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    Emory ‘22

    Accepted to Emory, Tulane, GA Tech, GWU, Binghamton, UMD, UMich, Northeastern, USC

    Hey! I'm a hard-working data/business major who loves to help high school students with college apps! Message me with any questions!
    JHU ‘19

    Accepted to JHU, Cornell, Northeastern, Fordham, UMD, Wisconsin, Temple

    JHU ‘19, Writing Seminars and English Major, Woodrow Wilson Research Fellow
    Brown ‘20

    Accepted to Brown, USC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Rice, UMD

    Hi there! I'm in Brown's class of 2020, concentrating in Cognitive Science and Ethnic Studies. I'm interested in Asian American resistance, mental health, and playing flute.
    Brown ‘20

    Accepted to Brown, UMD, Northeastern, WPI, Clemson

    GMS Scholar, Questbridge Scholar, Ron Brown Scholar
    UMD ‘19

    Accepted to Harvard, McGill, UMD, UVM, UMass, Queen's U, Fordham, St. Mary's MD

    Find out why I chose a state school over the most prestigious university in the world! UMD B/K Scholar, Class of 2019
    Yale ‘24

    Accepted to Yale, U of Minnesota, UMD, USC, Washington, WashU, JHU, UCSD, Amherst, Vanderbilt, Northeastern

    Recent Yale admit/STEM kid from the Midwest! Aspiring engineer. I love reading, baking, opera/classical music, and Seinfeld.
    Howard ‘21

    Accepted to Howard, Morehouse, UMD

    I'm a sophomore mechanical engineering major at Howard University from Northern Virginia
    Naval Academy ‘22

    Accepted to Naval Academy, Georgetown, UMD, Air Force Academy, West Point, Emory, UC Berkeley

    I'm a student who is passionate about the politics and legalities in the STEM field
    Emory ‘21

    Accepted to Emory, Duke, Rice, UMD

    First-year student with interest in anthropology, sociology and neuroscience
    MIT ‘21

    Accepted to MIT, JHU, GA Tech, UVA, UMD, UPenn

    International student that beat the odds
    JHU ‘20

    Accepted to JHU, USC, UCSD, UMD, UConn, Colorado

    Hey, I'm Julian and I aspire to be a software developer
    UMD ‘20

    Accepted to UMD, JHU, Duke, Case, Swarthmore, Penn State

    I am a recent high school grad about to enter my first year of college at the University of Maryland: College Park with a full Banneker/Key scholarship.
    UMD ‘19

    Accepted to UMD, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Colgate, Wesleyan, Arizona, Penn State, SUNY New Paltz, BU, Northeastern, UMass, F&M, Alfred, MSU

    I'm studying astrophysics at the University of Maryland, College Park.
    FSU ‘18

    Accepted to FSU, UConn, UMD, UCF, Miami OH, UNH, Quinnipiac, UH

    A proud New Englander who calls himself a Seminole. I'm an ambitious, hardworking, and dedicated student with aspirations of one day working within the sports industry.
    Dartmouth ‘20

    Accepted to Dartmouth, UMD, UC Berkeley, Wellesley, UCLA, UVA, Wesleyan, Northeastern

    I'm a '20 at Dartmouth, and I'm originally from the DC area. Also an avid traveler & foodie! Feel free to talk to me about college :)
    MIT ‘19

    Accepted to UMD, UMich, JHU, Harvard, MIT

    I'm a Modern Orthodox Jew and (hopefully) future engineer -- I was admitted to MIT in 2014 but took a gap year.
    Alabama ‘17

    Accepted to Alabama, UVA, GA Tech, Clemson, VA Tech, BU, Northeastern, UMD, Penn State, Drexel, Auburn, NC State, Pitt, Illinois

    I am a junior at the University of Alabama on a "full ride". Studying Chemical Engineering with the hopes and dreams of one day working in a food factory. Want to go to an AWESOME college without loans? Let me know!
    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to NYU, BU, Fordham, Northeastern, UMD,

    Duke ‘19

    Accepted to NYU, Cornell, UNC, Georgetown, UMD

    Incoming freshman at Duke University interested in Psychology and Business.
    Texas A&M ‘17

    Accepted to Texas A&M, Alabama, UMD, UPenn, , , Catholic UA

    Pre-nursing student who loves Texas A&M!
    UMD ‘21

    Accepted to UMD, Fordham, Purdue, Pitt, Howard

    The essence of my character isn't measured by my sense of competence or abilities, but fathomed by my unwavering tenacity to overcome and achieve greatness in spite of much unrest.
    Indiana ‘20

    Accepted to UMD, Emory, Indiana, Purdue, LUM, UMich

    Hello! My name is Kunal Pathade, and I will be starting my undergraduate career at Indiana University Kelley School of Business (with Honors). I'm very easy to talk to, and I can definitely help you in the admissions process!
    Stanford ‘16

