6 North Carolina State University Traditions to Remember

March 07, 2017

Waiting for your admission result from North Carolina State University? Or are you thinking about applying next fall? Either way, get ready for these 6 college traditions you’re going to experience if you enroll!

Founded: 1887

Location: Raleigh, NC

Type: Public University

Religious Affiliation: N/A

Campus: Urban

Undergraduate Students: 24,536

Wolfpack Welcome Week (WWW)

Every fall semester beginning with move-in NC Starts celebrates with a week of events and festivities to start off the new school year. This week includes signature events such as Campus crawl where hundreds of student organizations and clubs line up with booths and students are given the opportunity to find out how to get involved on campus. Another event is RecFest, which is hosted by University Recreation. This event includes free food, giveaways, and lots of fun games and activities. WWW is caps off the week with its biggest and most exciting event, Packapalooza! During Packapalooza is a block party filling the entire street of Hillsborough. Hundreds of booths fill the street with tons of different things to offer like catering, activities, and free merchandise.  There are also concerts all day with big name artists!

Silent Disco

This is an annual event hosted by the Inter-Residence Council. During the Silent Disco students listen and dance to dueling DJs through wireless headphones. DJs battle by broadcasting their music through wireless headphones and students have to choose which DJ to listen to by adjusting the station on their headphones and then dance to the DJ of their choice. This event is really fun because when you are not wearing headphones all you will only hear the sound of students silently and awkwardly dancing to different DJs.  

State Fair

You have to go to the State Fair at least once! Or better yet every year! Many students even go multiple times every year. The fair is probably most popular for all of its fried foods; such as, fried Oreos, fried butter, fried pickles, and almost anything you can think of! And you have to try E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. 

Free Expression Tunnel

The Free Expression Tunnel, which is located in the middle of campus and connects two parts of the campus together, is a place to for students to express themselves and promote different things. The Free Expression Tunnel is full of murals, messages, paintings, and advertisements from student organizations all in spray paint. The cool thing about it is that anyone can paint in the tunnel without having to get permission, which means that if you paint something in the tunnel it could, and probably will have something painted over it by the next day. Students spray paint in the tunnel so often that the paint becomes extremely thick by the time it is scraped off.

Krispy Kreme Challenge

The Krispy Kreme Challenge is an annual race the happens every year where participants start the race from the Memorial Belltower to Krispy Kreme located 2.5 miles away. Once a runner arrives to Krispy Kreme they have to attempt to eat a dozen glazed donuts and then race back the Memorial Belltower. Thousands of people participate in the race every year and every year the event raises money that is donated to the North Carolina Children’s Hospital.


Shackathon is an annual event hosted every fall semester by Habitat for Humanity. Tons of different student organizations build their own shelters in the Brickyard (which is a plaza made completely of bricks at the heart of NC State’s campus and also the busiest part of campus between classes.) and each shelter has to be occupied 24 hours a day for 5 days by at least 2 students from its respective student organization. Every shelter is different and unique from one another in design and shape. During the week the organizations fundraise to raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

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