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    Brown ‘21

    Accepted to Brown, Rutgers, Stockton , RCBC

    I am a Brown University student looking to help high school students!
    UPenn ‘22

    Accepted to UPenn, Cornell, Northwestern, WashU, NYU, Northeastern, Rutgers

    Attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Plan on perusing Finance, Social Impact, and Operations Information & Decisions. If I can do it, you sure can too :)
    Rochester ‘20

    Accepted to Rochester, Rutgers, Fordham, College of NJ, Drexel

    Hey! I'm a freshman at University of Rochester Class of 2020 interested in double majoring in Biology and Spanish, eventually applying to med school. I'm passionate about studying science, doing research and learning new languages.
    Rutgers ‘20

    Accepted to Rutgers, NYU, Fordham, UMass, Colorado, MSU, Illinois, Arizona, Washington

    Your local dancing astronaut with a passion for the political things in life.
    Brown ‘21

    Accepted to Brown, UC Berkeley, UNC, Rutgers

    Excited to be at Brown in the fall and excited to help out the next generation of college applicants!
    USC ‘20

    Accepted to USC, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCSD, UCSB, UC Irvine, Siena, Rutgers, Rutgers, UT Austin, Emory, Stony Brook

    QuestBridge Scholar, Class of 2020.
    MIT ‘20

    Accepted to MIT, UMich, Rutgers, Cornell, Rice, JHU

    computer science / design / music / film
    Princeton ‘19

    Accepted to Princeton, Duke, Brown, Cornell, UMich, CMU, JHU, Rutgers, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, NYU

    Jersey raised. Bio nerd in high school. Formerly pre-med but now I dabble in statistics, economics, policy, and East Asia. Fiercely passionate about public health.
    Harvard ‘17

    Accepted to Harvard, Rutgers, Stevens, Villanova, CMU

    If you think it's weird that there's a Pepsi bottle in my profile photo, please check out my profile. I'm a normal person just like you!
    Georgetown ‘21

    Accepted to Georgetown, Haverford, NYU, BU, GWU, Syracuse, Brandeis, Rutgers, Pitt, Drexel

    I'm an adventurous introvert who loves traveling, languages, books, and needs music playing 24/7
    USC ‘20

    Accepted to Rutgers, Cal Poly, New Jersey IT, College of NJ, Lafayette, USC, GA Tech

    My name is Patrick, and I will be a freshman at the University of Southern California in the fall! I am very outgoing and have a love for helping others. Check out my Profile to really get to know me better. Fight On!
    Princeton ‘21

    Accepted to Princeton, Rutgers

    LEDA Scholar: Cohort 12. Horatio Alger State Scholar 2017.
    Yale ‘19

    Accepted to Yale, Columbia, Rice, Williams, Amherst, UVA, UNC, W&L U, Rutgers, UVM

    Entrepreneurial sophomore Mathematics and Philosophy major at Yale University who also loves the liberal arts.
    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to New Jersey IT, NYU, Rutgers

    I am a hard working student who is willing to sacrifice things in the present to better my future.
    Zack Weiss
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, Rutgers, UVA

    I am a rising freshman at my dream school, the University of Pennsylvania, and I am just trying to help anyone else get into theirs!
    Harvard ‘16

    Accepted to Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Amherst, Columbia, Princeton, Rutgers, Northeastern, Dartmouth, BC, CMU

    I'm a school radio DJ and literature fan, getting a joint Physics/Math degree, and secondary in Computer Science. I am a Trading Intern at TransMarket Group, LLC in Chicago, and did physics research at Harvard.
    Stanford ‘23

    Accepted to Stanford, UPenn, JHU, Georgetown, Amherst, Smith, Hamilton, Bryn Mawr, Spelman, Holy Cross, Rutgers, Rutgers

    I am a Stanford student from New Jersey, hoping to major in one of the social sciences.
    NYU ‘22

    Accepted to NYU, UMich, CMU, UCLA, UC Berkeley, BC, Cornell, Rutgers, Northwestern, Stevens

    Chem major. travel, music, friends. love cheeto puffs & toasted bagels.
    UPenn ‘23

    Accepted to UPenn, GA Tech, Rutgers

    Comp Sci/Finance Dual Degree. M&T Program. Developer, Entrepreneur, Film/Photo Enthusiast, and Coffee Connoisseur.
    Rutgers ‘18

    Accepted to Rutgers, HC, Sarah Lawrence, Fordham, Emerson, IUP, Ithaca, Susquehanna, UNC Asheville

    History and American Studies double major with a 3.6 overall GPA.
    USC ‘21

    Accepted to USC, UC Berkeley, Bowdoin, NYU, Rutgers, Cornell, Pitt, New Jersey IT, UC Davis, UCSD, Montclair State

    Social Activist, Nature lover, Netflix Watcher
    Harvard ‘20

    Accepted to Harvard, Williams, UCSD, Illinois, GA Tech, UC Irvine, NYU, Rutgers

    Hey! I enjoy games (League), food, and anime, and I love learning/trying new things!
    JHU ‘19

