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    Rice ‘21

    Accepted to Rice, Baylor, Alabama, Oklahoma U, U of Houston

    Student leader and mentor from Seattle, passionate about all things STEM - especially coding and problem-solving!
    Santa Clara ‘21

    Accepted to Santa Clara, CU, SU, Gonzaga, WWU, Pacific Lutheran, U of Portland , Pepperdine, Washington, Baylor

    I am a passionate filmmaker, environmentalist, plant-eater, people-lover, and a person who loves meditation.
    Illinois ‘18

    Accepted to Baylor, Texas Christian, Illinois, DePaul

    Rice ‘21

    Accepted to Rice, UT Austin, UTRGV, ST Edwards , Baylor, Texas A&M

    Rice 2021
    Tulane ‘21

    Accepted to Tulane, UT Austin, LSU, LUNO, Baylor, UMHB

    I am an aspiring physician who loves dogs and fighting for social justice.
    Baylor ‘20

    Accepted to Baylor, Belmont , Campbell, Butler, Emory, Syracuse, GFU

    I am a novel in progress.
    UGA ‘16

    Accepted to Auburn, Clemson, Baylor, GCSU, Texas Christian

    University of Georgia Alumni
    Emory ‘22

    Accepted to Emory, Colby, BC, UMB , Quinnipiac, Baylor

    I'm a 17 year old college admit.
    Brandeis ‘18

    Accepted to Brandeis, Baylor, UT Austin, W&L U

    Basketball Enthusiast, Netflix binge watcher, Science nerd at heart
    Baylor ‘15

    Accepted to Texas A&M, UTDallas, Baylor

    I'm a senior accounting major.
    Baylor ‘17

    Accepted to Baylor, Texas A&M, UC Irvine, UCSD, UCSB

    I am a Christian who also functions as a sports-loving Mechanical Engineering Student at Baylor.
    SMU ‘18

    Accepted to , U of Portland , SMU, Oregon State, , Texas Christian, Baylor, UIdaho, New Mexico, Gonzaga,

    I am a second-year undergrad at Southern Methodist University.
    Baylor ‘19

    Accepted to Baylor

    Just a girl who loves to travel and is way too into football and tv shows.
    UPenn ‘17

    Accepted to Princeton, Columbia, UChicago, Duke, Rice, WashU, Baylor, Oklahoma U

    I am a freshman at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and I love music, food and fashion!
    SLU ‘16

    Accepted to Baylor, Creighton , Otterbein, UTDallas, Texas A&M, FL Southern, SLU, U Iowa

    I am a College senior majoring in Political Science with a focus in nonprofit work
    Claremont (CMC) ‘19

    Accepted to Claremont (CMC), USC, UC Davis, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UNC, Baylor, Northeastern, Rochester

    Courtney B.
    Nebraska ‘19

    Accepted to Baylor, Texas A&M, , Nebraska

    UT Austin ‘18

    Accepted to Texas A&M, UT Austin, Baylor, UT San Antonio

    Student, athlete, scientist, nerd, lover of knowledge
    UT Austin ‘17

    Accepted to UT Austin, Yale, Northwestern, WashU, Davidson, USC, JHU, Baylor, Rhodes

    Grew up in Texas, now living in Chicago - passionate about education, human rights, and social welfare
    USC ‘20

    Accepted to USC, Occidental, UCSB, Baylor, , Richmond

    Boise State ‘20

    Accepted to Boise State, Baylor, GFU, Whitworth

    I'm a college student doing the best that she can.
    U of Houston ‘19

    Accepted to UT Austin, Baylor, U of Houston, Southwestern, Texas A&M, UTDallas, UT San Antonio, Arizona State

    UTDallas ‘19

    Accepted to U Illinois, Illinois, Loyola U Chicago, U Tulsa, Oklahoma U, UCF, Alabama, Baylor, Fordham, UTDallas, Wisconsin

    Hi! I'm a Neuroscience major and a pre-med currently attending the University of Texas at Dallas.
    UT Austin ‘18

