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    Yale ‘22

    Accepted to Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Pomona, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Brown, Cornell, Pitzer, Georgetown, UC Irvine, WashU, UC Davis, JHU, CU, Occidental

    Hello! I'm an economics major on the pre-med track who loves dancing in her free time.
    Georgetown ‘20

    Accepted to Georgetown, Bowdoin, Rice, Tulane, Occidental, Whitman, U Oregon

    Hi! My name is Emma and I will be in the School of Foreign Service next year at Georgetown University. While in college I hope to become fluent in French, study abroad, and get involved in clubs and activities.
    Georgetown ‘14

    Accepted to Georgetown, GWU, Occidental, JHU, BC

    Pre-med Math major at Georgetown University
    WashU ‘20

    Accepted to WashU, JHU, Notre Dame, USC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UMich, Brandeis, UCSD, UC Davis, UCSB, UC Irvine, Occidental

    Born and raised in Southern California, Loves sports especially basketball and water polo, Plans to study Biology as a Pre-Med, Indulges on food of varying cultures
    Stanford ‘17

    Accepted to Wesleyan, Vassar, Occidental, Stanford, Middlebury, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCSB, Skidmore, UCLA, BU

    Currently undeclared. However, I am on the premed track and thinking about a major in sociology.
    CU ‘20

    Accepted to SDSU, CU, Occidental, Santa Clara, Redlands, Whittier , UCSB, UCSC, U of Minnesota, Beloit

    I am a swimmer, beach goer, food lover, and reality show fanatic!
    Emerson ‘19

    Accepted to Emerson, Fordham, Hobart, Ithaca, Occidental

    I went to small, public high school and now attend Emerson College as a Visual Media Arts major.
    USC ‘22

    Accepted to USC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Tufts, BC, BU, GWU, UCSD, Northeastern, UCSB, Occidental, Fordham, LMU, UC Irvine

    Hey! I'm an incoming freshman at the University of Southern California with a passion for politics, travel and netflix!
    USC ‘20

    Accepted to Claremont (CMC), USC, Occidental, NYU, Pitzer

    I am currently an incoming freshman at USC. I went to high school on the Big Island of Hawaii and graduated in 2016. Fight on!
    Arizona ‘19

    Accepted to American, George Mason, Occidental, GWU, Rochester, Arizona

    Brown ‘22

    Accepted to Brown, RISD, Tufts, Wesleyan, Barnard, American, Occidental

    I'm from Los Angeles and will be attending Brown in the fall... I'm interested in Visual Art, Gender Studies, Education, Urban Studies, Computer Science, and some other stuff!
    USC ‘16

    Accepted to Occidental, , USC, NYU, UC Riverside

    UC Berkeley ‘22

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UC Irvine, UC Davis, UCSB, Occidental

    UC Berkeley undergrad student
    UCSD ‘19

    Accepted to UCSC, Temple, USC, Pepperdine, New Mexico, Redlands, SU, WWU, Drexel, Occidental, SDSU, Pacific

    UCSD first-year in Muir College and involved in greek life. I spent a lot of time crying in high school.
    Kenyon ‘17

    Accepted to Kenyon, Rochester, Bryn Mawr, Wellesley, Occidental, Pomona, CU

    I currently attend Kenyon College, where I am pursuing an English Major with an emphasis in Creative Writing as well as a double minor in Music and Math. I am the co-editor for Her Campus Kenyon. I love to write, ballroom dance, and sing!
    Occidental ‘19

    Accepted to Occidental, USC, UC Davis, , Santa Clara,

    I'm an incoming freshman at Occidental College. I'm fresh out of the application process- a hard one but one I am quite familiar with and can help with! What to know about me: I'm always looking to fill my schedule. I am a dancer and love film.
    Sam Oxy
    Occidental ‘18

    Accepted to U Oregon, Rhodes, Santa Clara, Denver U, Denison

    Incoming Sophomore at Occidental College
    UPenn ‘17

    Accepted to UPenn, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Amherst, UCSD, Occidental, W&L U

    Stanford ‘13

    Accepted to Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UC Irvine, UC Davis, USC, Pomona, Pitzer, Occidental

    I'm passionate about biology and social justice. I'm currently a fellow through the Stanford med school, as well as an intern at HealthTap and a mentor at CollegeSpring.
    USC ‘20

    Accepted to USC, Occidental, Colby, UCLA, Swarthmore, UToronto, NYU, McGill, UBC, Queen's U

    Hello-Hello! I'm Mohammed, a freshman majoring in economics and physics at the University of Southern California. Feel free to contact me for help on applications, standardized testing, investment banking, IB or A levels!
    UC Berkeley ‘19

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UChicago, Northwestern, Cornell, Occidental, BU