    Accepted to JHU, Cornell, Rutgers, UC Berkeley, UVA, WashU

    I am a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University studying Molecular/Cellular Biology and Public Health.
    BU ‘19

    Accepted to BU, Brandeis, Howard, NYU, Northeastern, Temple, URI, Rutgers, Binghamton, SUNY Buffalo, Hunter, CUNY City, Fordham, SUNY Albany, SUNY Geneseo, St. John's, LIU Brooklyn, SC, UDel

    I currently major in Biology with a minor in Public Health.
    Russell Sage ‘19

    Accepted to Russell Sage, Brown, Fordham, Yale-NUS, Northwestern, , , , CMU, , NYIT, Ohio State, Stony Brook, UNO, Rutgers, Hunter, Baruch, Ohio, SUNY Old Westbury, U of Minnesota, NYU, Cornell

    Work hard, write harder.
    Villanova ‘19

    Accepted to Rutgers, Northeastern, Villanova

    Villanova bound #classof2019
    CalTech ‘19

    Accepted to CalTech, UC Berkeley, UCLA, CMU, UMich, UT Austin, GA Tech, Purdue, Rutgers, Rutgers, Illinois, RPI

    Incoming freshman headed off to CalTech!
    Princeton ‘15

    Accepted to Princeton, Yale, MIT, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Rutgers, Dartmouth

    Princeton class of 2015.
    Duke ‘16

    Accepted to Rutgers, Vanderbilt, WashU, Cornell, Duke, NYU

    Chronic procrastinator and overambitious idealist
    New Jersey IT ‘21

    Accepted to New Jersey IT, FDU, Rutgers, Rutgers, College of NJ, Kean, Seton Hall

    A pre-medical double major student who also enjoys other extracurricular activities.
    UPenn ‘22

    Accepted to UPenn, Rutgers, BU, Binghamton

    Penn undergraduate interested in health science!
    Rutgers ‘20

    Accepted to Rutgers, Stony Brook

    I'm Like You, We're Both Different
    JHU ‘19

    Accepted to JHU, Rutgers

    sophomore at johns hopkins
    Swarthmore ‘20

    Accepted to Rutgers, Fordham, Northeastern, Wellesley, Swarthmore, Davidson, Scripps

    Fashion blogger that loves to program cool s***.
    Georgetown ‘19

    Accepted to Rutgers, UMich, NYU, Georgetown

    Freshman in Business School
    NYU ‘22

    Accepted to NYU, Northeastern, Villanova, Rutgers

    NYU Student studying African Studies, Visual and Business at Gallatin School of Individualized Study
    UPenn ‘20

    Accepted to UPenn, UMich, Rutgers

    Not the smartest in my class. Ivy League accepted.
    Yale ‘19

    Accepted to Yale, Princeton, Cornell, NYU, UPenn, Rutgers, Drexel, College of NJ, BU, BC

    Full-time positive person & future perinatologist!
    CMU ‘19

    Accepted to CMU, CalTech, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UMich, GA Tech, Washington, Illinois, Rutgers

    I'm a Electrical and Computer Engineering student at Carnegie Mellon, focused on embedded systems and computer hardware.
    Rutgers ‘19

    Accepted to Rutgers, Stockton

    Rutgers University '19
    College of NJ ‘18

    Accepted to Bryn Mawr, Gettysburg, Rutgers, College of NJ

    I'm a History and Women's and Gender Studies double major with in interest in Political Science hoping to pursue a career in law and policy.
    GWU ‘18

    Accepted to GWU, NYU, BU, Rutgers, College of NJ, New Jersey IT, Penn State

    I had no idea what I wanted to study before coming to college. Now that I'm here I've figured it out and am on the path to a double major in economics and psychology!
    UC Berkeley ‘17

    Accepted to Vanderbilt, Rutgers, CMU, UC Berkeley, Northeastern, USC

    Stony Brook ‘21

    Accepted to Stony Brook, Cornell, Hofstra, NYU, RPI, Rutgers

    Evolution + Medicine = Me I'm a pre-med student attending Stony Brook University, and am part of the WISE program.
    BC ‘21

    Accepted to BC, BU, Rochester, Emory, Rutgers

    UPenn ‘20

    Accepted to NYU, Rutgers, UPenn

    An incoming Penn freshman, interested in creative writing and social science. The college process is a struggle. I hope I can help.
    Syracuse ‘20

    Accepted to BU, BC, Northeastern, GWU, Syracuse, Fordham, Villanova, Case, USC, Lehigh, Rutgers, College of NJ

    Incoming freshman at cuse planning to double major in business and communications
    GA Tech ‘18

    Accepted to CMU, Pitt, Rutgers, UMass, GA Tech, IPFW, UMD

    Georgia Tech computer science major. Sophomore. Just another student looking to help you succeed just as much as me.
    Smith ‘18

    Accepted to Smith, Rutgers, BC

    A current undergrad at Smith College, double majoring in East Studies & Economics