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    Williams ‘19

    Accepted to BC, Northeastern, Amherst, Williams, NYU, Macaulay Honors, Fordham, Penn State, SUNY Geneseo, SUNY New Paltz

    Florida ‘17

    Accepted to Florida, FSU, UCF

    University of Florida, Junior
    Villanova ‘19

    Accepted to Villanova, UPenn, Georgetown, UMD, Vanderbilt

    MIT ‘18

    Accepted to Illinois, CalTech, Cornell, CMU, Columbia, MIT

    Passion for math, computer science, Asian food, and hip hop dance!
    Northeastern ‘19

    Accepted to Northeastern, UVM, Pitt, UMass

    Rising College Freshman
    NC State ‘16

    Accepted to NC State, UNC-Greensboro

    I'm a student journalist, doing a journalism internship this summer, and I'm studying philosophy of law!
    NYU ‘19

    Accepted to NYU, UCLA, Alabama

    Born in Simi Valley, raised in Doha (Qatar) and Hong Kong, living in Honolulu.

    Accepted to , Bentley, BU, ColoradoC, , Northeastern, Skidmore, Trinity, UMass, Wheaton

    Survived the dreaded college application process but I never could have done it alone. Happy to help with anything from essays to stress management! We've all been there but it's worth it in the end :)
    UChicago ‘18

    Accepted to Duke, Brown, NYU, UChicago, UNC, East Carolina, NC State

    I'm a class of 2018'er at UChicago studying Economics and Psychology! Super interested in start-ups and economics.
    Northwestern ‘19

    Accepted to Northwestern, UMich, Wisconsin, UMD, UVM

    Hey I'm Sam and while I plan on becoming a pediatric surgeon I like to play the ukulele in my free time.
    Princeton ‘

    Accepted to Princeton, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern

    I'm a Politics major at Princeton University. I will be a Venture for America fellow upon graduation.
    Harvard ‘16

    Accepted to NYU, Harvard, McGill

    College junior from New Hampshire studying Government and Public Health.
    Jessica Ann
    Dartmouth ‘18

    Accepted to Case, Dartmouth, Fordham, NYU, Binghamton, UMass

    I love traveling, and have a passion for medicine and cultures.
    UChicago ‘16

    Accepted to Denver U, Tulane, UChicago, Miami, Illinois, Northwestern

    Transfer student from UMiami to UChicago. Haven't looked back since.
    Harvard ‘17

    Accepted to Harvard, UMich

    Macalester ‘21

    Accepted to Macalester, GA Tech, Rollins, Illinois Tech, DePaul

    A Peruvian with high goals and a greater-than-usual love for Physics.
    Amherst ‘20

    Accepted to Amherst, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB

    Swarthmore ‘19

    Accepted to Swarthmore, UC Berkeley, UCLA, NYU, Dartmouth, Cornell, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCSD, William & Mary, UC Riverside

    I am a recruited athlete and passionate student looking to one day go to law school. I am currently studying political science and economics at Swarthmore College.

    Accepted to Lafayette, Brandeis, Hamilton, Union, Binghamton, Brooklyn College, York, SUNY Potsdam

    UC Berkeley ‘18

    Accepted to UC Berkeley, UCLA, NYU, BU, UCSB, CMU, Cornell

    Hi I'm a sophomore majoring in Physics and minoring in Computer Science at UC Berkeley.
    Carleton ‘19

    Accepted to Skidmore, Grinnell, Bates, Middlebury

    Hi there! My name's Isaac and I'm from Seattle. I love climbing, tutoring, ping pong, playing games with friends, and singing alone in my car. I'm a member of Carleton's class of 2019, and I'm undeclared.
    Yale ‘19

    Accepted to UN-Reno

    I am a nice Asian girl.
    Middlebury ‘19

    Accepted to Middlebury, William & Mary, Rochester, Stevens, Hamilton

    I'm an incoming Freshman at Middlebury who loves anything science related (especially Biology and Chemistry) but also enjoys reading and writing.
    Academy Art ‘16

    Accepted to Academy Art

    Born in Atlanta, GA I moved to San Fransisco after graduating high school to pursue and study acting.
    MSU ‘19

