5 Simple Tips to Effectively Manage Stress in College

October 21, 2015

For many college students around the nation, losing sleep is a common occurrence. Students must not only juggle the demands of classes, but they must also be equipped to manage extracurricular activities, finances, jobs, relationships, and the many learning experiences that young adulthood brings. Unfortunately, most students have been a victim to college stress and have felt it nearly impossible to manage every demand without some serious miracles. Fortunately, there are some easy and reliable ways to cut back on stress and get on top of your life again.

1. Class Fit

While registering for classes can be difficult, it’s better to do the research early on and prepare early on. This means paying close attention to the times of day that you are most productive and least productive. Since you might not always have the luxury of avoiding early or late classes, be honest with yourself. Begin the registration process as soon as it becomes available so that you have the opportunity to craft a schedule that will be a good fit for you. Some students enjoy taking their more difficult classes in the same day, while other students try to space them out throughout the week. If you have other activities or are looking for free time, make sure to take that into account as well. Plenty of schools also have websites available to see professor ratings, class difficulty, and other valuable pieces of information.

2. Find a Balance

All work and no play is a recipe for disaster. Likewise, the opposite will certainly leave you in a hole, struggling to catch up on work. In order to have a healthy balance, it’s important to allow yourself adequate time in the areas of your life that are important to you. Buy a planner or use an application to schedule activities throughout the week that you will be able to consistently stick with. Include waking and sleeping times, meal times, class times, work/extra-curricular times, study times, leisure times, workout times, socializing times and other areas that are in your life. Following a schedule might sound daunting, but it can provide you the discipline to really take charge of your life.


3. Take Care of Yourself

Students all over have access to the most diverse and tempting array of campus eateries and fast food chains that cater to their hefty appetites.  Though it’s nearly impossible to completely avoid these places, make the extra effort to incorporate healthy meals into your diet. Eating healthy is not a fad limited to those who want to lose weight or maintain their slim physique; it can reduce stress, improve energy levels, and even help you focus more. Having some form of physical activity daily and getting adequate sleep has also been shown to reduce stress and improve energy levels.

4. Have Clear Goals, But Expect the Unexpected 

The academic, social, and extra-curricular scenes on campus provide so many opportunities to shine and exhibit leadership behaviors. It’s productive and beneficial to strive for achievement in all of these areas, however, be accepting when things don’t always happen as planned. Have the power to bounce back, and look for solutions to your areas of weakness while celebrating the many strengths and assets that you have. 

5. Gain and Maintain Relationships

Research shows that social support decreases stress in students. Since time seems to always work against you, it is important to find time each week to spend with friends. Whether it’s calling a friend back home, having lunch with a roommate, or hanging out with newfound friends, it is vital to maintain those relationships. Having open communication with professors and classmates will also make you feel more comfortable in your classes, which can hopefully help you excel.

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