10 Fun Facts about the University of Rochester

September 12, 2016

Located in Rochester, NY, University of Rochester houses a lot of interesting secrets you may not know. Want to know what they are? Find out from these 10 fun facts about UR. 

1. University of Rochester have a lot of loyal alumni. In fact, 18 of their athletic coaches are Rochester alumni.

2. Quidditch has also invaded the Rochester campus, and there’s a full Quidditch team that competes in the World Cup of the International Quidditch Association.

3. Remember the Yellowjackets from NBC’s The Sing-Off? They are University of Rochester’s a capella ensemble.

4. While University of Rochester’s athletic programs aren’t world famous, they have won 4 team national championships in soccer, basketball and cross country.

5. Rochester’s has a super green campus that supports sustainability initiatives including dripless shower faucets, locally grown food and solar-powered recycling compactors.

6. Can’t say we know why, but University of Rochester’s Omega Laser Facility is home to two of the world’s most powerful high-energy and high-intensity lasers.

7. University of Rochester only has one Division I sport team and it’s their Squash team.

8. Did you know University of Rochester is the 6th largest employer in the state of NY?!

9. There’s a shocking number of students who attend UR with the intent to study pre-med. Apparently, 75% of the freshmen class are all pre-med!

10. Like many other old universities, University of Rochester also have legendary tunnels that connect the building on the academic quad.


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Frances Wong

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