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    USC ‘20

    Accepted to Rutgers, Cal Poly, New Jersey IT, College of NJ, Lafayette, USC, GA Tech

    My name is Patrick, and I will be a freshman at the University of Southern California in the fall! I am very outgoing and have a love for helping others. Check out my Profile to really get to know me better. Fight On!
    Stanford ‘20

    Accepted to Stanford, Wheaton, Pomona

    I love languages, exercising, and eating!
    UChicago ‘19

    Accepted to UChicago, Cornell, Williams, Middlebury, Emerson, CMU, Fordham, NYU, Hunter, Baruch, BU, Wesleyan

    I am double majoring in Economics and Political Science at UChicago. Both finance and journalism interest me as potential careers. I am really passionate about education, and I want to do anything I can to help other students succeed in higher education!
    Stanford ‘18

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UCLA, UCSD, Stanford, UPenn, Cornell, JHU, Claremont (CMC)

    A little crazy for wanting to change the world.
    Brown ‘20

    Accepted to Brown, Duke, UT Austin, Northwestern

    Economics and Psychology major. Interested in Behavioral Economics!
    USC ‘20

    Accepted to Villanova, GWU, Syracuse, Rochester, SMU, American, USC

    Hey! Boston-raised, Dallas transplant, LA lover. Literal proof that stats and grades aren't everything. Going abroad this fall and starting at USC this January!
    Princeton ‘20

    Accepted to MIT, Princeton, Rice, Williams, Pomona, UT San Antonio, UT Austin

    Loves ice cream and romantic comedies, likes to hang out with friends
    UPenn ‘15

    Accepted to UPenn, UChicago, MIT, USC, UC Davis

    Penn '15 (Wharton). INTP-ENJT mix. Adventurist, businessman, anthropologist. Let's chat!
    Yale ‘19

    Accepted to Yale, Harvard, UVA, MIT

    Syrian-born immigrant. Stateside since '04. Faced severe financial + social disadvantages.
    USC ‘20

    Accepted to USC, WashU, Northeastern, Illinois Tech, Penn State, Ohio State

    Architecture student at the University of Southern California
    MIT ‘19

    Accepted to MIT, Princeton

    I'm a first generation immigrant student attending MIT on a near-full ride after rejecting a full-ride from Princeton.
    Cornell ‘18

    Accepted to Cornell, NYU, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSB, UC Davis, Princeton

    I am a Syrian first-generation college student attending Cornell University!
    Princeton ‘21

    Accepted to Yale, Yale-NUS, Princeton, MIT, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB

    I'm a curator of dichotomies. (And before you ask--I'm taking a gap year, which is why I'm class of 2021, not 2020)
    Tufts ‘20

    Accepted to Tufts

    I was a part of the IB Program at Coral Reef Senior High School. I was matched to Tufts University through the Questbridge Scholars program, and I plan on majoring in Psychology. I am the first in my family to attend college.
    NYU ‘20

    Accepted to NYU, Wesleyan, Cornell, Binghamton, RPI, NYIT, Stony Brook, Dartmouth, UMich

    Enthusiastic student who strives to be a Tech Entrepreneur and innovator.
    UChicago ‘19

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt, , UChicago, UCSB

    Hi! Originally from Berkeley, CA, I'm a second year at UChicago. I like traveling, have a black belt in karate, and work as an elementary school tutor.
    Columbia ‘17

    Accepted to Columbia

    Ivy admissions underdog: Real-talk advice from a small town public school Asian American girl
    Arizona ‘19

    Accepted to American, George Mason, Occidental, GWU, Rochester, Arizona

    UMich ‘18

    Accepted to UCLA, UMich, Purdue

    I am a engineering student who has many other interests in humanities and social sciences, economics and politics in particular. I am a big technology fan, and I am really interested in
    North Central College ‘20

    Accepted to North Central College

    JHU ‘15

    Accepted to JHU

    Recent Biomedical Engineering grad from Hopkins
    UT Austin ‘18

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, Washington, UT Austin

    I'm a sophomore majoring in Economics and Mathematics at UT Austin! I applied to three public university and seven private universities. Ask me anything.
    Duke ‘19

