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    Willamette ‘18

    Accepted to Willamette, UC Merced, UC Riverside , Pacific, St. Mary's CA, SFSU, GCU, U Oregon, Oregon State

    I am a Biology major/Chem minor at Willamette University. I love photography, art, and food.
    Harvard ‘19

    Accepted to Harvard, RPI, NYU, BU

    Harvard 2019! Neurobiology concentrator, lover of food, food, and more food.
    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, Duke, UPenn, WashU, UChicago, Emory, Northwestern, Miami

    Hi, I'm Andrea from Ocala, Florida. I am currently attending Stanford University, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Human Biology.
    UC Davis ‘18

    Accepted to UC Davis, UCSC, SFSU, UVM, Fordham

    I'm a sophomore in the UC Davis Honors Program who loves to learn and is passionate about social justice.
    JHU ‘19

    Accepted to , BU, Columbia Chicago, DePaul, , JHU, Northwestern, , UMich

    I'm Tena. Hopefully future Director of the Center of Disease Control.
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to Brown, MIT, UPenn

    Incoming freshman at UPenn
    SFA ‘18

    Accepted to , Texas A&M,

    I'm an English/Spanish double major & Vice President of the Honor Student Association at my university!
    Harvard ‘18

    Accepted to Harvard, Columbia, UMich, JHU, Stony Brook

    UCLA ‘20

    Accepted to Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Stanford, UPenn, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Merced, UC Riverside , UCSD, UCSB, UCSC, BU, UToronto, La Verne

    High school graduate
    UC Berkeley ‘20

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, UVA, UCLA, UNC, Colorado, UCSB

    Hey! My name is Nicola and I'm going to be a freshman next year at UC Berkeley.
    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to NYU, Northeastern, Pitt, Penn State, BU, UVM, Syracuse

    Running a student blog about living in NYC, writer for Her Campus, obsession with coffee, and usually will be wearing all black
    American ‘17

    Accepted to American, , UNC-Wilmington, UNC-Greensboro, UNC Asheville

    I go to American University in Washington, D.C. where I am studying PR and Political Science.
    UCSC ‘19

    Accepted to UCSD, UCSC, UC Irvine, UCSB, Arizona, NMSU, Cal Poly

    I am a studious, AP/Honors first-generation college freshman with an affinity for technology, education, and writing.
    UC Irvine ‘19

    Accepted to UCSC, UC Irvine

    I am an introvert that somehow manages social, romantic, and familial relationships easily.
    CMU ‘19

    Accepted to CMU, Cornell, UPenn, Stony Brook, Binghamton

    Hi! I'm a freshman at Carnegie Mellon in the College of Engineering.
    Richmond ‘18

    Accepted to Richmond, UMW

    I am passionate about food justice and sustainability; I love to garden and cook meals from the stuff I grow! I also love cupcakes, horses and socks!
    Harvard ‘19

    Accepted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cooper Union, Harvey Mudd, CalTech, BU, Stevens, Hunter, CUNY City, Adelphi, Stony Brook, Baruch, Binghamton

    I'm a Brooklyn Tech graduate at Cambridge, studying at Harvard!
    Pace ‘19

    Accepted to Pace, Hofstra, SDSU, UHawaii, NAU

    I was born and raised in southern California. I have experience with the UC and Cal state applications. I ended up going to a school in New York. I got accepted into every school I applied to.
    Duke ‘18

    Accepted to NC State, UArk

    Duke Class of 2018! Accepted to Pratt School of Engineering but transferred to Trinity to major in Computer Science and Economics.
    Princeton ‘17

    Accepted to Princeton, Dartmouth, Barnard, Juilliard, NYU

    Hi, I'm an junior at Princeton University.
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn

    Incoming freshman at UPenn interested in studying Communication
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to Columbia, UPenn, Swarthmore, Wesleyan, Vassar

    I am a freshman at UPenn who is really into science and science research!
    BU ‘18

    Accepted to BU, Northwestern, NYU, Stony Brook

    Current second year student in Boston University's Seven-Year Accelerated Medical Program.
    U of Houston ‘19

    Accepted to U of Houston, Texas A&M, UT Arlington

    I'm Alex! A girl with big dreams and a drive to achieve them!
    Williams ‘19

    Accepted to BC, Northeastern, Amherst, Williams, NYU, Macaulay Honors, Fordham, Penn State, SUNY Geneseo, SUNY New Paltz