    Accepted to UT Austin, U of Houston, Baylor

    I am college sophomore currently attending the College of Natural Science at the University of Texas in Austin as a Biology major and a Computer Science minor.
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UCSD, UC Riverside , UC Berkeley, UCLA, Fordham, NYU, Hofstra, U of Portland , Pitt, Baylor, George Mason, W&L U, UPenn, BU, St. John's

    Babson ‘18

    Accepted to Babson, Baylor

    Currently a student at Babson College in Massachusetts, the #1 College in the Nation according to Money Magazine, but plan on transferring to Baylor University next year.
    SU ‘18

    Accepted to Baylor, Drexel, UC Davis, UHawaii

    I'm a college freshman, class of 2018, in Seattle University. I was born and raised on a beautiful island in the Western Pacific, and my goal is to become a doctor in the CNMI.
    Baylor ‘19

    Accepted to Baylor

    Baylor ‘20

    Accepted to Baylor

    I absolutely love college life!
    LMU ‘19

    Accepted to LMU, BC, Baylor, Marquette, Fordham, UCSC, SMU

    The first member of my family to attend college, I successfully navigated the college application process alone. Free mojitos!
    UCSC ‘19

    Accepted to UC Merced, UCSC, Baylor, Pacific, Camden

    I am currently an undergrad student attending UC Santa Cruz.
    CMU ‘19

    Accepted to CMU, USC, Syracuse, Baylor

    I'm a student who is currently enrolled in Carnegie Mellon as a freshman in the Tepper School of Business
    ERAU ‘19

    Accepted to ERAU, Baylor, Florida Tech

    UNT ‘19

    Accepted to Baylor, TWU, SMU, UT Arlington , Texas Tech

    I am a fully licensed cosmetologist and am an aspiring psychiatrist.
    Northeastern ‘19

    Accepted to Baylor, Drexel, Fordham, U of Houston, Northeastern, Texas A&M, UTDallas

    Baylor ‘18

    Accepted to Baylor

    Baylor University student | Psychology major
    Harvard ‘18

    Accepted to Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Rice, WashU, Baylor, UTDallas, UChicago, MIT

    SJC ‘21

    Accepted to SJC, Fordham, Baylor, UT Austin, Ohio, BU

    I'm a freshman at St. John's College with a double major in Philosophy and the History of Mathematics and Science, and a double minor in Classics and Comparative Literature.
    UNT ‘22

    Accepted to UNT, Baylor, U of Houston

    I enjoy playing video games, surfing the internet, and listening to music.
    Texas A&M ‘16

    Accepted to Texas Tech, Baylor, Texas A&M, U Iowa

    OKBU ‘20

    Accepted to OKBU, ORU, Baylor, Oklahoma State, OKCU, Oklahoma U

    I am a hardworking, organized, and caring young adult who strives to do the best work possible.
    Aby Herrera
    UTRGV ‘20

    Accepted to Baylor, Seton Hall, UTRGV

    UT Austin ‘18

    Accepted to Baylor, Texas A&M, UT Austin, UTDallas, UNT, UT Arlington , SMU, Texas Christian

    CU ‘18

    Accepted to U San Fran, UCSC, Baylor, Willamette, U of Portland , Whitworth,

    I like chemistry, sea turtles, and adventure

    Accepted to Baylor

    Spelman ‘20

    Accepted to Spelman, Baylor, UGA, Hampton , Alabama

    I am a liberal arts student with a creative heart and a critical mind.
    BU ‘20

    Accepted to BU, Hampton , Baylor, Pitzer, Wake Forest, Clark Atlanta

    I am an innovator and a game changer. I am always looking how to improve quality of life for people socially and through technology.
    Rocky ‘18

    Accepted to Rocky, Georgetown College, Baylor, Bellarmine, Rocky

    Hard working college student with a love of horses and cupcakes.
    Not Listed ‘21

    Accepted to Not Listed, UMHB, Baylor, UT Arlington

    Living this crazy life while trying to figure out where to take it.