    Accepted to Duke, Wheaton

    An international
    Swarthmore ‘19

    Accepted to Swarthmore, Tufts, NYU, BU, GWU, Northeastern, CMU

    The college process sucks but you only have to go through it once. I got into Swarthmore, Tufts, Carnegie Mellon, George Washington, Boston University, Northeastern and NYU. Hit me up if you have any questions!
    Northwestern ‘15

    Accepted to Northwestern, Vanderbilt, WashU, Indiana

    Student at Northwestern University
    JHU ‘19

    Accepted to JHU

    Johns Hopkins Class of 2019
    Wise Emilia
    U Oregon ‘19

    Accepted to Oregon State, U Oregon, Washington, U of Portland

    Digital arts and pre-business double major in the "college scholars" program
    Harvey Mudd ‘20

    Accepted to Harvey Mudd

    I've taken so many SATs (4) and APs (16) that the dropdown menus on Admitsee don't go high enough to capture them.
    Dickinson ‘19

    Accepted to Dickinson

    Born in NYC. Attended Taipei American School in Taiwan.
    USC ‘19

    Accepted to Arizona State, Pacific, USC, NYU, American, CU

    18, Bilingual, A French-Canadian-Portuguese-Haitian-American
    Harvard ‘18

    Accepted to Harvard, Columbia

    Rising sophomore from the UK interested in Sociology and film!
    Northwestern ‘18

    Accepted to WashU, Northwestern

    Duke ‘18

    Accepted to NC State, UArk

    Duke Class of 2018! Accepted to Pratt School of Engineering but transferred to Trinity to major in Computer Science and Economics.
    Tufts ‘18

    Accepted to Tufts, Brandeis, McGill

    I'm a rising sophomore who loves nothing more than a long hike in the mountains followed by a tall glass of ice tea and a nap in a hammock. Oh, and Tufts. I'd love to talk to you about my school and college in general, so read on or shoot me a message!
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn

    Incoming freshman at UPenn interested in studying Communication
    Florida ‘19

    Accepted to Florida, WPI, Kansas, WMich, Illinois Tech, RIT

    International Student from Costa Rica with strong grades and scholarships to every University was admitted to.
    Ohio State ‘17

    Accepted to UChicago, Ohio State, Case, UMich, WashU

    I am a psychology researcher and pre-dentistry student in the honors program at The Ohio State University.
    Georgetown ‘16

    Accepted to Georgetown, BU, Ohio State, UVA, Florida

    Just your typical Hoya studying Chinese, Korean, and Government.
    Yale ‘15

    Accepted to Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, UCSB, UCSD

    a ji
    UPenn ‘17

    Accepted to UPenn, Pitt

    Former pre-med student interested in the intersection of psychology and marketing.
    USC ‘17

    Accepted to BU, NYU, U of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wesleyan, USC

    Northwestern ‘23

    Accepted to Northwestern

    Industrial Engineering major at Northwestern University
    USC ‘20

    Accepted to USC, Pace, Wheaton

    Hey everyone! My name is Maria Vitória "Vic", and I'm just a Brazilian girl (born and raised) who came to the US with the ultimate goal of getting into a good college. Now that I've achieved my goal, I'll be happy to help you with yours!
    USC ‘20

    Accepted to UCSD, UCSB, UCSC, UC Irvine, UToronto, RIT, USC, Drexel

    Wellesley ‘19

    Accepted to Wesleyan, Wellesley, UVA, VCU

    I'm a student at Wellesley College looking to major in STEM!
    Yale ‘17

    Accepted to Yale, JHU, GWU

    Ilayda Kosagan
    UBC ‘19

    Accepted to Bentley, BC, BU, Notre Dame, NYU, UNC, UVA, Penn State, Drexel, UBC, Syracuse

    International student from Istanbul, Turkey. I went to a French Catholic High school, so no IB classes, but had the Turkish curriculum in French. I mostly applied to American universities, but in the end chose to go to Vancouver, Canada.
    Harvard ‘17

    Accepted to SMU, UT Austin, Duke, Harvard, Alabama,

    TIU ‘19

    Accepted to TIU , Liberty

    17 year old International student.