10 Fun Facts about Vanderbilt University

September 01, 2018

Think you know everything there is to know about Vanderbilt? Think again. Whether you’re looking to apply to Vanderbilt, or you’re a Commodore already, here are ten facts you definitely need to know.

1. Kiss Cornelius:

Some Vanderbilt students believe it is good luck to kiss the statue of Vanderbilt founder Cornelius Vanderbilt on your first night on campus.

2. Squirrel!  

When you visit the Vanderbilt campus you will be taken aback by the unreal number of squirrels. Some say they outnumber the students, but, with more than 6,800 students enrolled…we hope they’re wrong.

3. The Carmichael Tunnel:

There is a 100-yard tunnel that connects the East and West Carmichael towers (upperclassman student housing), and people’s initials and notes cover the walls.

4. Leading the Blind:

In 1928 a blind Vanderbilt student brought the first seeing-eye dog back to the U.S. and started the Seeing Eye Inc. in Nashville.

5. Jay Cutler’s Senior Year: In 2005 in Cutler’s senior year he was first in the SEC for pass completions and total yards, earning him the 2005 SEC Offensive Player of the Year Award. Go Commodores!

6. Vanderbilt’s Canine Mascot: In 1961 a Vanderbilt Freshman’s basset hound named George chased the Tennessee walking horse, which was paraded around the field at certain points, out of the stadium! George was elected Vanderbilt’s official mascot until his death in 1965… he chased an ice truck and was run over. R.I.P George!

7. Vanderbilt has the happiest students in the United States! According to the 2015 edition of the Princeton Review, Vanderbilt’s balanced student body and vibrant campus are some of the many factors that contribute to their happiness.

8. Most famous drop out? AL GORE: The former vice-president and presidential candidate dropped out of Vanderbilt not once, but twice! Ironically, a man who carved out a space for global warming in the national political agenda was fairly terrible at the sciences according to his transcripts.

9. Freshman Storming the Football Field: Before the first home game of the year the new Vanderbilt Freshman storm the football field to the student section!

10.  It’s located in Nashville! …Okay, that isn’t the best fact, but it had to get a mention. Nashville is a cultural hub of the south and is home to some musical greats including: The Kings of Leon, The Civil Wars, Jimi Hendrix, and Johnny Cash!

Only ever heard about southern hospitality? Going to Vanderbilt University will show you what that’s all about! You can find out why students chose Vandy over all the other schools they were accepted to by subscribing to Vanderbilt on AdmitSee!

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Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholar at Vanderbilt and art enthusiast

Accepted to Vanderbilt, Emory, Northwestern, Florida, UNC, UVA, WashU

I'm an incoming freshman at Vanderbilt University. I come from a suburban setting in South Florida. I have Eastern European & Cuban heritage. I'm currently interested in majoring in Economics with a minor in Computer Science, and doing finance or startups.

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Vanderbilt Class of 2018

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Freshman at Vanderbilt University and former gap year student from Boston area.

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