    Accepted to Illinois, Indiana, , MSU, Lewis

    I love to help people especially with essays! I am really good at editing writing! My passion is dance. This fall I will be a freshman at Michigan State and I got accepted into the pre-law program, James Madison College.
    Stanford ‘18

    Accepted to Harvard, Stanford

    Sophomore at Stanford University, Computer Science Major and Club Lacrosse Goalie
    Hamilton ‘19

    Accepted to Hamilton, Skidmore, UMass

    Studying Neuroscience and Computer Science at Hamilton College. Currently self employed, freelance webdevelopment.
    UConn ‘19

    Accepted to Syracuse, New Haven, UConn, High Point, SUNY Albany

    I am an undergraduate student at UCONN who was accepted into the business school as a finance major.
    USC ‘19

    Accepted to USC, Washington, UCSD

    One of 22 students studying arts, technology, and business in the selective Iovine and Young Academy at USC!
    BU ‘19

    Accepted to Cal Poly Pomona, BU, Cal Poly, UC Irvine, UCSD, UC Merced

    Boston University C/O 2019
    Scripps ‘19

    Accepted to Santa Clara, Northwestern, Brandeis, Trinity, Scripps, Emory

    Linguistics lover, social justice enthusiast, and vintage-obsessed Midwesterner trying to make it in SoCal
    UCSB ‘19

    Accepted to UCSD, UCSC, UCSB

    I believe in the acknowledgement and respect of human rights for all individuals without regards to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality.
    UChicago ‘17

    Accepted to UChicago, Northwestern, Yale, Illinois

    Rising third-year at the University of Chicago majoring in Economics/Political Science. When I can get outside the library, I golf, play tennis, and enjoy the Windy City
    Occidental ‘19

    Accepted to Occidental, UCSB, UC Irvine, UC Davis, Ohio State

    An Ohio student who had aspirations to attend college in California, and achieved them.
    UNC ‘17

    Accepted to Alabama, UVA, Tulane, UNC,

    Northeastern ‘19

    Accepted to Northeastern, Tulane, Drexel, RPI, Miami, Stony Brook, Mines, UConn

    I am a undergraduate Engineering Student at Northeastern University
    Rachel C.
    Emerson ‘18

    Accepted to Oberlin, Drexel, Ithaca, , Emerson

    I am majoring in BFA Writing, Literature and Publishing within the Honors Program at Emerson College.
    Northwestern ‘16

    Accepted to UNC

    I am a junior math major at Northwestern University.
    Harvard ‘18

    Accepted to Harvard

    I am a freshman at Harvard University and a varsity athlete
    Stanford ‘18

    Accepted to Stanford

    Developer, Entrepreneur, and Adventurer
    UPenn ‘

    Accepted to UPenn, ,

    Queens ‘20

    Accepted to Queens, Baruch, SUNY Albany

    Young and full of spirit.
    NYU ‘20

    Accepted to NYU, BU, GWU, Drexel, Binghamton, Baruch, SUNY Albany, Hunter, JJay, Queens, JJay

    Hello! I'm an NYU student majoring in real estate. I also love playing guitar and running. One goal of mine is to start a business someday.
    UVM ‘19

    Accepted to American, UVM, Dalhousie, UConn, Dickinson

    I am a dancer and canoeing enthusiast, currently attending the University of Vermont as an environmental science major.
    Stony Brook ‘15

    Accepted to Stony Brook, Pace, BU, Binghamton, Drexel

    I am a recent college graduate from Stony Brook University!
    Princeton ‘18

    Accepted to Princeton, Northeastern, Arizona

    Princeton '18
    Villanova ‘18

    Accepted to Northeastern, Holy Cross, SUNY Geneseo, Villanova, U Dayton

    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, Cal Poly, UC Berkeley, UCLA

    Not your typical Stanford CS guy. I'm not really a programmer, but I am a singer, and more than slightly obsessed with Cybersecurity.
    BU ‘19

    Accepted to BU, Fordham, UCSC, New Haven, Wash Coll

    BU Class of 2019!