5 Amherst College Personal Statement Examples

July 31, 2017

Interested in applying to liberal arts colleges? Amherst College is probably already on your list! If not, these essays are a good intro into what it’s like.

If you are applying to Amherst this fall, here are Amherst’s supplemental essay prompts for 2017-2018. Need some inspiration to help you with your essay? Here are 5 successful Amherst essay introductions that may inspire you to write about a passing encounter you had forgotten, or help you figure out how to approach a specific essay topic. Plus, check out the advice section of these students’ profiles to learn more about Amherst’s student body and campus culture. Who better to share the in’s and out’s of Amherst than current Amherst students? 


Class of 2020

The lessons I have learned in tennis can apply to everybody’s life. When someone begins learning tennis, the main focus is to keep the ball in play. Keep the ball going back and forth until you win the point. I honestly struggled keeping up my motivation in high school. However once I finally found a very steady source, it made life much easier and it kept me going much longer. Keep reading.



Class of 2019

I am writing this essay from within the bathroom. Please, don’t think too far into that. With the toilet cover down and the door shut, this one sacred space affords me some much sought-after privacy in a house with five other people and a cat that insists on an open door policy. Read more.



Class of 2019

There are endless reasons why I should hate riding on airplanes. There is never enough quality food, the seats aren’t comfortable, there’s a complete lack of personal space, and I have to pay if I want to use the wi-fi. Ironically, even with all of the setbacks it is only on a airplane where I feel all of my problems and stresses disappear, as if I checked them in with my luggage at the airport. Read full essay.



Class of 2020

I had forgotten about the plastic bowl of greasy, buttery popcorn in my hands. I’m left staring at an empty expanse of screen, mouth open at the grayscaled room. The DVD case for The Usual Suspects taunts me, sitting on the worn coffee table. The film was far from Usual and nothing I would have suspected. Continue reading.



Class of 2019

Narcissus, Reimagined

Traditionally, failure sets the foundation for success. I reject this tradition. For me, the process is amended: earlier achievement sets the foundation for my failure, which in turn paves the road for far more meaningful success later. View full profile. 


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Frances Wong
Frances Wong

Frances was born in Hong Kong and received her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University. She loves super sad drama television, cooking, and reading. Her favorite person on Earth isn’t actually a member of the AdmitSee team - it’s her dog Cooper.


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Amherst ‘19

Accepted to Amherst, Tufts, Wellesley, Holyoke, Clark

Incoming freshman at Amherst College! Looking to study Political Science or Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought.
Amherst ‘19

Accepted to Amherst, Georgetown, American, Arizona

I'm a student from Arizona who's interested in Economics!
Amherst ‘19

Accepted to UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Northwestern, UPenn, NYU, USC, Emory, UCSD, Northeastern, Amherst

I was raised by imaginary friends. I'd like to think they did a bang-up job, no?
Amherst ‘18

Accepted to Amherst, Vassar, Middlebury, William & Mary, Williams, Georgetown, UMD, Northwestern, Wake Forest

Undergraduate student at Amherst College double majoring in Political Science and Asian Languages & Civilizations

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