B.A., Cognitive Science
Currently at USC in Los Angeles, studying cognitive science, and considering minors in human rights and Italian!
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Hometown Phoenix
AdmissionRegular Decision
Class of2019
English First Language Yes
Other Language(s) Spoken Spanish

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  • University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Scripps College (Claremont, CA)
  • Stanford University (Stanford, CA)
  • Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ)
  • California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo, CA)
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University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)

Applied for a B.A. in Cognitive Science

Accepted and Enrolled Legacy: No

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Me llamo es ----. Wait--that's not right. Me llamo ----. From this supremely embarrassing error on my first day of Spanish class freshman year would stem a multitude of opportunities--a world of knowledge--though, at the time, I was mortified. Horrified and full of disdain at my misstep, the teacher mercilessly called me to the front of the classroom to read a poster depicting two students shackled to a wall in what appeared to be a dungeon. Blushing profusely and palms...
Supplemental Essay “Why us” school essay
116 Words
Prompt: Describe your academic interests and how you plan to pursue them at USC. Please feel free to address your first- and second-choice major selections (250 word limit). First, I described what comes to mind when I think of the University of Southern California. Then, I related who I am and what I want to take from USC to the images that jumped to mind. I asked myself how those things challenge me and can expand my education. I explained how...
Supplemental Essay Diversity statement
86 Words
Prompt: Some people categorize engineers as geeks or nerds. Are you a geek, nerd, or neither? Why? (250 word limit) I began with this: "To be honest, I don’t know what differentiates a “geek” from a “nerd”. Crazy, right?" I explained how my high school environment never used those terms. I talked about how I never considered anyone else those terms, either, because my environment had taught me to think beyond them, beyond those generalized terms that are actually unable...
Supplemental Essay Unique question posed by school
91 Words
Prompt: How do you plan to use your engineering degree to benefit society? (250 word limit) I talked about my childhood and how I have always been interested in engineering. I included a discussion of times my grand plans for some new invention had failed and how I never let that stop me from trying again. I said that I have realized how important determination is. I explained that engineers are pivotal to our success as a society and that I...
Supplemental Essay Strong beliefs/principles
126 Words
Prompt: USC students are known to be involved. Briefly describe a non-academic pursuit (such as service to community or family, a club or sport, or work, etc.,) that best illustrates who you are, and why it is important to you. (250 word limit) I discussed how, for my eighth birthday, I received a subscription to a special magazine and described how the magazine looked with its colors and graphics. I described how it felt to, just a few years later, be...
Additional Essay Details
1065 Words
Some people categorize engineers as geeks or nerds. Are you a geek, nerd, or neither? Why? (250 word limit) To be honest, I don’t know what differentiates a “geek” from a “nerd”. Crazy, right? I come from a school where it is perfectly acceptable--even encouraged and respected--to be passionate and completely absorbed by one’s interests. In my seven years at that school, I have never seen a student mocked for expressing his or her fascinations. This is one of...

General Admissions Advice

What I now know about my school that I never would have known prior to enrolling
209 Words
I personally applied to USC on a whim. It sounded nice, the campus looked pretty, it had an engineering program, reviews of it were nice, etc. Yeah, all fairly superficial, surface level things. But looking back, I am SO glad I applied, was accepted, and now I am attending USC. Classes haven't even started yet, and I am already thrilled with the amazing...
Why I declined other schools
235 Words
While I was accepted to several other schools, I ultimately decided to attend the University of Southern California for a variety of reasons. The main choice, for me, was between Arizona State University and University of Southern California. In the end, though, it came down to just a few things. Arizona State University would have been a choice out of convenience and thrift. But University of Southern California, on the other...
What I like about my school’s location and culture
107 Words
Well, this is a no brainer. I mean, Los Angeles, hellooooo??!! No kidding, though. Los Angeles is magical. And huge. So, really, you can find just about everything in this city. And...

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