10 People You’ll Find in High School

February 03, 2017

Whether you’re currently in high school, or you graduated 5 years ago, I bet you can still remember the names of everyone on this list. Don’t believe me? Run this list through with me.

1. The Overachiever

You know, that one kid. You’re sitting in the end-of-the-year honors assembly, trying not to fall asleep, and he/she gets called up for the attendance award. Then the scholastic award. Then the citizenship award, then the… Well, you forgot the rest, but you’re pretty sure he/she won those, too. Wash, rinse and repeat for next year’s honors assembly.

2. The Real-Life Regina George

Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but every high school has their mean girls. This one leads the pack, flipping her perfectly curled hair over her shoulder as she swings her brand-new Versace bag and dishes the latest gossip to her posse. And just like Regina, you’ll never see this girl without her hench(wo)men.

3. The Pleasantly Clueless Jock

He’s cute, he’s athletic, he always has that slightly confused smile on his face… Welcome to the world of Football/Baseball/Hockey/Basketball/Lacrosse Boy, where everything is a bit of a blur until the big game. There’s nothing harmful about this guy, except for maybe his GPA—but everybody loves him all the same. After all, when he scores the game-winning touchdown, who even remembers what he got on that one chemistry test?


4. THAT Couple

That’s right, them. Right over there. If you’re in school while reading this, there’s at least one pair in your field of vision right now—oh, there they go. Not only do they spend every waking moment together, but they also seem to be adjoined by the hand—it’s so adorable, you could throw up. And if you catch them cuddling in the very public cafeteria one more time, you probably will.

5. The Sleeper

We all know a high schooler’s sleep schedule isn’t always regular, and pairing that with a monotone teacher is a lethal combination. But this kid isn’t your average fall-asleep-once kind of guy—oh, no. He’s snoring by the time class is five minutes in, and the bell won’t even wake him at the end. You think you might’ve seen him in hallway yesterday carrying a Snuggie over his arm, but it could’ve been someone else… On second thought, it was definitely him.


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6. The Social Media Queen

You could swear this girl’s phone is merely an extension of her arm. She sits clacking away at the keyboard throughout English and Calculus, flippantly clicks through Snapchat Stories during Physics, and giggles at Tweets during History. If you ever need to know something about someone, you know who to come to—you don’t know how, and maybe you don’t want to know how, but this girl can write a dictionary on any person in the school just by stalking their Instagram.

7. The Hipster

If you admit you are one, you aren’t—this is the ever-confusing paradox of hipster-dom. They don’t seem to mind, though—the overwhelmingly large glasses and loud playing of obscure bands may have obscured some of their senses, buy they get along with most people just fine.

8. The Self-Proclaimed Nerd

Thing that needs to be understood: Having glasses does not make you a nerd, increase your intelligence, or alter your personality in any way, shape or form.

9. The Actual Nerd

Girl, guy or other, nerds are the few and the proud. Being “nerdy” is just getting really excited about things most people don’t get excited about—sure, the Superbowl is on tonight, but didn’t you read about the newest discovery in the LHC? Nerdship, my friends, is a badge of honor; treat it like one!

10. The Person Who Cannot Be Defined by a Simple Stereotype

…aka, everyone. You might sort your Skittles into little piles of different colors because you know each one of the same hue will taste the same, but it’s wrong- if not dangerous- to attempt to do the same with humans. Although many people in your school probably do, speak and act in the ways of one of these nine caricatures, I can personally guarantee that they are so much more than that. And so are you.


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