to Stanford

    A freshman at Stanford who likes talking about space and writing music
    UCLA ‘19

    Accepted to BU, SU, UCLA, Villanova, UNC, UVM, San Diego, Mines

    Texan. High school valedictorian in a class of 556. Played football all through high school, recruited by D3 schools, but ultimately decided not to play in college. Loving California, best decision I've ever made to attend UCLA.
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, Case, Fordham, BC, UNC, Penn State

    I am Amanda.