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    UCLA ‘20

    Accepted to UCLA, UC Irvine, UCSD, UCSB, Florida, WPI, Iowa State

    Born in TX, Raised in SoFlo, Learning in SoCal
    Florida ‘18

    Accepted to Duke, UNC, Florida, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Case, Miami, Emory, Cornell

    Hi! I'm here to provide help with any part of the college application process.
    Harvard ‘19

    Accepted to Harvard, Princeton, Florida

    Aspiring electrical engineer and freshman at Harvard
    Duke ‘18

    Accepted to Duke, UPenn, Florida

    Duke University, Class of 2018. Currently an Economics major after starting out as a Mechanical Engineering major.
    Brian Min
    Columbia ‘19

    Accepted to Columbia, UPenn, Brown, Georgetown, Williams, UVA, Florida

    Columbia University senior who will help you game the admission process
    USC ‘19

    Accepted to USC, BU, Fordham, NYU, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCLA, Florida

    Pre-med student at USC, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Theatre. In the free time I don't have, I compete on USC's Cheer team, and am more than happy to answer any of your questions about the application process!
    Yale ‘21

    Accepted to Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, UPenn, JHU, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, UNC, WashU, Emory, NYU, Florida, BU, Miami, BC, GWU, Case

    I am a second-year double major in Biology and Political Science at Yale.
    Yale ‘20

    Accepted to Yale, Harvard, Princeton, JHU, Duke, Brown, Dartmouth, WashU, USF, Florida, UCF

    Hello, my name is Elizabeth! I graduated from a public high school in Florida, and was accepted to all 11 colleges I applied to. I am now a student at Yale University studying bio!
    Florida ‘19

    Accepted to Florida, UCF, Stetson , Hofstra, Gordon , EC, UWF

    Cultural Anthropology major at the University of Florida, love learning about all things unique, and giving you advice to ace your dream school!
    Florida ‘19

    Accepted to Florida, FSU

    Just horsing around and looking to help other students get into there dream colleges
    Tulane ‘15

    Accepted to Florida, FSU, LIU Post, Texas State, Elon , Tulane, UCF, Ball State

    18, Tulane '15, Actor, Photographer, Vegetarian, Everything-Enthusiast
    Harvard ‘17

    Accepted to Harvard, Dartmouth, Duke, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Fordham, Miami, UNC, UVA, UCSB, UCLA, Florida, Vanderbilt, WashU

    I am a junior undergraduate at Harvard College concentrating in statistics.
    Princeton ‘21

    Accepted to Princeton, Cornell, Brown, Duke, UNC, Emory, GA Tech, Florida, Miami, UPenn, Bryn Mawr, JHU

    Just a girl with a love for cookies, research, puns, and everything in between.
    Florida ‘21

    Accepted to Florida, NYU

    First year Public Relations major at the University of Florida, Class of 2021
    UT Austin ‘20

    Accepted to UT Austin, UC Berkeley, Texas A&M, UC Irvine, Florida

    UT'20 CS & Dance double major. Barely any leadership experience, and in lower half of top 10%
    GWU ‘19

    Accepted to GWU, Florida, Miami, FSU, American

    Yearbook Editor-In-Chief, Imprint Angels Founder, Band Section Leader, National Honor Society Historian, Jewish Student Connection President
    CMU ‘22

    Accepted to CMU, Emory, Brandeis, Northeastern, Florida, RPI, Case, NYU

    Proud Tartan. Born in Taiwan, teenage years in MA.
    UCF ‘19

    Accepted to UCF, Florida, FSU, FGCU

    First generation freshman major in Business Administration/Management at UCF.
    Vanderbilt ‘20

    Accepted to Florida, Vanderbilt, Duke, Emory, UPenn, Miami, Northeastern, UVA, UNC, Georgetown, Rice

    Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholar at Vanderbilt and art enthusiast
    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, JHU, Cornell, UNC, Florida, Miami, Case

    A nature and animal lover lucky enough to get into her dream school and happy to help others get into theirs.
    Cornell ‘19

    Accepted to Cornell, FIU, FSU, Florida, Miami, Tulane, Williams, American, Amherst

    It may not seem like college is possible but speaking as a first generation latina let me show you that it is.
    Miami ‘19

    Accepted to Miami, BU, Florida

    I will be attending the U this fall and am so excited to finally be on my own. I love sports but my academics are important as well. Hope this website and my profile are helpful (especially to any future 'Canes)!
    Valencia ‘19

    Accepted to Duke, Florida, UCF, Stetson

    A (first gen) Floridian moving up to cold North Carolina as a Duke University freshman!
    Columbia ‘18

    Accepted to Columbia, Northwestern, BU, Vanderbilt, Princeton, Florida, Yale

    Economics/business major, cheerleader, and free-spirited travel enthusiast.
    Vanderbilt ‘19

