10 Fun Facts about Pennsylvania State University - University Park

October 25, 2018

Pennsylvania State University - University Park is a public, research-intensive university located in University Park, PA. Want to learn more? Check out these 10 fun facts about Penn State:

1. Did you know Penn State is the 3rd most populous city in Pennsylvania on football Saturdays?

2. Berkey Creamery is the largest university creamery in the world!

3. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, took a course on ice cream making at Penn State’s creamery!

4. Everyone on campus knows about Penn State’s intense dance marathon. For 46 hours straight, students dance throughout the THON weekend to fundraise for pediatric cancer. 

5. Penn State’s Beaver Stadium is the 4th largest stadium in the world.

6. The Nittany Lion wasn’t always Penn State’s mascot. It was once a mule named Old Coaly, which was bought for $190 in 1863. Coaly remained their mascot until his death in 1893.

7. Penn State University’s Nittany Lion statue is apparently the 2nd most photographed object in Pennsylvania.

8. Paul Berg graduated from the class of 1948 and won the Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry in 1980.

9. Penn State’s original school colors were pink and black, which was originally submitted by the student body at the time.

10. Nittany Lion was chosen by the student body at Penn State to represent its school’s athletics in 1906. They believe they were the first school to adopt the lion as a mascot.

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