    Barnard ‘19

    Accepted to Barnard

    Hi! I'm an Early Decision admit to Barnard College. I'm planning on majoring in history with a minor in computer science, as well as continuing to focus on social justice and feminism.
    Florida ‘17

    Accepted to Florida, FSU, UCF

    University of Florida, Junior
    Northwestern ‘17

    Accepted to Binghamton, BC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, McGill, UMich, Northwestern, Pitt, SUNY Geneseo, William & Mary

    NYC born and raised.
    UC Davis ‘19

    Accepted to , SU,

    Hi! My name is Stacey and I'm from San Francisco. I enjoy pinteresting, sewing, watching anime, drinking coffee and milk tea, martial arts, etc. I am half-Chinese and half-White.
    True Bruin
    UCLA ‘13

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, USC, NYU, Columbia, Stanford

    UCLA Transfer Student, Alumna, and current College Counselor
    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, UChicago, Columbia, WashU

    PNW native currently attending Stanford. I love cats, working with kids, and creative writing.
    Princeton ‘

    Accepted to Princeton, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern

    I'm a Politics major at Princeton University. I will be a Venture for America fellow upon graduation.
    UChicago ‘16

    Accepted to Denver U, Tulane, UChicago, Miami, Illinois, Northwestern

    Transfer student from UMiami to UChicago. Haven't looked back since.
    Harvard ‘17

    Accepted to Harvard, UMich

    MIT ‘17

    Accepted to CMU, Columbia, Cornell, JHU, MIT, Stony Brook, UDel, UPenn

    Applying to engineering programs without knowing much about engineering
    MIT ‘17

    Accepted to Stanford, MIT, Rice, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UGA, GA Tech

    Above average but never first
    Stanford ‘16

    Accepted to Stanford, Washington, , UCLA,

    I study international relations, Russian language, and computer science.
    UPenn ‘21

    Accepted to UPenn, Georgetown, BC, Northeastern, Wake Forest

    Economics major at UPenn, transferred from Wake Forest University. Also accepted to Georgetown, BC, Northeastern, Villanova.
    Stanford ‘20

    Accepted to Stanford, Harvey Mudd, MIT

    Wellesley ‘19

    Accepted to Wesleyan, Wellesley, UVA, VCU

    I'm a student at Wellesley College looking to major in STEM!
    Middlebury ‘19

    Accepted to SUNY Geneseo, Union, Skidmore, Lafayette, Middlebury, Baruch, Brooklyn College, CUNY City, Hunter, Queens, York

    I am a Freshmen at Middlebury College who is interested in studying International Politics and Economics. I have always been passionate about race and socioeconomic and see many injustices that our world faces today and is adamant on creating change in a w
    Santa Clara ‘19

    Accepted to UMich, Santa Clara, Wisconsin, UCSB, Lehigh, Wake Forest, BC

    My name is Justin Galvin. I am a fitness enthusiast who underwent incredible mental and emotional growth in highschool(a strong upward GPA trend throughout highschool). These experiences were dominant in the content of my college application essays.
    UCSC ‘19

    Accepted to UCSC, UCSB, NYU, SDSU, Cal Poly Pomona, UCSD

    Hi! I attended an all-girls private Catholic High School in which I excelled in ECs while maintaining a decent GPA in the hardest courses my school offered. Please choose me as a mentor, I have a lot of helpful advice even if my stats aren't similar.
    USC ‘17

    Accepted to Northeastern, NYU, BU, UT Austin, USC, UCSB, GWU

    I'm a junior at USC, studying International Relations and Marketing! I'm in a few clubs, love exploring LA and am on the quest to find the perfect bagel.
    Yale ‘19

    Accepted to UN-Reno

    I am a nice Asian girl.
    Vanderbilt ‘19

    Accepted to Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Indiana, Tulane

    I'm a freshman at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee!
    Yale ‘17

    Accepted to Yale, JHU, GWU

    Harvard ‘17

    Accepted to SMU, UT Austin, Duke, Harvard, Alabama,

    UC Berkeley ‘18

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, UCSB, UCSD, Brandeis, Pacific, UC Davis, CSU Chico, CSUSB, San Jose State

    My name is Dulce and I believe in the power of art to create a social change!