    Accepted to Stanford, Columbia, Duke, JHU, UNC, UMich, Case, UC Berkeley, UChicago, UMD

    CS/MS&E Student at Stanford Interested in Healthcare + Education + Technology
    George Mason ‘19

    Accepted to George Mason, Clemson, UMD, SC, Roanoke

    Hey! My name is Tanti, and i'm a freshman at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. I am currently majoring in Integrative Studies, with a concentration in Elementary Education.
    SC ‘19

    Accepted to SC, UMD, GWU

    Student Leader at the University of South Carolina
    Notre Dame ‘16

    Accepted to Notre Dame, Georgetown, William & Mary, Indiana, UMD, Ohio, Catholic UA, Miami OH, Case, Loyola U Chicago, Seton Hall

    Senior at the University of Notre Dame from the Midwest, studying design and psychology
    Allan L
    UC Berkeley ‘19

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, UMD

    Programmer, band geek, and ski junkie offering good editing, bad advice, and terrible puns.
    Howard ‘20

    Accepted to Howard, NYU, UMD

    Proud freshman biology major at Howard University! Volunteering, activism, and research are my passions. SEA-PHAGES student and aspiring physician-scientist.
    Temple ‘22

    Accepted to Temple, Miami, UMD, Hofstra, New Haven, TU

    Very independent and outspoken
    Ohio State ‘17

    Accepted to Ohio State, Penn State, UMD, Binghamton, Indiana, UDel, UMass, TU

    I'm a third year sociology student at The Ohio State University. I'm involved with a community service group and am a co-founder of the popular Instagram food account 2betches1plate.
    GA Tech ‘18

    Accepted to CMU, Pitt, Rutgers, UMass, GA Tech, IPFW, UMD

    Georgia Tech computer science major. Sophomore. Just another student looking to help you succeed just as much as me.
    UMBC ‘19

    Accepted to Rutgers, UMBC, RIT, UMD

    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, UMD

    Asian, Tennis, Math Team, Science Olympiad
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UMD, Fordham, GWU, American, Binghamton, UPenn

    Sporty, nerdy, and passionate. The most important thing is that I believed in myself.
    Villanova ‘19

    Accepted to Villanova, UPenn, Georgetown, UMD, Vanderbilt

    NC State ‘17

    Accepted to NC State, Wake Forest, Duke, Clemson, South Carolina, UMD, UNC-Wilmington, UNC-Charlotte, Elon

    I am a junior at NC State from Glenelg, Maryland. My college application experience was pretty intense, and I would love help in any way that I can!!
    Northwestern ‘19

    Accepted to Northwestern, UMich, Wisconsin, UMD, UVM

    Hey I'm Sam and while I plan on becoming a pediatric surgeon I like to play the ukulele in my free time.
    UMich ‘18

    Accepted to Pitt, UMD, Penn State, Indiana, UMich

    Incoming sophomore at the University of Michigan, involved in greek life, intramural sports, and various clubs and volunteer opportunities.
    Yale ‘17

    Accepted to UMD, Carleton, Duke, BU, Yale

    I'm a charismatic hobbyist with many passions.
    UMD ‘20

    Accepted to UMD, UVM, UDel, UMBC, BC, GWU, Goucher , Catholic UA

    Freshman at UMD, Maryland native, social science lover, debater, ESTJ.
    Villanova ‘20

    Accepted to Villanova, Hofstra, Stony Brook, Baruch, Binghamton, Fordham, Northeastern, Bentley, BU, Ohio State, UMD

    My name is Travis Brown and I'm from Long Island and will entering Villanova school of business in Fall 2016
    UMD ‘18

    Accepted to UMD, Colorado, Washington, George Mason, JMU, Tulane

    Harvard ‘19

    Accepted to Harvard, UMD

    Wake up to make the most of every day.
    Smith ‘19

    Accepted to Smith, , Pitt, UMD, UH , LUM, Pace,

    Hi my name is Bri and I am a first year at Smith College
    Vanderbilt ‘19

    Accepted to UMD, William & Mary, Vanderbilt, Duke, Georgetown, WashU

    Hi! I am a freshman at Vanderbilt University with an undecided major. I am a perfectionist! I was the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper, founder of a community service club, and cross country runner. I am also active in the Jewish community.
    UDel ‘19

    Accepted to UDel, CU, UConn, DePaul, UMD

    I am attending the University of Delaware with a Communications Interest. I did not love high school, but I was pretty good at it. I found the college application process very stressful, but I got through it! I am very excited for college now!
    Cal Poly ‘19

    Accepted to Lehigh, SC, Clemson, UConn, Rutgers, Stevens, Cal Poly, UMD, Purdue

    Cornell ‘19

    Accepted to UMD, Case, JHU, CMU, Cornell

    Just an average kid from suburban America.
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, JHU, UC Berkeley, Harvey Mudd, UMD, Tufts, Case

    Considering majors such as engineering, architecture, and math.