    Accepted to Vanderbilt, Emory, Northwestern, Florida, UNC, UVA, WashU

    I'm an incoming freshman at Vanderbilt University. I come from a suburban setting in South Florida. I have Eastern European & Cuban heritage. I'm currently interested in majoring in Economics with a minor in Computer Science, and doing finance or startups.
    Yale ‘21

    Accepted to Yale, Wellesley, BU, Northeastern, Florida, FSU

    Floridian, Frequent Public Library Visitor, Owner of Too Many Unread Books, Three Toddlers in a Lab Coat Doing Science
    Yale ‘21

    Accepted to Yale, Brown, Georgetown, Tulane, Florida, FSU

    I am a first year student at Yale University who is interested in studying environmental studies while on the pre-med track
    UMich ‘19

    Accepted to UMich, Illinois, Florida, UC Berkeley, UT Austin, VA Tech, GA Tech, Tufts, Northeastern, Purdue

    Hello college applicants. My name is Gabriel. I will be attending the University of Michigan as part of the class of 2019 under a $35,000 scholarship. Other than Michigan, I was also accepted to 9 other high-level universities.
    UPenn ‘19

    Accepted to UPenn, Florida, FSU

    I am a hispanic guy who strives for success and looked for a school that could fulfill both my academic and social needs- Penn was truly the one.
    UNC ‘18

    Accepted to American, Cornell, Northwestern, Florida, Ohio State, FSU, UNC

    UNC '18 from Charlotte, NC.
    Emory ‘15

    Accepted to Emory, UCF, Florida, Miami, American

    Born and raised in Florida attending college in Georgia.
    Brown ‘21

    Accepted to Brown, UVA, Georgetown, UCLA, UChicago, Florida, NYU

    Hi everyone! I am a member of the Brown Class of 2021. I am very excited to help anyone with inquiries about the college application process.
    Florida ‘21

    Accepted to Florida

    Hi! I'm Brooke and I'm studying biomedical engineering at UF
    JHU ‘21

    Accepted to JHU, Columbia, UPenn, USC, Vanderbilt, Florida, Oberlin

    I'm the epitome of Duck Syndrome.
    Florida ‘19

    Accepted to Florida, UCLA, Miami, UTDallas, Alabama

    Recent highschool graduate.. Current College Freshman... Attempting to help frightened seniors with the admission process
    UCF ‘19

    Accepted to UCF, Florida, FSU, Alabama, Fordham

    UCF Provost Scholar & BS/MD Program Admit, FSU Honors College Admit/Presidential Scholar Alternate, UF Honors College Admit/Lombardi Scholarship Semi-Finalist, Fordham LC Honors Program Admit/Dean's Scholar available to assist with admissions!
    WashU ‘17

    Accepted to WashU, Emory, Fordham, Florida

    Profoundly deaf with cochlear implants; Pre-Med; innovated a Special Major in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
    Stanford ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, Miami, Florida, GA Tech

    I love playing the piano, running, and most of all— Ultimate Frisbee!
    Florida ‘19

    Accepted to Florida

    I love to learn, travel and help others! I am a total nerd but I make time for my hobbies too. ;)
    Emerson ‘17

    Accepted to Emerson, Northeastern, William & Mary, BU, Florida

    Hi! I'm Keely and I'm an Emerson journalism major. I love writing about music, entertainment, travel, and sports, and in my free time I love planning imaginary trips for myself.
    Florida ‘20

    Accepted to Florida, FSU

    I am an undergrad student at the University of Florida. I did triathlons for 5 years, but now the closest I come to a marathon is via Netflix.
    USC ‘19

    Accepted to Stanford, USC, Florida, CalTech, GA Tech

    Passionate about tech and using it to positively impact people
    Emory ‘19

    Accepted to Miami, Florida, Emory

    I am a Hispanic Questbridge scholar currently attending Emory University.
    Florida ‘19

    Accepted to Florida, UCF, FGCU, FSU, Texas A&M

    I am an undergrad student at the University of Florida
    Florida ‘19

    Accepted to Florida, WPI, Kansas, WMich, Illinois Tech, RIT

    International Student from Costa Rica with strong grades and scholarships to every University was admitted to.
    UChicago ‘19

    Accepted to UChicago, CalTech, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, UPenn, UMich, Northeastern, Miami, Florida

    Freshman at the University of Chicago
    UPenn ‘18

    Accepted to UPenn, Florida, BC, UVA, Alabama, UMass, Northeastern, Loyola U Chicago

    Nursing student
    Florida ‘17

    Accepted to Florida, FSU, UCF

    University of Florida, Junior
    Georgetown ‘16

    Accepted to Georgetown, UPenn, Duke, Florida, USF, American,

    Econ junkie who does Model UN and politics