    I am a student at UC Berkeley.
    Stanford ‘18

    Accepted to Stanford, Santa Clara, LMU, Occidental, Pomona

    Stanford Class of 2018
    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, Tufts, USC, Occidental, U San Fran

    UCLA ‘18

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSB, UCSC, , San Diego, Pepperdine, Occidental

    Occidental ‘19

    Accepted to Occidental, UCSB, UC Irvine, UC Davis, Ohio State

    An Ohio student who had aspirations to attend college in California, and achieved them.
    USC ‘19

    Accepted to USC, Occidental, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCSC, UC Irvine, UC Davis, Cal Poly

    Sailor and Nerd.
    Occidental ‘19

    Accepted to Brandeis, Occidental, , U Illinois

    I'm quiet, like to write, and I'd like to be a polymath when I grow up.
    Dartmouth ‘11

    Accepted to Dartmouth, Swarthmore, Occidental, Pomona

    U. Chicago Booth School of Business current student; Dartmouth 2011 graduate; had a very successful career in strategy consulting between the two schools.
    Bard ‘21

    Accepted to Bard, New School, Occidental

    I'ma current senior at Bard College who is double majoring in written arts and studio arts.
    USC ‘20

    Accepted to USC, Occidental, UCSB, Baylor, , Richmond

    Wellesley ‘20

    Accepted to ERAU, Cal Poly, UC Irvine, UCSD, Washington, St. John's, Wellesley, Stony Brook, Stevens, Fordham, Occidental

    Stanford ‘20

    Accepted to Stanford, UCLA, UC Irvine, Swarthmore, USC, Occidental, UCSD, UCSB

    Though once lost and confused in the darkness of the college admissions process, I now aspire to guide others through this formidable process.
    Occidental ‘18

    Accepted to USC, Occidental, San Diego, Babson, GWU

    Current sophmore at Occidental college

    Accepted to BU, Occidental, USC, UCSB, Hamilton, UCSD, UC Berkeley

    Yale ‘19

    Accepted to Yale, UCLA, Pomona, Johns Hopkins, BU, Pacific, UCSD, UC Berkeley, Seton Hall, Occidental, USC, Hofstra

    I will be attending Yale University beginning in the fall of 2015 as a pre-med Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry major. I am an aspiring neurosurgeon.
    Occidental ‘19

    Accepted to Clark, , Texas A&M, , USC, Scripps, Occidental

    Brandeis ‘18

    Accepted to Occidental, Brandeis, Wake Forest, UT Austin, UT San Antonio, UTDallas, U of Houston, Texas A&M

    Scripps ‘18

    Accepted to Haverford, Occidental, Scripps, Tufts

    I am a freshman at Scripps College, one of the five Claremont Colleges in Southern California.

    Accepted to Babson, Willamette, , Earlham College , Beloit, Centre, Whitman, St. Lawrence, Occidental, Smith, Bryn Mawr

    Claremont (CMC)142581
    Claremont (CMC) ‘17

    Accepted to St. Olaf, Pepperdine, Macalester, ColoradoC, AC, Denison, Occidental, Rollins, Elon , Grinnell, Centre, Wake Forest, Sarah Lawrence, Claremont (CMC), Pitzer

    I am a Junior at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont California Majoring in Science and Management with an emphasis in biotechnology
    Raphael Laude
    Cornell ‘18

    Accepted to Cornell, UC Davis, UCSB, UCSC, WashU, Occidental, Syracuse

    Emerson ‘18

    Accepted to Emerson, Syracuse, BU, Occidental, Ithaca, U Oregon, SOU, CSULB

    My name is Claire. I'm an aspiring filmmaker, currently studying Media Production at Emerson College.
    Richmond ‘19

    Accepted to UCSB, Occidental

    I love writing college application essays.
    Wellesley ‘14

    Accepted to Cornell, Arizona, Wellesley, Occidental, Vassar

    I graduated from Wellesley College in 2014 with a degree in Mathematics
    Occidental ‘19

    Accepted to Scripps, UC Davis, UC Irvine, Occidental

    Interested in Public Health and becoming a gynecologist. STEAM Advocate.
    Washington ‘16

    Accepted to Washington, Washington State, Gonzaga, UMich, Occidental

    college student at UW, Public Health Major
    JHU ‘16

    Accepted to JHU, Hamilton, Lafayette, Occidental, Pepperdine, Santa Clara, Mines, Colorado State

    I am a student athlete majoring in mechanical engineering attending Johns Hopkins University.
    Yale ‘21

    Accepted to Yale, Stanford, Occidental, UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton

    I'm a non-prodigy who knew how to package and market himself well during the college admissions process.

    Accepted to Pacific, HPU, PSU, U of Portland , , U San Fran, Montana, GCU, UHawaii, PLNU, Colorado, Colorado State, Pitzer, Occidental, Boise State, SPU